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  • Factors that influence Internal Medicine Doctor Salary
  • Salary by State
  • Salary by Qualification
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Internal Medicine Doctor – An Introduction To Your Future

Internal Medicine Doctor Salary Overview

The Doctor of Internal Medicine is the Primary Care Physician (not Surgeons) known as a General Internist or an Internist, specializing in adult healthcare. 

They apply their broad spectrum of scientific knowledge and clinical skills to provide quality patient care.

From diagnosis to treatment and recovery, they also deal with preventing diseases (particularly chronic and infectious diseases) and promoting a healthy lifestyle. 

People often confuse the Internal Medicine Doctor with a Family Medicine Physician – while the two are poles apart.

The former only deals with comprehensive and palliative care in adults, while the latter deals with pediatrics, adults, obstetrics, and more. 

As an Internal Medicine professional, you will deal with many long-term (chronic) illnesses.

Therefore, you will have a long-lasting relationship with your patients. 

Internal Medicine healthcare providers are in-demand and can work in various healthcare facilities such as private practice, hospital settings, or even research.

Whichever the case, the earning potential is high. 

In the United States, the average base salary for an Internal Medicine Doctor in 2022 is approximately $229,414.

With an average total cash compensation (incentives, overtime, and bonuses), the annual income can surge up to $236,980. 

However, the total annual income ranges from $206,704 to $260,713.

But these numbers are not constant. 

This range shows the majority of people that earn from the 25th to 75th percentile.

Others can earn even lower or much higher than this average annual salary range.

The lowest earners lie in the 10th percentile making an annual average salary of $186,028.

At the same time, the top earners that fall in the 90th percentile of the average base salary can make up to $289,209. 

Why is that?

Certain factors affect your earning potential, even for people in the same profession.

As a newbie, you make less money than your seniors.

Getting better at what you can help you pace up with their level sooner than they did.

Factors that Influence Internal Medicine Doctor Salary

Factors that Influence Internal Medicine Doctor Salary

Have you ever wondered why your batchmate is making more money as a General Internist than you?

Maybe the workplace pays more, or they have added a few more qualifications to their name.

Some of the common factors that affect your annual salary as an Internal Medicine Doctor include:

  • The state you live in 
  • Your qualification
  • Years of experience

Average Salaries by State

Doctors are among some of the ever-green professionals that are forever in demand. 

Especially with the Covid-19 pandemic chaos, when the world faced a shortage of doctors, and hospital settings, the expansion of the medical sector became inevitable.

Most of the states in the US are recruiting more medical professionals to become the best healthcare providers.

While some states pay more than others, it is important to consider the salary package after calculating the cost of living, transportation, and food.

The job must pay more than your expenses and not take up a big part of your paycheck.

Because you need to have savings to live a good life!

To help you choose the state you want to work in as a Doctor of Internal Medicine, the top FIVE offer the highest-paid Internal Medicine Doctor jobs. 

Washington, DC: $253 934 annually

As the capital of the United States, this city is a sea of opportunities.

It will be hard to turn down an offer with a great lifestyle and excellent salary packages. 

If you want to work in one of the biggest and most advanced healthcare facilities, not just in the US but in the world, then Washington must be at the top of your list.

New York: $239,178 annually

While this is one of the most populous and competitive states, it offers a lot.

As an Internist, the work opportunities are endless, and the average income is good enough to compensate for your high-end lifestyle.

New Hampshire: $231,538 annually

Also known as the “Switzerland of America”, this state, as per many reports, has the 13th best healthcare sector in the US that is expected to grow by almost 16% by 2026. 

Therefore, the career and salary outlook looks great for an Internal Medicine Doctor. 

California: $226,608 annually

Harboring the busiest and most popular cities, such as Los Angeles, San Jose, and San Diego, this state’s healthcare sector is surging. 

With less competition and ever-growing opportunities, it would be only wise to relocate to a beautiful state that offers great salaries with other job incentives.

Massachusetts: $218,810 annually

A healthcare hub with the most populated cities like Boston, this state can be your next career destination, especially if you wish to work in a progressive, safe and rewarding environment. 

Take a look at the hourly, weekly, monthly and annual salary averages for the most prominent states in the U.S in the below table: 

StateHourly WageWeekly PayMonthly PayAnnual Salary
New York$114.99$4,600$19,931$239,178
New Jersey$97.24$3,890$16,855$202,259
North Dakota$96.41$3,856$16,711$200,534
South Carolina$90.89$3,636$15,754$189,052
New Hampshire$111.32$4,453$19,295$231,538
West Virginia$99.93$3,997$17,321$207,852
Rhode Island$97.80$3,912$16,953$203,433
South Dakota$93.60$3,744$16,223$194,678
New Mexico$89.43$3,577$15,501$186,016

While these salary estimates represent the national average income for a General Internist in different health systems, the pay scale can vary from city to city within the same state. 

So, before you plan to relocate to another state, ensure that you know everything about the job title from the recruiter.

In addition, get all the information about the salary package and other benefits like 401(k), medical and dental insurance, vision care, and more. 

As an Internist, while you are in charge of making beneficial decisions for your patients, you need to do the same.

Make well-informed and well-paying career decisions. 

Salary by Level of Education/Qualification

To become an Internal Medicine Doctor and kickstart your career in the healthcare sector, you must:

  • Complete a four-year of education in a medical school after acquiring your bachelor’s degree
  • Complete three years of training (residency) in the Internal Medicine department
  • Become board certified after getting your medical license during residency
  • Start working as a Doctor of Internal Medicine

These are the baseline requirements to become an Internist, and you can start earning.

If you want to earn more, you can take up:

  • A subspecialty and practice in certain fields such as Gastroenterology, Endocrinology, Oncology, Dermatology, or Cardiology
  • Certifications for added qualifications

It is no news; the higher the qualification, the better your paycheck looks.

Still, here is a breakdown for you:

DegreeAnnual Salary Potential 
Associate’s Degree$231,750
Bachelor’s Degree$235,020
Master’s Degree$237,355
Doctorate (MD)$241,093

There is no age to learn and no limit to earning as an Internist.  

Salary by Years of Experience

Your experience is one of the major criteria that defines your competence as a General Internist or Internal Medicine Doctor and your earning potential. 

Recruiters often say that they need “certain years of experience” for the job position in their healthcare setting.

Why is that so?

People want to get treated by the best trained and well-experienced doctors. 

Your career gets brighter and wealthier as you add years of skills, hands-on training, and expertise to your profession.

Here is how the Internal Medicine Doctor’s Salary increases with an increase in your experience

Number of Years Annual Salary Potential 
0-3 years $225,346
3-5 years $227,041
5-10 years$231,750
10-15 years $238,757
15+ years $241,093

Instead of waiting for the right time to start, start small and grow big, because a career as a Doctor of Internal Medicine promises success and progress only if you are willing to learn and practice.


Conclusion - Internal Medicine Doctor Salary

With inflation at its peak in this competitive era, it is vital to pursue a potentially progressive career that can reward you in all aspects, especially financially. 

The General Internist or Internal Medicine Doctor Salary in 2022 in the US is $229,414 with an average total cash compensation (incentives, overtime, and bonuses); the annual income can surge up to $236,980.

However, earning potential depends on various factors, such as the state, workplace, level of education, experience, and expertise. 

Therefore, your annual income depends on you.

Although you can earn as much as you want, remember that consistency, competency, and practice are upgrading your payscale as an Internist.


FAQs about salary

What is the average salary of an Internal Medicine Doctor? 

The General Internist or Internal Medicine Doctor Salary in 2022 in the US is $229,414, with an average total cash compensation (incentives, overtime, and bonuses).The annual income can surge up to $236,980.However, earning potential depends on various factors, such as the state, workplace, level of education, experience, and expertise. 

What is an Internal Medicine Doctor?

The Doctor of Internal Medicine is the primary care physician (not surgeon) known as General Internist or an Internist, specializing in adult healthcare. They apply their broad spectrum of scientific knowledge and clinical skills to provide quality patient care.From diagnosis to treatment and recovery, they also deal with preventing diseases (particularly chronic and infectious diseases)  and promoting a healthy lifestyle. 

What is the Internal Medicine Salary by the state? 

Here are some of the top-paying states in the US:
Washington, DC: $253, 934 annually
New York: $239,178 annually
New Hampshire: $231,538 annually
California: $226,608 annually 
Massachusetts: $218,810 annually
Vermont: $218,510
Wyoming: $213,840
Idaho: $213,200
Hawaii: $212,165
Maine: $209,931

What is the highest paying Internal Medicine specialty?

According to the salary report by Salary Per Hour, the highest paying Internal Medicine specialty is Gastroenterology, which is approximately  $400,000 per year.

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