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  • Logistics Manager Salary – Overview
  • Factors Affecting Logistics Manager Salary
  • Logistics Manager Salary – Workplace Setting
  • Salary Comparison to Other Related Jobs
  • Logistics Manager Jobs Outlook

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Logistics Manager Salary – Overview

Logistics Manager Salary - Overview

The logistics management of an organization is responsible for ensuring the smooth flow of goods across the company.

Given that you can’t sell a product if it is not available at the appropriate location at a suitable time, the company must be run by people who are extraordinarily well organized.

The normal working environment for a Logistics Manager is an office, and that office will almost certainly be located somewhere within a large warehouse complex.

overview of Logistics Manager Salary

Logistics Managers are sometimes called Distribution Managers because both titles are used interchangeably.

The average compensation for a Logistics Manager in the United States is $64,839 per year, and there is an additional profit-sharing bonus of $5,000 available each year.

The average pay range for a Logistics Officer varies greatly (by as much as $29,000), which suggests that there may be a wide range of skill levels, locations, and years of experience that are taken into consideration.

Due to the wide range of possible salaries that a Logistics Officer can receive, there are likely to be many chances for promotion and increases in salary. 

Although some positions offer salaries as high as $145,000 and some that offer salaries as low as $18,500, most Logistic Officer positions pay somewhere in the region of $29,000 to $58,000, with the highest earners bringing in $100,000 per annum. 

Factors Affecting Logistics Manager salary

Factors Affecting Logistics Manager salary

The amount of money a Logistics Manager makes depends on various criteria, such as their level of experience, level of education, the industry they work in, and their location. 

Work Experience: In most cases, gaining more experience will result in a higher starting salary.

The more years of experience one has worked in Logistics Management; the higher one can anticipate their earnings. 

Location: The amount of money you can make as a Logistics Manager is also affected by the location in which you live.

Working in a major metropolitan region is typically correlated with a higher wage and a higher cost of living; large metropolitan areas have a higher overall cost of living. 

Skills: If you want to make yourself more competitive for promotions and jobs that pay more, you should work on strengthening the talents that are currently in demand.

Some talents are inventory management, supply chain management, transportation management, and warehouse management

Average Salary By Work Experience

Average Salary By Work Experience

The salaries of Logistics Managers are influenced by numerous criteria, including the number of years an individual has worked in the specialty like any other career.

The annual compensation for entry-level Logistics Managers with one to two years of experience is $61,144.

The annual compensation for Logistics Managers with three to five years of experience is, on average, $60,547.

A Logistics Manager with 6 to 9 years of experience can make $70,081 per year.

The annual compensation of Logistics Managers with more than ten years of experience is typical $76,309 on average. 

Logistics Manager Salary – Workplace Setting

Logistics Manager Salary - Workplace Setting

The size of the company and the organization’s structure are additional factors that influence the salary of the Logistics Manager.

As a direct consequence of this, it is anticipated that smaller companies will pay a lower price than larger corporations.

The following table shows some of the top-paying firms for Logistics Managers:

CompanyAnnual Pay
APL Logistics$111,659
Bradley Morris$91,676

Average Logistics Manager Salary By State

Average Logistics Manager Salary By State

Earning potential for a Logistics Manager can sometimes vary from one jurisdiction to another.

Even though many states pay more than the national average, a few states pay less.

The following table provides information regarding the hourly, monthly, and yearly pay for the position of Logistics Manager in the state; all figures represent the base salaries:

StateAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
District of Columbia$143,510$11,959$2,990$69.01
New Hampshire$115,550$9,629$2,407$55.57
New Jersey$131,540$10,962$2,740$63.26
New Mexico$90,850$7,571$1,893$43.69
New York$121,720$10,143$2,536$58.54
North Carolina$105,800$8,817$2,204$50.88
North Dakota$99,410$8,284$2,071$47.81
Rhode Island$121,310$10,109$2,527$58.34
South Carolina$95,730$7,978$1,994$46.04
South Dakota$94,130$7,844$1,961$45.27
West Virginia$91,760$7,647$1,912$44.13
Puerto Rico$79,090$6,591$1,648$38.03
Virgin Islands$66,650$5,554$1,389$32.05

Top Cities for Logistics Manager Salary

Top Cities for Logistics Manager Salary

The following table shows the top highest-paying cities for the role of Logistics Manager:

CityAnnual Pay
Atlanta, GA$74,520
San Diego, CA$72,867
Dallas, TX$70,830
New York, NY$70,347
Houston, TX$66,632
Miami, FL$66,673
Indianapolis, IN$57,590
Jacksonville, FL$55,235
Fort Hood, TX$48,664

Salary Comparison to Other Related Jobs

Salary Comparison to Other Related Jobs

The earnings that Logistics Managers make are comparable to those of other jobs in the same field.

The following table shows the typical incomes earned by those working in similar professions:

Job TitleHourly RateMonthly PayAnnual Pay
Logistics Associate$23.39$4,053.16$48,638
Supply Chain Manager$43.23$7,490.92$89,891
Warehouse Manager$29.84$5,170.00$62,040
Inventory Manager$26.07$4,517.58$54,211
Logistics Supervisor$27.95$8,145.58$97,747
Supply Chain Specialist$44.69$7,744.08$92,929
Logistics Manager$31.18$9,416.83$113,002

Logistics Manager Jobs Outlook

Logistics Manager Jobs Outlook

Because the efficiency of a firm’s logistical and supply chain process directly impacts a company’s profitability, the demand for talented Logistics Managers is expected to continue growing as businesses of all sizes battle for top positions in the global marketplace.

Logistics Manager Jobs Outlook

Employment growth of 4% (according to (the U.S. Department of Labor)  is expected to occur, for Distribution Managers, including Logistics Managers) between the years 2019 and 2029. 



A bachelor’s degree in business management, logistics, or another closely related discipline is required for a Logistics Manager job.

Acquiring certification from an organization such as the American Production and Inventory Control Society or the International Society of Logistics can enhance professional progress prospects.

It is anticipated that the greater utilization of technology, such as RFID technology (RFID tags) and automatic hand-held barcode readers will enable fewer Warehouse and Logistics Personnel to accomplish the same amount of labor.

The requirement for efficient storage and logistics and the requirement for Qualified Managers continues unabated. 


FAQs about logistics manager salary

How much pay does a Logistics Manager make in San Francisco?

In San Francisco, a Logistics Manager can make a yearly salary of $66,295, $1,275 per week, or $5,525 per month. Depending on one’s level of expertise, where they work, and how many years of experience they have, there may be many prospects for development and higher income. 

How much pay does a Logistics Manager earn in New York?

A Logistics Manager in New York earns between $118,290 and $154,575, with a median $135,942 salary earned by these professionals. A person’s educational qualification, professional certifications, relevant work experience, and job location can significantly impact how much a Logistics Manager may earn per year.

How much pay does a Logistics Manager make in Los Angeles?

The median salary of a Logistics Manager in California lies between $111,208 and $145,321, with a median of $127,803 in earnings. A person’s educational qualification, professional certifications, relevant work experience, and job location can significantly impact how much a Logistics Manager may earn per year.

How much pay does a Logistics Manager make in Texas?

Earnings for a Logistics Manager in Texas can range anywhere from $96,556 to $126,175, with a median of $110,965 in salary. A person’s educational qualification, professional certifications, relevant work experience, and job location can significantly impact how much a Logistics Manager may earn per year.

How much pay does a Logistics Manager make in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, a Logistics Manager’s compensation can range from $135,776 to $187,072, averaging $159,582. The degree of education, professional qualifications, and job experience of an individual are just a few of the many essential elements that can influence the salary range they can anticipate. 

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