Series 66 study plan – How long to study for series 66 exam 2023

Series 66 study plan

Hi there, dear reader. Welcome to our Series 66 study plan article. We’ll have four Series 66 study plans to help you plan your exam preparation accordingly. You can download all of them using the button below. Other free series 66 study materials: Depending on your availability, you can opt for one, three, six months, or … Read more

Series 66 Module 4 –  Guidelines, Regulations and Laws (including prevention of unethical business practices)

Series 66 Module 4

Series 66 Study Guide Navigation Securities are regulated by a variety of guidelines and laws. This module covers investment advisers and their representatives, as well as broker-dealers and their agents and the regulations that govern them.  As a starting point, let’s look at the Uniform Securities Act’s definition of an investment adviser: “Investment adviser means … Read more

Series 66 Module 3 – Investment strategies and recommendations for clients and customers

Series 66 Module 3

Series 66 Study Guide Navigation In this module, we not only look at various investment strategies and recommendations but who they are best for, how securities are traded, and how performances can be measured. Accounts can be opened for anyone that is of a majority age, meets the legal definition of a person, and who … Read more

How Career Employer Collects Its Data

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