LinkedIn InMail Templates | An Helpful Piece for Job Seekers

In Mail Template

We’ve previously espoused the benefits of LinkedIn, including the benefits of being on LinkedIn, placing your LinkedIn profile on your resume, and connecting and networking with alumni on LinkedIn. However, how should you approach a recruiter, hiring manager, or connection regarding an open job opportunity? LinkedIn InMail Templates for Job Seekers Below, we are going … Read more

Top Customer Service Interview Questions (with Best Answers)

Top Customer questions

Are you interviewing for a customer service position? Below, we’re going to review some top customer service interview questions. The idea is to give you a leg-up with your job search, and better prepare you for the interview process. Whether you’ll be meeting your prospective employer in person or you need to prepare for a … Read more

147 Job Interview Questions and Answers PDF

147 Job Interview Questions and Answers PDF

Got an interview scheduled? Wondering what some of the most common interview questions are? Looking to prepare for your upcoming interview by reviewing a list of the most common interview questions? Whatever your motivation, below we’re going to review 147 job interview questions and answers and provide them as a FREE PDF! Preparing for an … Read more

Best Interview Audio Books for 2024

Best Interview Audio Books

We’ve been recently discussing and conducting a deep dive into our book recommendations for landing a coveted interview and nailing the interview process.  This includes discussing good books to mention in an interview and the best books on conducting interviews. While we’ve discussed the benefits of reading, which include mental stimulation, stress relief, and an … Read more

Best Interview Notebooks 2024

Best Interview Notebooks

Best Interview Notebooks We’ve previously discussed a list of items which we recommend bringing to an interview. Amongst those items, we included a professional notebook to better allow you to write down notes and reference any questions you may have previously jotted down for the interviewer. Below, we are going to discuss the best interview … Read more

Best Books for Bank Interview Preparation 2024

Best Books for Bank Interview Preparation

Best Books for Bank Interview Preparation Whether you’re applying for a teller position or a senior vice president role at a large or small bank, you’ll definitely want to prepare adequately beforehand. Typically, this review process can be done by perusing sites such as The Corporate Connoisseur and other career-focused platforms. However, you may also … Read more

Best Books on Conducting Interviews 2024

Best Books on Conducting Interviews

Best Books on Conducting Interviews Interviewing can be difficult, particularly as the interviewer. Although there are a plethora of resources online on how to conduct an interview and a comprehensive list of the top interview questions to ask, sometimes it’s best to go back to basics and read-up on how to conduct an interview. That … Read more

How Career Employer Collects Its Data

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