Top Customer Service Interview Questions (with Best Answers)

Top Customer questions

Are you interviewing for a customer service position? Below, we’re going to review some top customer service interview questions. The idea is to give you a leg-up with your job search, and better prepare you for the interview process. Whether you’ll be meeting your prospective employer in person or you need to prepare for a … Read more

Best Zoom and Video Interview Tips 2023

Best Zoom and Video Interview Tips

With the recent coronavirus pandemic, many interviews and meetings are being held via Zoom or other video conferencing tools. These tools, while useful, still require a certain amount of practice and technical expertise to ensure proper usage. We are going to review the best Zoom and video interviewing tips and will provide practical tips and … Read more

Interview Tips for Students 2023

A job interview can induce anxiety, nervousness, and unease in even the most seasoned professionals. Yet, for students, that anxiety can be tenfold. Students don’t just possess fewer experiences of job interviews; they generally have less direct work experience and work history, too, making the interview just a bit more challenging to prepare for, to … Read more

Startup Interview Questions 2023

Interview questions for startup’s are inherently different than other interview questions. Whereas other applicants are typically asked questions regarding their previous role and experiences, an startup is brought in to handle a specific subject and matter. Subject matter experts are usually brought in when a business needs an individual who is an expert on a … Read more

Failed Job Interview – 15 Reasons you are Failing 2023

Failed Job Interview – 15 Reasons you are Failing Being prepared for an interview begins the second that you submit your application to the job. Interviews, contrary to popular belief, should be taken seriously and should garner the support and preparation needed to ensure a successful showing. We’re going to discuss the 15 reasons you … Read more

30 Exit Interview Questions 2023

30 Exit Interview Questions

If you thought putting in your two-week notice was difficult, you may be surprised to learn that you may be asked to conduct an exit interview. Exit interviews are typically held by your human resources department. They are a way for the human resources department to assess what is, and what isn’t, working well and … Read more

What to Do Before an Interview?

A lot of work goes into an interview from both the employer and the applicants end. From the employer’s perspective, they must go through a list of applicants, setup initial phone screens, and then setup time for an in-person interview. From the applicant’s perspective, they must continue to apply to positions which they believe they … Read more

How Career Employer Collects Its Data

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