10 Customer Service Interview Questions | + Perfect Answers

10 customer service

Are you interviewing for a customer service position? Below, we’re going to review the 10 customer service interview questions which will help to provide you with a leg-up on your job search and interview process. Whether you’re interviewing in-person or via an initial phone interview, these questions will help you to prepare fully and thoroughly. … Read more

Is Computer Science a Good Major in 2024?

At The Corporate Connoisseur, we often get asked whether or not majoring in a certain specialty is a good idea. In particular, we are often asked, is computer science a good major and should I major in computer science or IT? Over the past two-months alone, we have received dozens of emails from readers and … Read more

Best Jobs for People in Wheelchairs 2024

Best Jobs for People in Wheelchairs

Best Jobs for People in Wheelchairs Being in a wheelchair doesn’t have to limit your life or ability to work. Many employers, companies, and businesses actively look and seek out candidates of varying backgrounds to join their workforce. In addition, there are many laws and regulations which prohibit the discrimination of individuals based on disabilities. … Read more

How Career Employer Collects Its Data

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