Best Interview Notebooks

We’ve previously discussed a list of items which we recommend bringing to an interview.

Amongst those items, we included a professional notebook to better allow you to write down notes and reference any questions you may have previously jotted down for the interviewer.

Below, we are going to discuss the best interview notebooks and provide our recommendation on which one to bring with you to your interview.

An interview notebook is useful for two distinct purposes.

Firstly, it helps to showcase your professionalism and preparedness.

Bringing a notebook to an interview, with previously researched and well-written questions, will not only show the interviewer your seriousness about the role, but will also help you to recall any questions you may have.

Secondly, bringing a professional notebook to an interview will help to serve as a reference document.

If you forget any previously researched items or questions you may have wanted to ask the interviewer, it is far simpler to reference the notes in a notebook then trying to remember them on the spot.


Below, we are going to take a look at some of the best interview notebooks which can be purchased on Amazon.

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Determining the Best Interview Notebooks

When it comes to determining the best interview notebooks, we looked at three distinct features, which we felt any notebook needed.

The first, is that the notebook should be professional in appearance and build.

Let’s face it, interviews are professional occurrences and require a certain amount of professionalism.

All of the notebooks we reviewed, and the ones we recommend, must meet a basic threshold of professionalism.

Secondly, we looked to ensure that any notebook we recommend had adequate space and storage for your documents and papers.

This not only includes housing your cover letter and resume, but also having ample room to hold your business cards and letters of recommendation.

Third, and lastly, we wanted to ensure that any notebook we recommended was sleek in design.

In looking to pursue a sense of professionalism, you don’t want to go to an interview with a notebook that is bulky and difficult to hold.

Padfolio Portfolio Folder by Gallaway Leather

The Padfolio Portfolio Folder by Gallaway Leather is the epitome of professionalism.

A premium business portfolio, this notebook is stylish and flexible, providing you with the ultimate notebook that meets your needs when going in for an interview.

You’ll definitely make a statement when you enter the room, with the sleek, amber brown notebook color.

Honestly, we tested a ton of interview notebooks and were most satisfied with this one.

Not only is it sleek and comfortable, but it is also professional and stylish.

Gorgeous to look at, clean to the touch, we highly recommend the Padfolio Portfolio Folder by Gallaway Leather.

Professional Executive Leather Business Portfolio Folder

Another great interview and business notebook, the Professional Executive Leather Business Portfolio Folder is a simple, sleek folder that comes in either a light brown or black color.

Large enough to accommodate all your documents and miscellaneous items, you can also fit in an iPad Mini or Kindle if you chose to.

On the outer sleeve, there is a compartment that is large enough to fit most modern sized pages.

This is particularly useful when going in for an interview, as you are able to pull-out your resume with ease and without needing to unzip the entire folder.

Cambridge Limited Refillable Notebook

A simple, modern interview notebook, the Cambridge Limited Refillable Notebook is useful for housing a few documents and an inner notepad.

Not too large, this notebook is perfect for bringing to interviews and for housing your notes and questions for the interviewer.

What’s also nice about this interview notebook is the outer design.

Made of a vinyl material, the outer style is a mix of light blue and black in design.

Giving a more modern, unique look, this notebook is perfect for showcasing your style in a professional manner.

Portfolio Binder Zippered Padfolio

If you’re looking for an all-in-one interview and daily notebook, then look no further than the Portfolio Binder Zippered Padfolio.

This interview notebook is slim in design but carries a heft punch.

It can not only hold legal-sized notepads, but is also large enough to hold an iPad, your phone, your keys, and other miscellaneous items.

Stay organized and maintain a professional demeanor with this interview notebook.

Large and spacious, you can easily fit all your documents, notebooks, and sheets on the inside without worry.

Functionally, this interview notebook is elegant and stylish, allowing you to make a great first impression while maintaining your composure with all your documents.


When it comes to the best interview notebooks, your best bet is to determine what type of style and design you’re going for.

If you are looking for a sleek, simple interview notebook, then the Cambridge Limited Refillable Notebook is definitely your best bet.

Looking for something a bit larger?

Then the Portfolio Binder Zippered Padfolio is a perfect choice.

Overall, our editor’s recommendation remains with the Padfolio Portfolio Folder by Gallaway Leather.

It is clean, professional, modern, and beautiful to look at and feel.

We absolutely loved the simplicity and were impressed with its storage and space.

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