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Here are four study guides for the modules covered in the Uniform Combined State Law examination.

We promise you’ll find insightful tips on making the most of our Series 66 study guide and the benefits of using the guides when preparing for Series 66.

Here is an overview of what we’ll cover in this article.

  • Ways to make the most of our series 66 study guide
  • Benefits of using Series 66 study guide.

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Module 1 – Business information and economic factors


Module 1 – Business information and economic factors

Module 2 – Characteristics of various investment vehicles


Module 2 – Characteristics of various investment vehicles

Module 3 – Investment strategies and recommendations for clients and customers


Module 3 – Investment strategies and recommendations for clients and customers

Module 4 –  Guidelines, Regulations and Laws (including prevention of unethical business practices)


Module 4 –  Guidelines, Regulations and Laws (including prevention of unethical business practices)

Ways to Make the Most of Our Series 66 Study Guide

Series 66 is a North American Securities Administrators Association exam that tests candidates’ competency in performing securities transactions and providing investment advice to clients.

This licensing exam qualifies you to become a securities agent or an investment adviser representative, both of which are big deals in your securities industry career.

Hence, the need to have your test prep in top gear.

Our free Series 66 study guide can help you prepare for exams in many ways.

First, our team has thoroughly reviewed Series 66 exam coverage to give you a summarized version of the key concepts you need to know.

The concepts are straightforward and easy to understand.

All you need to do is take your time reviewing the chapters.

Most importantly, you need to first have background knowledge of the four topics covered in the exam.

That means your exam prep should start with reading your study manual from cover to cover.

We suggest you read the study manual twice.

With the foundational knowledge in check, you can now use our study guide to reinforce the concepts read.

In the second reading of the manual, when you read a chapter, review the same chapter in the study guide to determine the key concepts you need to focus on.

You can highlight the important information or make notes, whichever works for you.

If there are areas that are difficult to understand even after reading the manual, perhaps it’s time to check on Google.

There are dozens of video lectures on YouTube and blog posts that can help you understand the concepts better.

Now, remember the Series 66 passing score is 73%.

That means, apart from the study guide, you’ll need all the study tools you can get.

Our Series 66 study hub has all the study materials you can use together with our guide.

Our free Series 66 practice questions are the perfect place to start.

The practice tests will help you identify your knowledge gaps, which you can zero in on using our study guide.

We also have flashcards and a cheat sheet designed to make your exam prep a breeze.

If you dedicate your study time to reviewing these materials intently, you’ll have a higher chance of acing the actual exam the first time.

With the many Series 66 tips, you better start prepping for the exam right away.

Benefits of Using Series 66 Study Guide

A study guide gives you the information you need in a summarized manner.

You don’t need to spend hours reading through a chapter to find the point of the whole text.

Instead, it pins out the critical areas you need to learn and how the concepts connect.

In other words, it only gives you important information.

This makes it easy to apply the knowledge learned.

It specifically gives you a peek at what you need to know for the Series 66 exam.

Since the information is highly organized, you can easily manage what you are learning.

It’s easier to retrieve information, hence saving time.

You don’t need to peruse pages to find the information you are looking for.

Further, spaced repetition allows you to retain the information you are learning in your long-term memory.

With every study session, you retain more information.

Finally, if you put your time into studying for this securities exam using the study guide together with our other study resources, there is a high chance that you’ll feel confident in your Series 66 exam content mastery, which is a plus for you.

You’ll definitely ace the exam if you believe you have what it takes.


That’s all from us today!

The Uniform Combined State Law Exam is broad.

You need to read and understand the exam content to have any chance of passing the first time.

That’s where our free Series 66 study guide comes in handy.

This study tool will help you thoroughly cover the content areas tested in the exam.

Since the study guides are written in plain English, you can go through them with a fine toothcomb.

Using the guides with our other Series 66 study materials, like the practice questions, cheat sheet, and flashcards will put you one step closer to reaching the passing score.

That said, we wish you nothing but the best of luck in your preparation for the Series 66 test.

Series 66 Study Guide FAQs

How many questions are on the Series 66 exam?

The Series 66 exam has 110 multiple-choice questions. Ten questions are pre-test and, therefore, not scored. These questions are randomly distributed in the exam, so you won’t know where they are. To pass the exam, you must score 73 questions out of the 100 scored questions.

What is the best Series 66 study material?

You can find the best Series 66 study materials from:
– Securities Institute of America
– ExamFX
– Securities Training Corporation
– Kaplan University
– Training Consultants
– Knopmanmarks
These Series 66 exam prep course providers have many options that come in different packages.

How do I get study guide material for Series 66?

You can get the Series 66 study guide individually or as part of bundled-up study materials. As a single study tool, there are several providers, both free and paid. You can get a comprehensive free study guide from Career Employer. There are also several other prep course providers.

How do I study for Series 66?

– Check the Series 66 exam content outline on the NASAA website
– Commit 75-100 hours to study
– Purchase the best Series 66 study materials
– Create a study schedule and stick to it
– Read the textbook provided from cover to cover
– Take practice exams

Do I need to study for the Series 66 exam?

Yes. The passing score for Series 66 is 73%. To earn that score, you must commit to studying for the Series 66 exam. It’s recommended that you commit 75-100 hours over 4-8 weeks. Download a Series 66 study plan and schedule your studies accordingly.

How long should you study for Series 66?

The timeframe varies depending on your availability and familiarity with the Series 66 exam content. Usually, it takes between 55-100 hours. Find Series 66 exam study materials. Go through the textbook provided. Read the Series 66 study guide and cheat sheet. Leverage Series 66 flashcards. Take Series 66 practice exams.

Is the 66 exam hard?

Yes. Series 66 is moderately difficult. The pass rate for first-time test-takers is between 65% and 70%. The exam content coverage is broad and detailed. And so, passing the Series 66 exam is not a walk in the park. You must study thoroughly to pass.

What is the passing rate for Series 66?

There’s no officially published passing rate for Series 66. However, Pass Perfect projects a passing rate of 65-75%. That means around 30% of test-takers fail on the first attempt. To be on the safe side, get your self-study package, create a study calendar, and start your studies.

What are the requirements for taking Series 66?

The only requirement is 18 years and above. Further, Series 7 and SIE are co-requisites for the Series 66 license. You don’t need sponsorship from a FINRA member firm to take the exam. You can enroll as a self-sponsored, pass the exam and apply for the license.

What are the topics covered in Series 66?

Series 66 exam covers the following four topics.
– Economic Factors and Business Information
– Investment Vehicle Characteristics
– Client Investment Recommendations and Strategies
– Laws, Regulations, and Guidelines, including Prohibition on Unethical Business Practices
The topics weigh differently in the exam.

What are the most important things to know for Series 66?

The exam has 110 multiple-choice questions that take 150 minutes to complete. It covers four topics that you must demonstrate knowledge of to pass. The passing score is 73%. Passing the Series 66 exam qualifies you as an investment adviser or securities agent for a broker-dealer.


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