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  • Series 66 exam preparation tips
  • Series 66 exam-taking tips

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How to Navigate the Series 66 Study Hub

There are several functions you can use in this hub to make your work easy.

The top navigation menu gives you an outline of all the articles in the Series 66 study hub.

The second navigation menu outlines the headings in this article.

Click a heading, and you’ll be directed to that specific section of the article.

We also have a sidebar navigation that gives you the content outline for this article.

You’ll find the sidebar on the bottom right if you use a mobile device.

Our Series 66 study hub has several articles.

And here is a breakdown of what to expect in each.

Our free Series 66 flashcards are meant to help you memorize the important information in the exam.

We have several decks cutting across the four exam topics.

Further, we discuss how to use these flashcards and make the most of them.

Here is a link to our Free Series 66 Flashcards.

This article has four full-length Series 66 practice exams.

We also have four practice tests for the four topics tested in the exam.

You can test your comprehension level using the first four Series 66 practice exams, find your areas of weakness and then take practice questions in the topic you are weak in.

We also highlight how you can make the most of the practice exams and why you should take them.

Here is a link to our Free Series 66 practice exam and practice quizzes.

When it comes to how to study for Series 66, many factors come into consideration.

And study guides are one of the study tools you must leverage to wrap your head around the exam content.

Thus, we have study guides for each chapter tested in Series 66.

We’ve made your Series 66 test prep easier by further telling you precisely what you need to do to ensure you are making the most of the guides.

Here is a link to our Free Series 66 study guide.

A study calendar is mandatory to schedule your study time accordingly.

We know this.

Hence, this article gives you four downloadable Series 66 study plans for different timeframes.

The article also covers how long it takes to prepare for the Series 66 exam.

You’ll further learn how to use the study plan effectively for the best results.

Here you can check our Series 66 study plan.

There are many Series 66 prep courses in the market.

How do you know the right one?

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you and summarized some of the best Series 66 exam prep courses.

Here is a link that talks about the Best premium Series 66 study materials.

If you are thinking of the best way to study for the Series 66 exam, then the Series 66 cheat sheet can’t miss in your study toolkit.

Here, you’ll find a downloadable Series 66 cheat sheet.

You’ll also learn how to make the most of the cheat sheet and why using one can make a difference in your exam preparation.

Here is a link to our Series 66 cheat sheet.

Finally, the last article in the study hub answers all your questions about the Series 66 exams.

We also give you an overview of the exam, including what Series 66 entails, the pass rate, the passing score, and everything you need to know about registration for the exam.

Here is link to our Series 66 exam frequenntly asked questions page.

Series 66 Exam Preparation Tips

This NASAA Series exam requires thorough preparation, just like other securities exams.

You must use Series 66 exam prep time effectively to have any chance of passing this FINRA exam.

Therefore, what are some practices that can help with your test prep?

Here are our Series 66 exam prep tips.

Find the Best Series 66 Exam Prep Course

Several prep course providers offer course material for Series 66.

The exam prep materials are different depending on the provider.

Yours is to sieve through the many options and find one that suits you.

How do you arrive at the best Series 66 exam prep course, then?

Check the study materials offered in their study packages.

What is the cost?

Do they have flashcards, question banks, and video lectures?

Is there phone or email support for when you need help with the course material?

What is the pass rate for test-takers using their study resources?

And finally, what do people say about them online?

As you answer these questions, compare the study packages across different providers.

Settle for a comprehensive self-study package sold at a competitive price.

A prep course will help you cover the exam content effectively within a short time.

Create a Study Calendar and Stick With it

You need around 75-100 hours to cover the Series 66 exam content.

You can spread these hours across 4-8 weeks.

But still, you can take a week to cover the material if you are studying full-time.

Review your daily commitments and block your calendar to have enough time for studying.

Suppose you are working.

Aim to study for an hour or two five days a week.

You can increase your study time to 6-10 hours over the weekend.

Now, many other commitments may come up when you need to study.

Master the courage to stick to your study plan.

It’s only for a short time, and then you can resume your usual routine.

Read the Provided Textbook From Cover to Cover

Many Securities exams test-takers have sworn on their lives that Series 66 practice exams are all test-takers need to adequately prepare for the Series 66 exam.

Now, that’s a lie.

The first step to preparing for this North American Securities Administrators Association exam is to read the textbook or study manual provided by your prep course provider.

The goal is to have a gist of the exam content.

Read the text like you would a novel.

This is to familiarize yourself with the text and have some foundational knowledge.

Ideally, you should dedicate a third of your study time to reading the textbook.

From there, use flashcards and a study guide to fill in the vital information.

Make the Most of the Practice Questions

The next step is to take as many practice tests as possible.

It’s recommended you take 1,500-2,000 practice questions before you take the actual exam.

That means you need a prep course provider with a robust qbank.

This way, you can generate quizzes until your exam date.

Start by taking one full-length Series 66 practice exam to have a feel of the actual exam.

Having tested your level of knowledge, take 30-50 practice questions on the topics you are weak in.

Keep taking the practice exams until you feel confident in your abilities.

Toward the end of your exam prep, take a green light exam.

Usually, they simulate the actual exam to a huge extent.

So you’ll have a clear picture of whether you are ready.

Aim for an 80% score in the full-length practice exams.

Now, don’t memorize the questions.

You only need to test your understanding.

Go back to the textbook to seek clarifications for the questions you find challenging.

Strive to understand the concepts, not memorize the answers.

Series 66 Test-Taking Tips

The Series 66 exam takes 2 hours and 30 minutes to complete.

The exam has 110 multiple-choice questions, where ten questions are pretest.

You won’t know which ones they are as they are randomly distributed in the exam.

Yours is to ensure you take the exam diligently and pass the first time.

So, how do you do that?

Well, first things first, have enough sleep the night before the exam.

Arrive at the Prometric test center at least 30 minutes before the exam to allow for routine checks.

In the exam room, take your time.

Remember, you have 150 minutes.

Don’t let anxiety get the best of you.

Passing the Series 66 exam requires you to apply the knowledge you’ve gained throughout your preparation.

If there are key concepts or rules and regulations you fear you might forget, write them down on the scratch paper provided once the exam begins.

Series 66 exam questions are wordier.

That means they are long and sometimes can be confusing if you don’t take your time to read the whole question.

So, don’t just glance at the question to pick critical components.

Make sure you understand what’s being asked before you go through all four answer choices.

Finally, don’t dwell on the questions that seem tough.

Give them your best guess and mark them for review.

Get back to them once you are done.


Becoming an investment adviser representative requires passing the Series 66 exam.

Series 7 is a co-requisite to get the Series 66 license.

To pass this exam, you must go through the course materials thoroughly.

And your preparation doesn’t stop there.

The final exam requires you to be on top of your game.

Remember, passing Series 66 on the first try is easy, and so is failing.

So, give your Series 66 exam prep the seriousness it deserves.

Series 66 Exam Prep Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long should you study for Series 66?

The Series 66 studies can run for a week. It can also prolong for a month or two. Ideally, if you are working full-time, it will take longer. You’ll dedicate 75-100 hours. But if it’s part-time, you can take around 55-60 hours.

How do I prepare for the Series 66 exam?

To prepare for this licensing exam, start by signing up for a prep course that works best for you. Most of them are online courses. Review the study manual from back to back. Read through the flashcards and study guide. Use the question bank for practice tests.

How difficult is the Series 66 exam?

Series 66 is moderately difficult. So, assemble your study arsenal. The exam pass rate is 65-70%. A considerable number of test-takers pass the exam on their first attempt. The trick is to use the right study resources and make the most of your test prep time.

Who has the best study material for Series 66?

There are several Series 66 exam prep providers with excellent Series 66 study materials.
– ExamFX
– Kaplan Financial Education
– Securities Training Corporation (STC)
– Securities Institute of America (SIA)
– Knopmanmarks
Be sure to review their websites yourself. Also, check online reviews to determine the best option.

What are the Series 66 questions like?

Series 66 exam questions are multiple-choice. There are 110 questions. The questions cover four topics: laws and regulations, investment vehicle characteristics, business information, economic factors, etc. The topics are weighted differently. Be warned, the questions are tricky, which requires you to understand the material.

What is the passing score for Series 66?

The passing score is 73%. That is to say, you must answer 73 out of 100 questions to pass. So, take your time when going through the Series 66 exam material. Leverage several study tools to get a gist of the final exam. Take many practice tests.

What should I do if I don’t pass the Series 66 exam?

If you don’t pass, wait 30 days, then enroll for a retake. You’ll be required to pay the full exam fee. Suppose you fail again. You’ll have to wait for another 30 days. Subsequent fails will require you to wait 180 days to retake the exam.

How much does the Series 66 cost?

The NASAA Uniform Combined State Law Examination costs $177. If you are self-sponsored, you’ll request to make the payment by filling out Form U10. If you are sponsored by a firm, it will file Form U4. After making the payment, you’ll have 120 days to take the exam.

What are the topics that are covered in Series 66?

The Series 66 exam covers four topics. They are as follows:
– Economic Factors and Business Information.
– Investment Vehicle Characteristics.
– Client Investment Recommendations and Strategies.
– Laws, Regulations, and Guidelines, including Prohibition on Unethical Business Practices
You are required to complete the exam in 150 minutes.


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