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Image of the career employer finra series 66 cheat sheet
This FINRA series 66 cheat sheet will greatly reduce your study time for the exam. Make sure to download it above.

We’ll also take it a step further and give you tips to make the most of the cheat sheet, plus why it’s essential to incorporate this study material into your Series 66 study tools.

We’ll discuss:

  • Making the most of our Series 66 cheat sheet
  • Why use the Series 66 cheat sheet for exam prep

Let’s get started.

Making the Most of Our Series 66 Cheat Sheet

Our series 66 cheat sheet consolidates all the important information you need to study for the exam.

It allows one to familiarize with the exam content.

Since the information is summarized, the sheet helps refresh your memory.

You can review it on the go or during revision to verify confusing information.

The best way to go about the cheat sheet is to dedicate a few minutes per day to go through it.

You can squeeze time in the morning, the evening before bed, or during lunch break.

The more you go through the material, the higher your chances of remembering more information.

You can also choose to download and print the cheat sheet.

This way, you can highlight some sections or even add a few pointers in other sections.

Our study sheet can also help you with Series 66 practice questions.

You can use it as your go-to reference tool when reviewing the questions you didn’t get right.

It further works well with our Series 66 study guide and Series 66 flashcards.

All these study materials work together to help you read and understand what’s tested in the Series 66 exam.

Why Use Series 66 Cheat Sheet for Exam Prep

There are many reasons why you should resort to the Series 66 cheat sheet.

On top of the list is how the quick sheet is organized.

Our Series 66 exam cheat sheet breaks down tough topics that you would otherwise find difficult to understand into easy-to-remember details.

The study sheet doesn’t act as the primary study material.

If you use it as the reference tool it is, it will help you reinforce key concepts.

You’ll also find it easier to understand the information since you already have background knowledge.

The ideas in the different chapters are laid out in such a way that you can connect the key concepts.

This makes it easy to focus your attention on what matters, which will cut your study time to a huge extent.

Finally, as with other study tools, thorough preparation boosts your confidence.

Several sit-downs reading our Series 66 cheat sheet will help you close your knowledge gaps.

You’ll have a better mastery of the Series 66 exam content.


If you are preparing for the Series 66 exam, there’s a lot you need to learn to pass this exam the first time.

We are here to provide you with the resources you need.

Our Series 66 cheat sheet provides key concepts in a precise, concise manner, making it your go-to tool when you want to check something quickly.

So, take your time reviewing it and reinforcing those concepts you find difficult to master.

Series 66 Cheat Sheet FAQs

What is a Series 66 cheat sheet?

The Series 66 cheat sheet contains the Series 66 exam content written concisely to act as a quick reference. The cheat sheet summarizes only the important information tested in the exam. It helps jog your memory. Thus, it’s a revision tool that helps cover the finer details.

Is a printable Series 66 cheat sheet better?

It depends on what works best for you. You can download a Series 66 cheat sheet and print it. A printed one allows you to review the sheet in the traditional way. You can highlight and make short notes along the edges of the paper if needed.

How can the Series 66 cheat sheet help you ace your exam?

A cheat sheet is a reference tool. A Series 66 quick sheet can help you pass the exam since it helps reinforce key concepts. With a study sheet, you can retrieve information fast. It reduces your study time. So, you can cover a lot in a short time.

What to bring to the Series 66 exam?

The Uniform Combined State Law examination is closed-book. That means you can’t get into the exam room with any study materials. Personal effects like watches and phones are prohibited. You’ll only be provided with a scrap paper during the exam. This is to eliminate cases of cheating.

Is the Series 66 exam hard?

Yes. The exam is challenging. It has a pass rate of 65-70%. So, to pass on the first attempt, you need to use several Series 66 study materials. First, get a study plan and schedule your test prep. Leverage flashcards, a study guide, and a cheat sheet. Take practice exams.

How many hours should I study for Series 66?

Knopmanmarks recommend 75-100 hours of studying for Series 66. Pass Perfect encourages test-takers to spend 55-60 hours. Ideally, the timeframe depends on your commitment level. Create a Series 66 study plan that factors in your availability. You can spread the study hours over a 2-4 weeks period.

Is STC good for Series 66?

Securities Training Corporation is one of the best Series 66 exam prep providers. They provide three study packages for the Series 66 exam: Standard, Premier, and Premier Plus. The pricing ranges from $140-$300. Each tier has more study resources than the prior.

Is Series 65 or 66 easier?

The Series 65 exam is harder compared to Series 66. This is because the exam content covered in Series 65 is broader. The exam has 140 multiple-choice questions, while Series 66 has 110. Series 66 takes 180 hours to complete, while Series 66 takes 150 hours.

How do I prepare for Series 66?

– Purchase a good Series 66 exam prep study materials
– Review the exam manual comprehensively
– Check Series 66 flashcards, study guide, and cheat sheets
– Take practice tests to test your understanding
– Take full-length practice exams to prepare for the actual exam

What is the passing score on Series 66?

The passing score for the Series 66 is 73%. That means you must answer 73 out of 100 questions to pass. Series 66 exam questions test your knowledge of offering investment advice, financial advice, and analysis to the client. Passing this exam makes you eligible to become an investment adviser representative.

What is the passing score on Series 66?

The passing score for the Series 66 is 73%. That means you must answer 73 out of 100 questions to pass. Series 66 exam questions test your knowledge of offering investment advice, financial advice, and analysis to the client. Passing this exam makes you eligible to become an investment adviser representative.

What are the requirements for Series 66?

NASAA requires Series 66 candidates to be 18 years and above. That’s it. You don’t need sponsorship by a FINRA member firm or an SRO. There are no Series exams that are prerequisites. The only co-requisite is Series 7.

What is the difference between Series 65 and 66?

Series 66 exam majorly covers state laws and regulations of investment advisers. Series 65 exam is designed for financial professionals who want to provide financial advice at a fee. It tests candidates on the uniform securities act, ethical practices, amendments, NASAA, and the securities industries.




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