Series 66 Module 2 – Characteristics of various investment vehicles

Series 66 module 2

Series 66 Study Guide Navigation There are many investment vehicles available to those who work in the securities industry and in this module we look at them and the characteristics that make them unique.  Let’s start with fixed-income or debt securities as they are also known.  When we talk about these types of securities, think … Read more

Series 66 Module 1 – Business information and economic factors

Series 66 module 1

Series 66 Study Guide Navigation We start our Series 66 exam preparation by looking first at various analytical methods that securities professionals should know about.  These analytical methods involve mathematical concepts that will help you to make the best investment decisions possible for your customers.  The time value of money is one of the tools … Read more

Series 65 study plan – How long to study for series 65 exam 2023

Series 65 study plan

Greetings and welcome to Career Employer. In today’s article, we share a free Series 65 study plan. We have four study calendars for different timeframes; one, three, six, and twelve months. The study calendars are in PDF and you can download it below. Other free series 65 study materials: We’ll also give you a breakdown … Read more

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