Hi there, and welcome to yet another insightful guide on Series 65 practice exam.

In this article, you’ll find five full-length Series 65 practice exams plus practice questions for each of the four topics covered in the exam.

We’ve taken a step further and given you insights into how you can make the most of the practice exams and why taking as many as possible is important before you sit for the actual exam.

In short, we’ll talk about:

  • An overview of our Series 65 practice exams
  • How to get the most out of Series 65 practice exams
  • Why use Series 65 practice exams?

Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

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An Overview of Our Series 65 Practice Exams

The uniform investment adviser law examination tests financial professionals to become investment advisor representative.

The exam checks their knowledge of providing financial and investment advice and analysis to clients.

Our goal is to provide free Series 65 practice exams to help you cover every inch of the exam content so that you can prove your competency in the tested topics.

We provide five full-length Series 65 practice exams.

The practice questions assimilate the actual exam.

So, you’ll get a feel of what to expect in the exam.

The full-length exams will help you gauge how much you’ve learned and what you have yet to fully grasp.

It’s best to take one full-length practice exam before you start your Series 65 exam prep.

This exam will act as a benchmark.

When you take the second, third and fourth practice tests, you can gauge how fast you are closing your knowledge gap.

Now, apart from the full-length Series 65 sample questions, we’ve also put together Series 65 simulation exam questions by topic.

For example, suppose in the full-length exams, you’ve noticed that you are performing poorly in the Investment Vehicle Characteristics topics. 

You can take practice questions on this topic only to enhance your test score.

Our pro tip?

Consistently take the practice exams until your score reaches 80% and above.

If you score this several times, it means you are exam ready.

Schedule the exam without fear.

Let’s jump straight in.

Series 65 Practice Exam 1

Welcome to your Series 65 Practice Exam 1

This test is designed to prepare you mentally for the actual Series 65 Exam with the same number of (130 questions) and the same time allowed (180 minutes) as the actual exam.

The Series 65 Exam is breakdown into four (4) Parts.

Here are the Four (4) Domains of Series 65 Exam with the weightage and number of questions in this practice exam:

1. Economic Factors and Business Information [20 Questions] - 15%

2. Investment Vehicle Characteristics [32 Questions] - 25%

3. Client Investment Recommendations and Strategies [39 Questions] - 30%

4. Laws, Regulations, and Guidelines, including Prohibition on Unethical Business Practices [39 Questions] - 30%

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Best of Luck!

Series 65 Practice Exam 2