Hello there, and welcome to our comprehensive Series 65 exam prep guide.

In this article, you’ll learn about Series 65 study tools and tips for before and when taking the exam.

To summarize, here is what we’ll cover:

  • How to navigate our Series 65 study hub
  • Series 65 exam preparation tips
  • Series 65 test-taking tips

Keep reading to learn more about how to prepare for the Series 65 exam.

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How to Navigate Our Series 65 Study Hub

Our Series 65 study hub is full of excellent study resources.

You can easily navigate the page to find the articles you are interested in.

The navigation menu on top gives you an overview of all the articles in this study hub.

Click the title you are interested in, and you are directed straight into the content.

The second menu, post content, gives you the subheadings in this blog post.

You can go straight to what you want to read about with a click of a button.

Further, there’s a sidebar menu that opens up to the content outline of this article.

This bar is on the bottom right if you use a mobile device.

Now that we are clear on how you can navigate this page, let’s give you a breakdown of what to expect in the articles in this series.

Find a downloadable Series 65 study plan for one, three, six, and twelve months.

These study calendars with help you plan your exam prep accordingly.

We’ve also covered how long it takes to study for the Series 65 exam, making the most of our study calendar, and tips to stick to your study schedule until the exam day.

Here you can check our Series 65 study plan.

Here, you’ll find several stacks of the Series 65 flashcards covering the four topics tested in the exam.

We’ll also walk you through how to use the flashcards.

And give you tips on making the most of the flashcards.

Here is a link to our Free Series 65 Flashcards.

Our Series 65 study materials article gives you our top picks for Series 65 prep course providers.

The providers on our list include Securities Training Corporation, ExamFX, Knopmanmarks, Securities Institute of America, Kaplan, and Achievable.

Here is a link that talks about the Best premium Series 65 study materials.

Find a downloadable Series 65 exam cheat sheet for your exam preparation.

There are also insights on how you can make the most of the study sheet and why they are important when preparing for this Series exam.

Here is a link to our Series 65 cheat sheet.

Here we give you links to the study guides of the chapters covered in the Series 65 exam.

We also walk you through tips to make the most of our guide and why it’s important, plus how you can leverage the guide when preparing for the Series 65 exam.

Here is a link to our Free Series 65 study guide.

The Series 65 practice exam article gives you five full-length practice exams plus practice questions for each of the four topics covered in the exam.

Additionally, we discuss how you can make the most of the practice exams and why you should focus on taking the practice tests in the first place.

Here is a link to our Free Series 65 practice exam and practice quizzes.

This is the last article in this series.

Here we talk about everything about this North American Securities Administration Association exam.

We’ve covered everything from an overview of the exam to the exam pass rate to the passing score.

Further, we’ve gone to great lengths to answer all your questions concerning the Series 65 exam.

Here is link to our Series 65 exam frequenntly asked questions page.

Series 65 Exam Preparation Tips

When preparing for Series 65, you must put in some extended time, that’s for sure. 

Experts say that candidates should set aside 60 hours to work through the coursework.

And, of course, there’s extra study time for the practice tests.

In this section, we’ll look at some helpful hints to help candidates taking the exam pass the first time.

Sign Up for a Prep Course

There are several Series 65 prep course providers online.

You can opt for self-study packages or resort to video lectures or even in-person training or a combination.

Series 65 exam prep courses come with interactive quizzes, class notes, flashcards, a study guide, and a video library, just to mention a few.

The provider you choose will determine the course materials you have settled for.

Online courses come with different study materials, so choose one that offers excellent study tools at competitive prices.

Read Through the Series 65 Content

Well, because there is so much to get through in the coursework, that’s your starting point right there.

There is no point in looking for practice questions, the study guide, or anything else before you familiarize yourself with the coursework.

It’s critical to note that there’s a lot to go through here.

As this exam covers various state laws about investment advisers, you will find lots of legal jargon.

This can be confusing if you skim through it.

So, be sure to take your time and read through everything thoroughly because there are topics you’ve probably never come across before. 

By reading through the coursework, perhaps twice if necessary, you give yourself the overview you need to base the rest of your study prep on. 

You can do something else during this coursework overview: make notes as you go along and highlight those areas of the text that you feel are important. 

Most people learn fast if they make their own notes. 

If you don’t want to write your own notes, then you could highlight the key concepts instead.

Generally, it’s recommended you spend a third of your study time reading the background information and general concepts tested in the Series 65 exam.

Create a Study Plan

You’ve got 120 days from the day you register for the exam to write it.

While that’s more than enough time to prepare, people often leave things to the last minute because it seems like they have so much wiggle room.

So how do you overcome that?

Well, it’s easy if you draw up a study plan.

You can do this once you’ve worked through the coursework, but it would be best to do it right at the beginning.

In other words, factor in the time you need to cover the coursework, then draw up a plan that includes all the elements.

As mentioned earlier, this could include taking extra exam prep, working through study guides and practice questions, and finally, taking practice exams.

Too many people jump straight into the practice exams.

You should only undertake practice tests when you think you are prepared enough for the actual exam.

They are the perfect way to gauge if you are ready or not. 

Here’s a valuable hint that you can incorporate into your study plan: revision work.

This is the best way to keep key concepts fresh in your mind.

It’s an invaluable tool for text-heavy coursework.

The best way to revise is to look at the work you covered in the previous session before starting a new one. 

Consider a Study Guide

No doubt using a study guide can go a long way in helping you pass the Series 65 exam.

That’s especially true if you’ve worked through the coursework but still need help to understand the key concepts.

A study guide helps immeasurably because it highlights the key points you need to understand about Series 65. 

Also, you can focus on areas where your knowledge is lacking.

Practice Questions and Exams

Talking about areas where your knowledge is lacking, they are best exposed by taking practice exams.

Practice questions help you drill into the areas you find challenging.

Without a doubt, candidates who opt not to take practice questions before they take the actual test could be setting themselves up for failure.

And if you are taking a practice exam and failing, there’s no chance you will pass the real thing.

In that case, more preparation is necessary. 

Experts agree that if you consistently get around 80% on the practice exams, you should pass the real deal.

The practice exam is the best indicator of your readiness for the final exam.

Take Care of Yourself

As much as you may need to commit hours towards Series 65 test prep, you must also take care of yourself.

Exercise, eat well, and have a quality sleep so that your brain can perform at an optimum level.

You stand to get better grades if your brain is rejuvenated.

Series 65 Test-Taking Tips

The Series 65 exam is challenging, to say the least.

The exam tests candidates in a broad range of materials.

Be prepared for investment strategies and all types of securities products.

Again, the exam questions are long and often confusing.

You must be keen to understand what is being asked.

Hence, to help you pass this licensing exam, you need all the help you can get.

That said, here are our top tips to help you ace the uniform investment adviser law exam on the first attempt.

Read the Full Question

This sounds obvious, but you’d be shocked at the number of test-takers who simply scan the exam questions and rush to pick an answer.

Instead of scanning the Series 65 questions to find the piece of information that you are looking for, read the full question not once but twice.

This securities exam will need your full attention.

After reading the full question twice, re-read the last sentence.

More often than not, this is the punch line.

The next step is to read all the answer choices.

Don’t Change Your Answer

Once you’ve read the test questions twice, re-read the last sentence, read all the answers choices, and pick an answer, don’t second guess yourself.

Statistics have it that often when you change an answer, chances are you choose the wrong one.

So, stick to your first answer, please!

Use the Elimination Process

The elimination process makes it easy to settle for the correct answer since the Series 65 exam has multiple-choice questions.

With this process, you need to eliminate all the answers you outrightly know are incorrect.

If you do this process well, you’ll have two answer choices left.

If you are still not sure which one of the two is correct, follow what the statistics say.

Suppose one of the choices is “all of the above.”

Settle for that one.

If one of the choices is “none of the above,” pick the remaining answer.

Series 65 test writers are known to include the correct answer in the choices.

So, don’t pick “none of the above.”

Series 65 questions have all the information you need to determine the right answer.

Pay special attention during the exam.

Remember the Series 65 practice questions we mentioned when discussing preparation tips?

Taking many practice tests will help you familiarize yourself with the exam and sharpen your test-taking skills.

Don’t skip practice exams.

Keep Your Head in the Game

Don’t dwell on questions that are confusing or tough.

You can leave them for later when you are done with the questions you are sure about.

Now, you can’t skip the tough questions.

The computer allows you to “record and review,” meaning you can guess and answer the question later.

Once you are done, return to the questions you need to review.

If the answer you picked wasn’t satisfactory, change it.

Take your time through the tough questions.


We’ve given you the best way to study for the Series 65 exam.

These Series 65 exam tips will help you cover the exam content in-depth.

Passing the Series 65 exam will require you to leverage Series 65 exam materials.

Some of these materials are free, while a good number are paid for.

Your Series 65 exam prep time must allow time for the exam content and Series 65 practice test review.

Passing this qualification exam doesn’t only require preparation prior to the exam but also readiness during the exam itself.

That’s why we’ve also given you insights into the best strategies when taking the Series 65 exam.

Hopefully, with all this information, we’ve answered your question on how to pass the Series 65 exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to prepare for Series 65?

The time frame varies depending on your availability. Roughly it takes 40-60 hours. But some spend up to 100 hours. Learners working full time can spend 6-8 weeks since they have limited time. The study time includes time spent on the coursework plus a question bank.

What is the best Series 65 exam prep?

There are several.
Our top picks include:
– ExamFX
– Securities Training Corporation (STC)
– Knopmanmarks
– Securities Institute of America (SIA)
– Kaplan Financial Education
These prep course providers have instructor-led and online courses. The package you settle for depends on the study tools and your learning style.

Is the Series 65 exam difficult?

The pass rate for the Series 65 exam is between 65-70%. That means the exam is moderately difficult, as around 30% of test-takers fail in the first attempt. However, those who’ve taken Series 7 may find this licensing exam less difficult.

How do I study for the FINRA Series 65?

This NASAA exam requires around 60 hours of exam preparation. So, you need to create a study calendar. From there, ensure you’ve slotted all the exam topics in the study plan. Read through the course material before you start using a study guide or flashcards. Also, use practice exams.

What is the passing score for Series 65?

The passing score for the Series 65 exam is 72%. That means you must score 94 out of the 130 questions correctly. The exam is a closed book, meaning you can’t enter the exam room with any study materials. You must prepare thoroughly to have any chance of passing.

How much does the Series 65 exam cost?

The Series 65 exam costs $187. The amount can be paid by your sponsoring firm or yourself if you are self-sponsored. Test-takers sponsored by FINRA member firms will require their firms to file Form U4, while self-sponsored learners will file Form U10.


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