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Image of our free series 65 cheat sheet to reduce your study time.

We’ve summarized all the key concepts tested in the exam to help you master the content within a short time.

Additionally, we discuss how you can make the most of the sheet and why the Series 65 test sheet may be just what you need to ace this FINRA Series exam the first time.

In brief, we’ll walk you through:

  • How to make the most of our Series 65 cheat sheet
  • Benefits of using a Series 65 cheat sheet for exam prep

Let’s jump right into it.

How to Make the Most of Our Series 65 Cheat Sheet

Our downloadable Series 65 quick sheet is perfect for reviewing the important concepts and terms tested in the Series 65 exam questions.

Since it’s downloadable, you can use it online or print a copy.

We’ve explained the complex Series 65 exam concepts in a simple, easy-to-understand way.

It jogs your memory quickly because the ideas are easy to connect.

Given how we’ve condensed the information, it is easy to use this study tool on the go.

It particularly comes in handy when you want to review key definitions, regulations, or important concepts quickly.

It acts as a reference point, so you don’t have to peruse through pages of bulky tests to find a single piece of information.

That means you can’t rely on the quick sheet as your primary study material.


A study sheet helps reinforce the information you already have.

As we mentioned, it simply jogs your memory.

So, read the exam manual cover to cover for a gist of the topics covered.

From there, use our Series 65 cheat sheet together with our other resources, like the Series 65 study guide, Series 65 flashcards, and Series 65 practice questions.

All these resources work together to boost your exam performance.

Put another way, even with the Series 65 study sheet, you should prepare for the Series 65 exam normally.

Don’t focus on the study sheet alone.

Now, if you are a read-write learner, it will be best to print the quick sheet.

You can even reinforce your exam preparation by highlighting different sections using color codes.

For example, use a yellow highlighter for definitions, light blue for regulations, and so on.

This way, you’ll be able to retrieve information quickly when you need it.

Some Series 65 exam prep providers offer class notes which work best with a cheat sheet.

Read the class notes and use the study sheet as a reference point.

Further, as you take Series 65 questions, you can add a few notes about exam questions you found challenging.

That will help you master the concepts easily.

Also, despite using other study materials together with the study sheet, you must have a specific study time to just go through the summarized information by itself.

Benefits of Using a Series 65 Cheat Sheet for Exam Prep

The Series 65 test questions are lengthy, testing learners’ capability to apply concepts learned through situational questions.

That means to pass this exam, you must thoroughly understand the course content and its application.

So, how do you pass the Series 65 exam, then?

The secret is the study materials you use and the time you commit.

The Series 65 quicksheet, in particular, can boost your exam prep drastically.

The study sheet helps you save time because you don’t need to comb through dozen of pages to find the information you need.

A quick scan through the page, and you already have the information you need.

Again, it helps reinforce the concepts learned since you can review them over and over again.

The quick sheet will help you learn and recall terms, definitions, and concepts easily, boosting your confidence in the exam.

When you feel you’ve mastered the course content, there’s no way you’ll feel anxious in the exam room.

Confidence is key when taking any exam.

So, what are you waiting for?

Download our free Series 65 cheat sheet and boost your Series 65 exam preparation.


A cheat sheet is an excellent tool for revision.

It makes it easier to review the exam content and retrieve the info needed.

You can make the most of our Series 65 cheat sheet by using it with our other study resources, which are part of our Series 65 study series.

We hope you find the cheat sheet helpful.

Series 65 Cheat Sheet FAQs

What is a Series 65 cheat sheet?

A Series 65 cheat sheet provides a concise summary of the series 65 exam content. It gives you helpful information to review the key concepts tested in the exam within a short time. Series 65 cheat sheet makes your study more productive.

Is the Series 65 exam difficult?

The exam is moderately difficult. It is bearable if you’ve taken the Series 7 exam before taking Series 65. If you haven’t, you must put your best foot forward. Start by reviewing Series 65 study materials. Read the Series 65 exam manual, then review the study guide and flashcards.

What to bring to the Series 65 exam?

The Series 65 exam is a closed-book exam. Test-takers are not allowed to get into the exam with study materials. All personal effects, including phones, watches, study materials, and pencils, are stored in the lockers. Test-takers are only given scratch paper for rough work.

What is the best way to study for Series 65?

– Download a free Series 65 study plan or create one yourself
– Read the exam manual
– Review the Series 65 study guide, cheat sheet, and flashcards to reinforce key points.
– Take practice tests at the end of each chapter
– Take full-length Series 65 practice exams

Is the Series 65 or 66 harder?

The Series 65 is harder. The Series 65 exam has 130 multiple-choice questions that take 180 minutes to complete. That means its content coverage is broad. Series 66 exam has 100 multiple-choice questions and takes 150 minutes to complete. All in all, you must prepare to pass.

What is a Series 65 good for?

Series 65 is for financial professionals who want to become investment advisor representatives (IARs). IAR is qualified to give investment advice and analysis to clients and charge a fee. The exam equips investment advisers with knowledge of securities regulations, investment, and ethics.

What is the Series 65 exam all about?

Series 65 is formally known as the uniform investment adviser law exam. The exam is administered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), although it’s developed by NASAA. Series 65 exam tests learners on economics, investment vehicles, financial markets, analysis, investment strategies, and ethics.

How long is the Series 65 exam?

The Series 65 exam runs for 3 hours. Test-takers are allowed to take breaks during the exam, although the clock will still be ticking. You can improve your test-taking skills by taking many practice tests. The practice tests will help you pace yourself and familiarize yourself with the actual exam.

What are the Series 65 exam topics?

This investment adviser representative exam is broken down into four topics. They include:
– Economic Factors and Business Information
– Investment Vehicle Characteristics
– Client Investment Recommendations and Strategies
– Laws, Regulations, and Guidelines, including Prohibition on Unethical Business Practices
The four topics are weighted differently.

What is the passing score for Series 65?

The passing score for this FINRA exam is 72%. The exam contains 140 questions. Ten questions are pretests, hence not scored. That leaves 130 scored questions. Given the passing score, you must get 94 questions correct to pass the exam. If you fail, you’ll wait 30 days before a retake.

How long does it take to get a Series 65 certificate?

Once you’ve passed the exam, check your state website to apply for the Series 65 license. Usually, the process involves filling out Form U4, paying a state fee, and undergoing a background check which you must pass. You’ll then earn your certification.



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