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Emergency Medicine Salary Overview

Emergency Medicine Salary Overview

The terms Emergency Medicine Physicians, EMPs, Emergency Physicians, and Emergency Room (ER) doctors are used interchangeably. 

They refer to medical professionals who work primarily in hospital emergency departments to treat patients with ailments, illnesses, or injuries. 

Nearly all of the situations that these medics treat are life-threatening. 

The primary responsibility of EMPs involves correctly diagnosing and stabilizing patients. 

They frequently work as part of a team of Emergency Personnel.

Emergency Medicine Salary Overview

Other typical roles of a Physician or Doctor working in Emergency Medicine include:

  • Examining patients comprehensively
  • Obtaining the necessary medical diagnostic tests
  • Creating treatment plans for patients premised on their tests and diagnosis
  • Performing stabilization procedures on a patient before being referred to the relevant department or specialist
  • Choosing whether or not patients should be admitted to the hospital for additional testing and treatment
  • Gathering information on the subject patient, including medical history
  • Performing emergency procedures whenever a patient is experiencing a crash or coding

So how much salary do players in this profession command? 

As of May 27, 2022, the average base salary of Emergency Medicine Physicians in the United States stood at $301,500. 

However, you can expect the salary to range from $257,000 to $353,100. 

Salary ranges vary depending on several factors, including certifications, level of education, location, proficiencies, and the number of years you’ve worked in your field. 

Compensation is based on full-time salaries and includes salary, bonus, and profit-sharing contributions.

Emergency Medicine Salary by State

Emergency Medicine Salary by State

We found several states where the average salary for an Emergency Physician is higher than the national average. 

New York is at the top of the list, followed by New Hampshire and Vermont in second and third place. 

Vermont outperforms the national average by 3.3 percent, and New York continues the trend with a $37,528 (12.7 percent) increase over the nationwide average of $295,034.

With just a few states paying more than the national average, relocation as an Emergency Physician should be interpreted cautiously. 

Cost of living expenses should also be taken into account.

Here are some states with their various Emergency Medicine average salaries:

StateAverage Annual SalaryAverage Monthly WageAverage Hourly Wage
West Virginia$288,973$24,081$138.93
Washington DC$287,637$23,970$138.29
California$261,210$21,768 $125.58
New Hampshire$322,384$26,865$154.99
Alaska $273,846$22,821$131.66
New Jersey$278,502$23,209$133.90
Rhode Island$276,287$23,024$132.83
South Carolina$255,130$21,261$122.66
New York$332,562$27,714$159.89
South Dakota$264,261$22,022$127.05
Georgia $268,061$22,338$128.88
North Dakota$272,210$22,684$130.87

Emergency Medicine Salary by Cities

Emergency Medicine Salary by Cities

We’ve outlined a series of cities where an Emergency Medicine Physician’s salary is higher than the national average. 

Sunnyvale, CA is at the top of the list, with Santa Cruz, CA, and Santa Rosa, CA coming in second and third, respectively. 

Santa Rosa, California, outperforms the national rate by $59,849 (17.3%), and Sunnyvale, California, exceeds the national average by an average of $73,296, equal to 21.2%.

With average salaries in several of these cities surpassing the national average, the potential for financial advancement as an Emergency Medicine Physician is highly promising.

Emergency Medicine Salary by Cities

Finally, the average salary in some of these cities varies only 8% between Sunnyvale, CA, and San Mateo, CA, reinforcing the limited opportunity for wage advancement. 

When considering location and salary for an EM job, the possibility of a lower cost of living may be an essential factor to consider in your job search.

CityAverage Annual SalaryAverage Monthly WageAverage Hourly Wage
Sunnyvale, CA$419,519$34,960$201.69
Santa Cruz, CA$416,689$34,724$200.33
Santa Rosa, CA$406,072    $33,839    $195.23
Williston, ND$398,521$33,210$191.60
Manhattan, NY$397,473$33,123$191.09
Barnstable Town, MA$394,906$32,909$189.86
Cambridge, MA$393,236$32,770$189.06
Arlington, VA$390,344$32,529$187.67
Dickinson, ND$387,954$32,330$186.52
San Mateo, CA$387,167$32,264$186.14
Brooklyn, NY$347,525$28,960 $167.22
Seattle, WA$346,707$28,892 $163.25
Chicago, IL $346,707$28,890$154

Emergency Medicine Salary by Years of Experience 

Emergency Medicine Salary by Years of Experience 

In the United States, the average gross salary for an Emergency Medicine Physician is $307,201, or $148 per hour. 

They also get a bonus of $18,954 on average. 

Salary forecasts are premised on salary survey data in the United States gathered from recruiters, various job openings, and pseudonymous employees. 

The salary for an Entry-level Emergency Medicine Physician with less than four years of experience averages $205,014.

 On the other hand, a Senior-level Emergency Medicine Physician with experience spanning eight years and above commands an average salary of $405,654.

Emergency Medicine Salary Compared to related jobs

Emergency Medicine Salary Compared to related jobs

We discovered numerous meaningful work opportunities when we looked at similar jobs in the Emergency Medicine Physician category. 

Attending Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Physician, Emergency Physician, or Physician Emergency Medicine may allow you to follow up on other related job options. 

In 2020, Emergency Medicine Physicians earned an average annual salary of $354,000, down from $357,000 in 2019. 

This is in the middle of the pack when compared to other Physician Specialties. 

Emergency Medicine Salary by Years of Experience 

Plastic Surgeons earned the most at $526,000, followed by Orthopedists at $511,000, and Cardiologists earning $459,000.

Pediatrics earned $221,000, Family Medicine earned $236,000, and Public Health and Preventive Medicine earned $237,000, sitting at the lower node rank as the lowest-paid specialties. 

While salaries in public health and preventive medicine increased by 2% from 2019 to 2020, family medicine salaries remained unchanged, and pediatrics salaries fell by 5%.

Some of these healthcare professionals can help you generate more money than the average Emergency Medicine job.

Job TitleAnnual SalaryMonthly PayHourly wage
Emergency Physician$295,034$24,586$141.84
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Physician$284,286$23,690$136.68
Attending Physician Emergency Medicine$261,299$21,775$125.62
Locum Emergency Medicine Physician$251,949$20,996$121.13
Remote Emergency Medicine Physician$244,907$20,409$117.74
Senior Specialist Emergency Medicine Physician$200,693$16,724$96
Pediatric Emergency Medicine$224,686$18,723$108
Family Medicine Physician$208,024$17,335$100
Academic Emergency Medicine$180,909$15,075$87
Internal Medicine Physician Assistant$162,190$13,515$78

Tips to help you increase your average EM Physician income 

Tips to help you increase your average EM Physician income 

Talk to Recruiters

It doesn’t hurt to talk to some recruiters if you’re an Emergency Medicine Physician searching for a raise. 

They may be able to provide information on what other hospitals in your area have to offer and assist you in negotiating a higher wage at your current employment.

Grow your network

A robust network is crucial in any field, but it is essential in the medical area. 

Attend conferences and networking activities to meet other doctors in your area. 

The more individuals you know, the more likely you will learn of higher-paying employment openings.


Like in real estate, location becomes one of the most critical factors in employment selection. 

Certain areas in the country pay higher rates based on Physician supply and demand, while others pay lower rates. 

There is a lot of respect for Doctors who have the freedom and desire for adventure to pursue the dollar.

But while you might earn more in a more urban space like Houston or Washington D.C., also acknowledge the difference in cost of living and other associated costs. 

Acquire additional credentials

The greater your skill set, the more valuable you are as an employee. 

Having more certifications is an excellent method to make a compelling case for a raise in compensation. 

You’ll also be better positioned to negotiate for a position or be a strong contender for promotion if you do it this way. 

Because they have a theoretical aspect to the research, employees with formal training provide more than simply their experience.

Assume greater duties

This is an excellent method to show your bosses that you’re ready to take on more duties and grow your career. 

Increased duties are also a good foundation for a raise in pay. 

You can also inquire with your Supervisor about the possibility of learning different processes and assisting with some of the jobs in their managerial environment.

Obtain an excellent performance evaluation

Receiving a positive performance review puts you in a better position to negotiate a raise because it demonstrates your worth as an employee.



Physician positions are offered in a variety of disciplines. 

Those interested in high-stakes, fast-paced care might consider becoming Surgeons, while those who prefer a calmer pace should consider becoming Family Doctors or Psychiatrists. 

A career as a Physician Assistant is another option in the medical sector.

These professionals may work in emergency rooms and collaborate closely with doctors to diagnose and treat patients. 

A master’s degree and passing a licensing exam are required to work as a Physician Assistant.

We hope that our EM Physician compensation report/ guide answered all the questions that you had. 

Good luck as you choose the best career course!


FAQs about Emergency Medicine Doctors salary

How much do Emergency Medicine Doctors make?

The average Emergency Medicine Physician’s gross salary in the United States is $305,824, or an equivalent hourly rate of $147. An Emergency Physician’s average income ranges from $213,387 to $422,221. An Emergency Physician’s highest degree of schooling is typically a Doctorate Degree.

What is the average ER Doctor Salary Florida professionals make?

The average annual income for an Emergency Room Physician in Florida is $164,076 per year as of May 27, 2022. If you need a quick salary calculation, that comes out to be around $78.88 per hour. This equates to $3,155 each week or $13,673 per month.

How can one improve their Emergency Room Physician Salary?

Emergency Room Physicians can improve their salary by taking on more roles and gaining education in their field of expertise. More experience and certification will give you an advantage over others in your field of work.

Are ER Doctors the highest paid?

A large percentage of Emergency Medicine Physicians’ salaries in the United States currently range from $275,500 (25th percentile) to $400,000 (75th percentile), with the highest earners (90th percentile) earning $400,000 per year, according to ZipRecruiter. Salary.com provides more compensation data than other websites, allowing you to determine your exact pay target.

Are their medical professions that pay better than Emergency Medicine Physician jobs?

Five jobs were relevant when analyzing similar job positions in the Emergency Medicine Physician job category.None pay more than the average of $346,222 for Emergency Medicine Physician employment.Nonetheless, careers such as Attending Physician Emergency Medicine, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Physician, and Emergency Physician may be worthwhile to pursue. 

Is Emergency Medicine hard?

The residency is very competitive and thorough; students have been known to burn out during the program.It is recommended for students to have stress-relieving routines to help them cope with the challenges that come with the profession.

How do I know if a future in the Emergency Medicine profession is for me?

First, read up on resources and material that give you a look into the daily life of an Emergency Medicine profession.There are hundreds of materials that offer you insights into such a life, detailing the pros and cons of the field.

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