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  • Salary By Work Experience
  • Salary By State and City
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Cardiothoracic Surgeon Salary – Overview

Introduction of cardiothoracic surgeon salary

Surgeons are an extremely special sub-type of medical doctors.

Cardiothoracic, Cardiac, or Heart Surgeons have undergone extensive training in cardiac or heart surgery; they specialize in performing surgical procedures to treat heart diseases.

Their line of work necessitates an exceptionally high level of expertise and extensive prior training.

Surgeons are accountable for their patients before and after surgery, including monitoring how well they heal.

As a result of this, Surgeons consistently rank among the top paid medical professionals in their respective specialties.

In the United States, the average Cardiothoracic Surgeon’s total compensation is $493,700 per year.

However, it is crucial to remember that salary ranges vary greatly depending on several important aspects, such as position, education level, certifications, additional talents, and years of experience.

Cardiothoracic Surgeon Salary By Level of Education

Cardiothoracic Surgeon Salary By Work Experience

Even with a Bachelor’s Degree, a Cardiothoracic Surgeon can expect to earn an annual salary of $17,552, less than the national average for this job in the United States.

It makes no difference if you have additional training or not because this is always the case.

With a Master’s Degree, the estimated Cardiothoracic Surgery Physician’s salary is $10,239 less than the median pay of this job.

Even though you have a JD, MD, Ph.D., or another degree that is considered equivalent, it is estimated that your salary will be approximately the same as the median pay for this job, which in the United States is $493,700. 

Cardiothoracic Surgeon Salary By Work Experience

Cardiothoracic Surgeon Salary By Work Experience

Even though you have less than one year of experience in this job, your estimated salary is 32,179 dollars lower than the median pay for this job in the United States.

Even though you have one to two years of experience in this field, your predicted annual income is still 24,866 dollars lower than the median salary for workers in this field in the United States.

With 3 or 4 years of experience on the job, you have the potential to earn $9,336 more than the job’s median annual salary in the United States.

If you work at this job for five or six years, you have the potential to earn $37,343 more than the job’s median annual salary in the United States.

After seven to nine years, you have the potential to earn $46,679 more annually than the average person who holds this job in the United States.

You have the potential to earn $46,679 more than the average annual salary for this job in the United States if you work for ten to fourteen years.

You have the potential to earn $46,679 more than the average annual salary for this job in the United States if you work for fifteen to nineteen years.

If you have at least 20 years of experience in this field, you have the potential to earn 46 679 dollars more per year than the typical worker in the United States.

Cardiothoracic Surgeon Salary By Work Setting

Cardiothoracic Surgeon Salary By Work Setting

Besides education level, jurisdiction, and years of work experience, a Cardiothoracic Surgeon’s salary can also depend on the healthcare setting the Surgeon works.

Private Practice: When it comes to private practice, the potential earnings of a Surgeon are determined by whether or not they work in multiple specialties, a single specialty, or solo practice.

Hospitals: Positions in hospitals are typically in more demand and the least difficult to fill.

This work and the jobs that are closely related to it provide a reliable income.

On the other hand, many hospitals outsource the care of their surgical patients to independent organizations.

Academia: The physician who specializes in cardiac surgery and works in an academic setting will receive the least amount of money that is attainable for this job.

For any job type, the location of the job often contributes to the salaries obtainable for the specific job.

Cardiothoracic Surgeon Salary by State

Cardiothoracic Surgeon Salary by State

The following is a table showing the salaries of Cardiothoracic Surgeons by state:

StateAverage Base SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Rate
District of Columbia$549,100$45,758$10,560$264.06
New Hampshire$501,100$41,758$9,637$240.98
New Jersey$545,800$45,483$10,496$262.48
New Mexico$451,200$37,600$8,677$216.98
New York$529,700$44,142$10,187$254.73
North Carolina$471,000$39,250$9,058$226.50
North Dakota$463,600$38,633$8,915$222.95
Rhode Island$520,300$43,358$10,006$250.21
South Carolina$462,100$38,508$8,887$222.22
South Dakota$422,600$35,217$8,127$203.23
West Virginia$437,400$36,450$8,412$210.35

Cardiothoracic Surgeon Salary Comparison to Other Surgeons

Cardiothoracic Surgeon Salary By Work Experience

The following table shows the comparative salaries of Cardiothoracic Surgeons and other types of Surgeons:

Surgeon TypeAverage Salary
Surgeon – Pediatric$469,508
Surgeon – Vascular$420,893
Surgeon – General$406,700
Surgeon – Trauma$422,946
Surgeon – Neurology$629,968
Surgeon – Oral$298,470
Surgeon – Orthopedic$503,630
Surgeon – Cardiothoracic$493,700
Surgeon – Plastic$464,731
Cardiac Surgeon$502,952

Cardiothoracic Surgeon Job Outlook

Cardiothoracic Surgeon Job Outlook

It is estimated that 45,000 Cardiothoracic Surgeons are practicing in the United States.

The job market for Cardiothoracic Surgeons will expand by 14.4 percent by 2026.

Despite the slow growth in the number of available jobs, it is anticipated that there will be an average of 22,700 openings for Physicians and Surgeons each year over the next decade.

The great majority of these opportunities will be triggered by the need to replace people who change jobs or depart from the workforce. 

Tips to Improve Cardiothoracic Surgeon Salary

Tips to Improve Cardiothoracic Surgeon Salary

The higher your level and the more years of experience you have under your belt, the more money you could potentially make working in Cardiothoracic Surgery.

You can move to a city or state that provides a higher income for your employment as a Cardiothoracic Surgeon, or you can move to an area with a cheaper cost of living if this is the alternative you would prefer to pursue.

Either way, you can pursue either of these options.

There is also the possibility that the Surgeon will decide to specialize in either heart surgery, transparent surgery, general surgery, or even a combination of techniques for treating numerous conditions.


Conclusion on Cardiothoracic Surgeon Salary

The job market for surgeons will increase by as much as 14.4% percent by the year 2026.

This accelerated growth rate results from a rapidly aging population, which has led to a surge in the need for cardiovascular treatment.

However, recent surgical techniques make it possible for Cardiothoracic Surgeons to carry out procedures in less invasive methods than previously feasible.

It’s possible that the income potential and personal fulfillment that come with being a Cardiothoracic Surgeon more than outweigh the number of years spent in school and the costs associated with it.

Because of recent advancements, Cardiothoracic Surgery is currently at its safest point in medical history.


FAQs about Cardiothoracic Surgeon Salary

How much pay does a Cardiothoracic Surgeon make in San Francisco?

The range of possible salaries for Cardiothoracic Surgeons in San Francisco, California, ranges between $494,600 and $773,500, with an average of $617,100. Salary ranges rely on various criteria, such as education, skills, years of relevant work experience, and the cost of living in your area. 

How much pay does a Cardiothoracic Surgeon earn in New York?

In New York, the average Cardiothoracic Surgeon’s Salary is $593,900 per year, with a salary range of $476,000 to $744,400. Salary ranges rely on various criteria, such as education, skills, years of relevant work experience, and the cost of living in your area.

How much pay does a Cardiologist make in New York?

While $491,100 is the average income for a non-invasive Cardiology Surgeon in New York City, salaries can range from $398,100 to $594,600. There are a lot of essential aspects that go into determining salary ranges, such as education, certifications, and relevant years of work experience.

How much pay does a Thoracic Surgeon make in California?

In California, Thoracic Surgeons can expect to make an average salary of $561,798, with a range that normally extends from $451,734 to $703,703. It is possible to consider a significant difference in pay ranges depending on the city and other essential factors like education and experience.

How much is the average compensation bonus for Cardiothoracic Surgeons?

Cardiothoracic Surgeons have a competitive salary compared with that other surgeon specializations. The typical annual average bonus for a Cardiothoracic Surgeon is $40,708, which is equivalent to 8% of their base income. A significant number of individuals have reported that they are eligible to receive a bonus every year.

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