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This article gives a comprehensive insight into X-Ray Technician Salary; it discusses the national average, highest-paying cities, and earnings by years of experience.

At the end of this informative read, you’ll understand the earning potential of an X-Ray Technician and how to increase your average salary.

We’ll focus on these key issues:

  • Introduction to X-Ray Technician Salary
  • Average Annual Salary of Radiological Technologists
  • X-Ray Technician Salary by State
  • X-Ray Technician Salary by State

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Overview of Radiologic Technologist Salary

overview of rad tech salary

Radiology uses medical imaging technology such as positron emission tomography (PET), computed tomography (CT), ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), X-ray, and mammography to check and treat different ailments.

Healthcare professionals specializing in radiology can be Radiologic Technologists, Radiologists, or Radiology Technicians.

Hence, we’ll use these terms interchangeably in our discussion.

Radiologists analyze and interpret imaging results and recommend treatment.

The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) says Radiologic Technologists perform diagnostic imaging procedures under a Radiologist’s guidance.

Radiologic Technologists are also known as Radiographers.

Radiologist Technicians conduct tests with diagnostic imaging technology, position patients, and operate machines.

They’re also known as Medical Imaging Field Engineers.

You must attend medical school and earn a bachelor’s degree to become a Radiologist.

However, you need a vocational training program or associate degree to be a Rad Technician or Technologist.

Before choosing this career path, you must ask yourself: “how much do Radiology Techs make?” or “how much does an X-Ray Tech make?”

We’ll answer these questions and more!

But before then, here’s a wrap-up of Radiologic Technology discipline figures by the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT):

Job TitleEducation RequirementsRolesMedian Pay
RadiologistBachelor’s degree or medical certificateAnalyzing and interpreting imaging outcomes$401,000
Radiologic TechnologistAssociate degree or Bachelor’s degreeUndertaking diagnostic imaging procedures$69,266
Radiology TechnicianAssociate degree or Vocational trainingUndertaking diagnostic imaging procedures$59,901

Rad Tech Average Salary

Radiologic Technologist avarage Salary

The increasing aging population has led to more demand for the interventional roles of Radiologic and MRI Technologists.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projected a 9% job growth for this profession between 2020 and 2030.

This positive projected accelerated growth will invariably lead to an increase in earnings.

The American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) projected in a 2019 report that the average annual salary of Radiographers is $69,266.

The ASRT report also indicated that X-Ray Technicians earn a $24 hourly wage.

However, the BLS quoted $29.80 as the hourly wage for Radiologic Technologists as of May 2021.

Figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics also indicated that the median salary for Radiologic Technologists as of May 2021 was $61,980, while Zippia pegged it at $63,000.

From all sources quoted, the Radiologist Technician’s salary range is between $61,000 and $69,000.  

The entry-level salary for Rad Tech is $43,000 annually.

The table below sheds light on X Ray Tech Salary:

PercentileHourly RateMonthly PayAnnual Salary
10th Percentile$21$3,583$43,000
25th Percentile$25$4,333$52,000
75th Percentile$37$6,417$77,000
90th Percentile$44$7,667$92,000

X-Ray Technician Salary by State

rad tech salary by state

Location is a huge factor affecting Radiologic Technologists’ salaries; salaries differ by professionals’ geographical location.

Rad Technician salary California stands out from the rest; Radiographers earn an average of $68,792—beyond the national figure!

While the Rad Tech Salary New York offers is somewhat good, it’s below the California standard; Technicians in New York earn an average of $56,563.

Similarly, the $57,166 Radiology Tech Salary Texas offers her experts is slightly higher than what NY pays.

Hence, you shouldn’t just be fascinated by a state without considering its cost of living and reward system.

The table below contains the Radiology Tech Salary Ohio and other states:

StateHourly RateAverage Salary
District of Columbia$28.57$59,434
New Hampshire$26.14$54,374
New Jersey$27.85$57,928
New Mexico$25.65$53,346
New York$27.19$56,563
North Carolina$26.43$54,983
North Dakota$23.10$48,040
Rhode Island$24.92$51,840
South Carolina$26.86$55,867
South Dakota$21.79$45,329
West Virginia$27.35$56,889

You can see the implication of geographical location on a Radiology Technician’s Salary.

The Radiology Tech Salary NC pays is more attractive than what experts in South Carolina earn.

Similarly, the Radiology Tech Salary in Florida earns is slightly higher than the Radiology Tech Salary in Georgia.

Hence, location is a critical factor in determining radiology healthcare practice.

Highest Paying Cities for Radiology Technicians

cities with highest rad tech salary

Apart from states, some cities also pay Radiologic Technologists well than others.

If you’ve identified the ideal state to practice, research further to know the best city to actualize your dream because X-Ray Technologist Salary differs by jurisdiction.

The table below gives you an insight into the best paying cities to explore:

CityMedian Salary
Los Angeles, CA$69,421
Seattle, WA$65,669
Rockville, MD$65,091
Detroit, MI$63,662
Reston, VA$62,940
San Antonio, TX$60,879
Norwalk, CT$59,842
Knoxville, TN$58,695
Tampa, FL$57,981
New York, NY$57,450
Jersey City, NJ$57,301
Portland, OR$57,149
Columbus, GA$55,874
Tucson, AZ$55,633
New Orleans, LA$55,042

Other high-paying cities include Worcester, Las Vegas, Cleveland, Chicago, and Portland.

Radiology Tech Salary by Year

radiology technician salary by Year

Radiology Tech Salary NC also changes over time; it differs yearly.

The table below highlights Radiology Tech’s average salary over the past 10 years:

YearHourly RateMedian Pay% Difference

The Radiologist Technician pay was marred in 2014, 2015, and 2021, while it improved in other years.

The last two years have been specifically insightful as they explain the uncertainties in Radiologic Techs’ earnings.

Rad Tech Salary by Field

radiology technician salary by Field

We’ve been discussing Radiography Tech Salary generally without focusing on any specific field.

Still, to make the discourse more elaborate and scintillating, we’ll focus on specific related fields and how much you can make.


Sonography entails using medical equipment to carry out diagnostic procedures.

Sonographers examine, prepare patients, and conduct procedures.

Sonographers make an average of $74,864 annually.

It’s beyond the average X Ray Tech Salary because of a higher level of education; you must complete a degree program and other certifications before becoming a Sonographer.

Radiation Therapist

Radiation Therapists work in cancer treatment centers or hospitals to give radiation treatments to cancer patients.

They conduct x-rays on patients to know the specific location to be treated and enlighten patients on treatment plans.

They must ensure radiation machines work effectively and follow safety procedures to prevent overexposure for patients and themselves.

The average annual pay of these professionals is $81,668.

Ultrasound Technologist

Ultrasound Technologists assist healthcare practitioners in operating high-end machines to diagnose ailments and observe health conditions.

They often observe the reliability and efficiency of the high-end equipment and escalate inconsistencies to the appropriate quarters for immediate attention.

After interpreting and recording scan results, they send patients to the appropriate medical officer.

You must be experienced in radiologic technology and nuclear medicine to function optimally in this field.

Ultrasound Technologists earn an average of $74,075 annually.

Imaging Technologist

Imaging Technologists conduct diagnostic imaging processes such as x-ray examination, computed tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging scans.

They closely work with Radiologists and Physicians to diagnose and treat diseases.

They also operate and maintain imaging equipment and help patients prepare for imaging procedures.

Imaging Technologists must also adhere to precise instructions to have standard images and help doctors assess images.

The annual average salary for these professionals is $48,046.

There’s a wide gap between Ultrasound and Imaging Technologists’ salaries due to differences in education.

You must fulfill more educational requirements to become an Ultrasound Technologist.

An Imaging Technologist needs two years of further education to become an Ultrasound Technologist.

Multi-Modality Technologist

Multi-Modality Technologists are concerned with the imaging medical professionals need for diagnosis.

Multi-Modality Technologists perform radiology tests and other diagnostic processes ordered by physicians.

Their main preoccupation is to accurately attend to all diagnostic requests to aid physicians’ work; they want to ensure physicians give the right prescriptions to patients.

Accurate examination and diagnosis are the hallmarks of a Multi-Modality Technologist.

It’s the main reason they’re essential in hospitals, outpatient clinics, and laboratories.

The average salary of a Multi-Modality Technologist is $48,996 per annum.

Computerized Tomography (CT) Technologist

These professionals use CT scanners to diagnose medical conditions.

The process involves the production of cross-section images of tissues and internal organs.

CT Technologists make an average of $75,635 per annum.


Conclusion on Rad Tech Salary

Salary is an important issue for anyone about to start a venture—whether a full- or part-time job.

The recent global increase in the cost of living will particularly make you calculate your financial fortunes before venturing into any profession.

We explained Rad Tech Salary in this article to make you understand how much you can make working as a healthcare technician or technologist.

According to the ARRT, Radiologic Techs perform radiography under the watch of an experienced Physician.

Hence, they’re crucial to the medical industry.

After acquiring the necessary certifications, you should be strategic about your choice of practice because where you practice affects your earning potential.

For instance, the Radiology Technician Salary California offers is more attractive than what Technicians in Nebraska earn.

In the same vein, Rad Techs in Los Angeles earn better than their counterparts in New York.

Further, read a company’s remuneration history before applying for their job.

If they have bad reviews and you’re focused on changing your economic status, they might not be the right place to work.

According to Zippia, the highest-paying companies for X-Ray Technicians include Connally Memorial Medical Center, Hendricks Regional Health, DCP Midstream Partners, North Country Hospital, and Argonne National Laboratory.

They pay an annual average of $120,637, $119,554, $100,200, $91,642, and $85,777, respectively.

Fortunately, they all have a minimum of 3.5 ratings.

However, we’ve always added a caveat that money shouldn’t be your only driving force in a profession; you must be passionate and committed to growth.

Money follows passion and excellence!


Cardiothoracic Surgeon Salary by State

What is a Rad Tech salary?

It’s the national average pay of Rad Technicians and Technologists.According to the ASRT, $69,266 is the average pay of Rad Techs.However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that the average X-Ray Tech Salary is $61,980.The salary differs by state and city.

What is the salary for Rad Tech in Florida?

According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary for Rad Techs is $36,559 annually and $18 hourly.However, the 25th percentile makes $16 hourly and $32,525 per annum.75th percentile goes home with $22 per hour and $45,619 yearly.The top earners in Florida make $27 hourly and $56,180 per annum.

What type of Rad Tech makes the most money?

Radiation Therapists are the highest-paid in the field, with an annual average of $81,668.It isn’t surprising because you must have a bachelor’s degree and other specialized certifications to be a Radiation Therapist.Other high-paying radiology jobs include MRI Technologists, Radiologic Technologists, Cardiovascular Technologists, and Sonographers.

How much do Rad Techs make?

The average pay of Rad Techs is $63,000.However, several factors such as level of education, geographical location, experience, and work environment affect individual earnings.Some hospitals, laboratories, and outpatient clinics pay high allowances, while others pay basic salaries.  Hence, it affects the financial fortunes of each Rad Tech.

How much does a Radiology Tech make starting out?

The lowest-earning Radiologic Techs make an average of $43,000.Also, the least-earning 25th percentile makes $52,000 annually.Invariably, entry-level Rad Technicians make between $43,000 and $52,000 annually.The salary increases with experience and more job roles.A change of location can also shoot up the earnings!

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