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In this article, we shall look at the average salary earnings of an AWS Cloud Practitioner, how much they earn per state, and the top 10 paying cities.

At the end of this article, you will better understand the factors that determine an AWS Cloud Practitioner’s Salary, the salary compared to other AWS Professionals, and the prospects.

This article shall discuss the following:

  • AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary – Overview
  • Factors Affecting AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary
  • AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary by State
  • Top 10 Paying Cities for AWS Cloud Practitioners
  • Salary Comparison to Other AWS Professionals

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AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary – Overview

AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary - Overview

Becoming an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner can significantly increase one’s salary and other professional benefits.

It puts you in a position for a lucrative role in organizations that have adopted cloud computing. 

Still, it also opens the door for you to advance to more challenging technical roles that come with a larger pay package.

The adoption of cloud computing has seen a significant increase due to the global pandemic, which caused millions of businesses to move their teams and operations online.

Spending on the global cloud reached a whopping $29 billion in just the first three months of 2020, representing a massive increase of 37 percent from the previous year.

Cloud computing initiatives are gaining momentum at a breakneck pace, and businesses are ramping up their hiring efforts to keep up with the demand.

Indeed.com identified the massive demand for cloud skills as one of the top trends in the current technology skills market. 

The more businesses adopt cloud services, there is massive increase in the demand for cloud skills.

According to the report “Global Knowledge’s 2020 Top-Paying IT Certifications”, the AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary ranks among ten highly-paid IT certifications in the United States.

According to the report, the average base salary for an AWS Cloud Architect in the United States is $148,623. 

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Factors Affecting AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary

Factors Affecting AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary

Like any other profession, one or any combination of several factors greatly determine how much a professional may get in terms of base compensation, bonuses, and any other benefits.

Location: The supply curve of several professions, such as AWS Architect and AWS Cloud Practitioner, varies in different locations due to the cost of living in the city. 

Because of this, you earn less as an AWS Practitioner because of the reason for this.

It’s possible to increase your salary by relocating to a region with a higher demand for AWS Cloud Practitioners.

You may also increase your earnings by lowering your cost of living, which may include paying less for rent and cheaper fares when traveling by public transportation. 

Certification and Training: Although becoming an AWS Cloud Practitioner may appear to be a simple task, you will need to prove you have the necessary abilities and have passed relevant AWS certification exams to convince potential employers of your level of expertise, especially AWS services.

If you do not demonstrate the necessary skill set for the job, you may still get hired for training; however, the pay for this position may be inadequate.

It would be best to dedicate some time to yourself and receive adequate training to obtain an  AWS Cloud Practitioner certification.

Experience: If you are a novice in the field, there is no way you can hope to begin earning at the same level as a Senior AWS Cloud Practitioner who has years of experience under their belt.

Your overall value will increase proportionately to the amount of experience you have in the future. 

Your overall knowledge of specific technical abilities like your acquaintance with the Linux operating system, and knowledge of programming languages: Python, Java, Javascript, and Python, and C++, may be an added bonus when determining your pay rates.

Company Size/Structure: As a result of the fact that every company is unique in terms of its size, customer base, and resource requirements, Amazon Web Services provides a variety of pay scales for its Cloud Practitioners.

Because of this, the allocation of the organization you want to join will be larger if it is a larger organization and vice versa. 

Resume/Interview: Your pay scale is also determined by the interviews and resumes you submit for the AWS Cloud Practitioner position.

If you can demonstrate your capabilities through them in a convincing manner, the company may offer you a higher salary for the role of AWS Cloud Practitioner. 

AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary By Work Experience

AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary By Work Experience

AWS Cloud Practitioners’ salaries depend on their years of relevant experience; a beginner-level AWS Cloud Practitioner will earn less than a Senior Practitioner.

While an Entry Level AWS Cloud Practitioner in the United States makes an average annual salary of $89,643 per year, a Senior AWS Cloud Practitioner in the United States makes an average annual salary of $138,708 per year. 

AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary By State

AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary By State

Location/jurisdiction plays a vital role in determining how much an AWS Cloud Practitioner earns. 

While some states pay a little less than the national average, most states pay more.

AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary By State

The following table shows the average AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary in various states:

StateHourly WageWeekly PayMonthly PayAnnual Salary
New York$67.98$2,719$11,783$141,400
New Hampshire$65.79$2,631$11,403$136,837
West Virginia$59.08$2,363$10,240$122,884
Rhode Island$58.15$2,326$10,080$120,955
New Jersey$57.62$2,305$9,988$119,859
North Dakota$57.33$2,293$9,937$119,246
South Dakota$55.66$2,226$9,647$115,763
South Carolina$54.12$2,165$9,381$112,574
New Mexico$53.03$2,121$9,191$110,297
North Carolina$46.12$1,845$7,994$95,930

Top 10 Paying Cities for AWS Cloud Practitioners

Cities with high AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary

The tables below show the top highest-paying cities for entry-level and Senior Practitioners:

Senior AWS Cloud Practitioner
CityHourly WageWeekly PayMonthly PayAnnual Salary
Sunnyvale, CA$80.80$3,232$14,006$168,072
Santa Cruz, CA$80.26$3,210$13,912$166,939
Santa Rosa, CA$78.21$3,129$13,557$162,686
Williston, ND$76.76$3,070$13,305$159,660
Manhattan, NY$76.56$3,062$13,270$159,241
Barnstable Town, MA$76.06$3,043$13,184$158,212
Cambridge, MA$75.74$3,030$13,129$157,542
Arlington, VA$75.18$3,007$13,032$156,384
Dickinson, ND$74.72$2,989$12,952$155,428
San Mateo, CA$74.57$2,983$12,926$155,112
Entry-level AWS Cloud Practitioner
CityHourly WageWeekly PayMonthly PayAnnual Salary
Lakes, AK$51.76$2,071$8,972$107,666
San Francisco, CA$51.12$2,045$8,860$106,321
Santa Clara, CA$50.86$2,034$8,815$105,784
Washington, DC$50.34$2,013$8,725$104,700
Los Angeles, CA$49.82$1,993$8,635$103,622
Fremont, CA$49.14$1,966$8,518$102,212
Green River, WY$48.91$1,956$8,477$101,725
San Buenaventura, CA$48.82$1,953$8,462$101,538
Bridgeport, CT$48.55$1,942$8,415$100,982
Germantown, MD$48.43$1,937$8,395$100,742

Salary Comparison to Other AWS Professionals

Salary Comparison to Other AWS Professionals

Compared to other AWS Professionals, AWS Cloud Practitioners earn a competitive salary.

The table below shows the salaries of various AWS Professionals:

AWS ProfessionalsAnnual Salary
AWS Cloud Architects$154,156
AWS Developer$122,799
AWS Big Data Specialist$123,807
AWS Cloud Network Engineer$118,005
AWS DevOps Engineer$99,916
AWS Certified SysOps Administrator$110,000
AWS Cloud Practitioner$148,623
AWS Cloud Solutions Architect$155,005
AWS Certified Security Specialty$143,677
AWS Cloud Engineer$130,977

AWS Cloud Practitioner Job Outlook

AWS Cloud Practitioner Job Outlook

Learning how to use cloud computing is becoming increasingly important as cloud computing continues to make waves in the technology industry.

According to Google trends, businesses are on track to face a severe lack of skilled workers regarding AWS.

Those with professional experience interested in pursuing a lucrative career should head in this direction.

There is a clear and present opportunity for people who can demonstrate their skills, as there are job roles in the cloud that require more than 350,000 professionals to fill.

The ability to use Amazon Web Services (AWS) is currently at the top of the most in-demand skills among employers.

Compared to average salaries, those offered to AWS Professionals working in premium locations such as Austin, San Francisco, Washington, or Boston receive a 25 percent raise.

These indicators point to an increase in demand for AWS Cloud Practitioners and other AWS professionals. 


Conclusion on aws cloud practitioner salary

Because cloud computing is becoming an essential component of both the information technology industry and businesses, it is anticipated that the demand curve for cloud skills will rise at an alarmingly rapid rate. 

Suppose you are interested in carving out a successful career in information technology (IT) or taking your existing IT professional career in new directions. 

In that case, the time is now for you to obtain expertise in cloud architecture and become an invaluable asset for businesses looking to build, migrate, and operate in the cloud.

Even if you work in a technical profession that requires you to use other cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, or IBM Watson, mastering the AWS platform could help you further your career.

You can start on the right foot by enrolling in an AWS Cloud Practitioner program. 


FAQs about aws cloud practitioner salary

How much pay does an AWS Cloud Practitioner make in San Francisco?

If you work as an AWS Cloud Practitioner in San Francisco, you can expect to make a yearly salary of approximately $153,040 on average; this amounts to $2,943 per week or $12,753 per month when converted. The salary range for most AWS Cloud Practitioners is currently between $122,921 and $135,040. 

How much pay does an AWS Cloud Practitioner earn in New York?

In New York City, an AWS Cloud Practitioner earns an average annual salary of $134,079; this works out to approximately $64.46 per hour, the equivalent of $2,578 per week or $11,173 per month. The majority of salaries for AWS Cloud Practitioners currently fall somewhere within the range of $115,170 and $168,917. 

How much pay does an AWS Cloud Practitioner make in California?

In California, an AWS Cloud Practitioner can expect to earn a yearly salary of approximately $133,381 on average. The average pay range is fairly broad (it may reach $48,172), implying multiple prospects for development and improved income based on one’s skill level, location, and years of experience. 

How much pay does an AWS Cloud Practitioner make in Texas?

In Texas, an AWS Cloud Practitioner earns $121,563 basic salary per year, which works out to $2,338 per week, $10,130 per month, and approximately $58.44 per hour. The majority of salaries for AWS Cloud Practitioners currently fall somewhere within the range of $93,034 to $136,450.

How much pay does an AWS Cloud Practitioner make in New Jersey?

An AWS Cloud Practitioner in New Jersey can expect to make a yearly salary of $119,859 on average. The majority of salaries for AWS Cloud Practitioners currently fall somewhere in the range of $100,244 to $147,024, with the highest earners taking home an annual average of $167,073. 

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