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React Developer Salary – Overview

React Developer Salary - Overview

In the United States, the average React Js Developer pay is $119,991 per year or $61.53 per hour.

The starting salary for entry-level positions is $100,000 per year, with most experienced individuals earning $150,000 per year.

How much a React Developer can earn is determined by several factors.

Some important drivers of a React Developer compensation include location, years of relevant experience, and the size and structure of the company. 

Factors Affecting React Developer Salary

Factors Affecting React Developer Salary

Because many successful information technology organizations rely on it to run their operations, the React JS framework is considered one popular option.

The capacity of React frameworks and libraries to facilitate the development of scalable and simple-to-manage systems is a major driving force of React frameworks by a growing number of businesses.

Factors that determine the salary of React Developers include: 

Location: Location is an essential criterion in determining how much a React Developer makes.

Although a few states pay less than the national average, a few pay even less.

Georgia tops the list of those states where a React Developer’s salary is higher than the national average, followed by New York, Washington, Virginia, and California.

Ohio, Missouri, Maryland, Minnesota, and Arkansas pay below the national average.

Therefore, a React Developer may seek employment in areas with higher average salaries to increase their income. 

Work Experience: The amount of experience you have can significantly impact the amount of money you make, but it bears mentioning nevertheless.

Your skill set and level of competence are directly proportional to the amount of experience you bring.

Software development experience using certain tools including Node.js, Typescript, React Native, Angular, and Vue.js can provide a competitive advantage.

Consequently, experienced React Developers earn more salaries than junior and entry-level Developers

Skillset: Your prospective earnings could be increased by expert knowledge of crucial components such as design concepts, system architecture, and user experience (UX).

Your compensation can be significantly increased if you have additional knowledge and certifications in testing frameworks such as Jasmine and Jest, or even if you have abilities in advanced styling CSS modules, web security, and scalability.

Having these kinds of skills can help you earn more money.

Company Size/Structure: As a React Developer at any level, whether entry-level, intermediate, or senior, working for a huge company like Netflix, Google, or Facebook will almost certainly result in higher compensation for you as compared to working for a small-sized company.

In certain situations, a business with a long and successful history will pay you less for your work than a start-up business or a business that is still trying to find its feet.

As the firm’s size increases and a higher level of steadiness are achieved, many businesses engage additional software engineers/developers.

Average Salary By Work Experience

Average react developer Salary By Work Experience

The annual compensation of a Junior React Developer in the United States who has less than a year of experience is less than $87,000.

On the other hand, the average yearly compensation for a React Developer at the intermediate level is about $109,000, while the average annual salary for a React Developer at the senior level is $133,500 or more.

The highest-paid Developers in this field take home earnings up to $140,000 or more a year for their efforts.

The following table shows React Developer salaries from several salary compilation sites:

Number of YearsDiceGlassDoorPayScaleIndeedStack OverflowZip RecruiterAverage

React Developer Salary By Workplace Setting

React Developer Salary By Workplace Setting

Additional factors determine a React Developer’s income, including the nature of the organization and the size of the business.

As a direct result, it is projected that prices for smaller enterprises will be lower than those for larger corporations.

The following table provides an insight into some companies that pay the most for React Developers:

CompanyAnnual PayMonthly PayWeekly RateHourly Rate
Avco consulting$101,224$8,435$2,109$49
Innovative Intelligent Solutions$104,797$8,733$2,183$50
Cognizant Technology Solutions$93,936$7,828$1,957$45
American Express$67,066$5,589$1,397$32
Johnson & Johnson$145,560$12,130$3,033$70
None of Your Business Boutique$130,632$10,886$2,722$63
Mythri Consulting$76,103$6,342$1,585$37
MicroNet IT Solutions$84,967$7,081$1,770$41

Average React JS Developer Salary By Top-Paying States

Average React JS Developer Salary By Top-Paying States

The potential earnings of a React Developer can sometimes change depending on the jurisdiction in which they are working.

A few states pay less than the national average, even though many pay more.

The following table contains information regarding the hourly, monthly, and annual compensation for the position of React Developer in the highest-paying states; all amounts represent the base wages: 

StateAnnual PayMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
New York$142,350$11,863$2,738$73
New Hampshire$124,940$10,412$2,403$64
New Jersey$121,000$10,083$2,327$62.05
North Carolina$117,000$9,750$2,250$60
New Mexico$113,755$9,480$2,188$58
District of Columbia$112,017$9,335$2,154$57
Rhode Island$108,485$9,040$2,086$56
South Dakota$108,485$9,040$2,086$56
North Dakota$102,015$8,501$1,962$52
South Carolina$100,720$8,393$1,937$52
West Virginia$100,317$8,360$1,929$51

Some Top Cities for React Developer salary

Some Top Cities for React Developer salary

The following table provides an insight into some cities that offer competitive salaries for the position of React Developer:

CityHourly RateWeekly PayMonthly PayAnnual Pay
San Jose, CA$65.49$2,619$11,351$136,209
Oakland, CA$64.73$2,589$11,220$134,640
Tanaina, AK$64.44$2,577$11,169$134,029
Wasilla, AK$64.44$2,577$11,169$134,027
Hayward, CA$63.37$2,535$10,985$131,820
Seattle, WA$62.95$2,518$10,911$130,930
Concord, CA$62.79$2,512$10,884$130,603
Sunnyvale, CA$62.43$2,497$10,822$129,858
Santa Cruz, CA$61.71$2,468$10,696$128,354
Seaside, CA$60.89$2,436$10,555$126,655

Salary Comparison to Other Developer Jobs

Salary Comparison to Other Developer Jobs

Earning potential for React Developers is equivalent to that of other jobs operating in the same industry.

The following table shows the average salaries attained by those working in comparable careers:

Job TitleAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
Senior React Engineer$155,520$12,960$2,991$74.77
VP React JS$134,731$11,228$2,591$64.77
React Engineer$130,000$10,833$2,500$62.50
Tensorflow JS$128,601$10,717$2,473$61.83
Senior React JS Developer$127,822$10,652$2,458$61.45
Web Developer$71,148$5,929$1,482$34
Senior Front End Developer$115,891$9,658$2,414$56
Full Stack Developer$101,680$8,473$2,118$49
Web Application Engineer$95,083$7,924$1,981$46
Front END Java Developer$102,357$8,530$2,132$49

React Developer Jobs Outlook

React Developer Jobs Outlook

React JS, a popular JavaScript library utilized on several websites, android, and IOS apps, is one of several complex systems available, yet 31.3 percent of professionals worldwide utilize its technology.

Many successful technology companies globally, including Netflix, PayPal, eBay, and Airbnb, are just a few companies that utilize the tool to create scalable and simple solutions to manage.

Demand for remote React Developers and services that use ReactJS has also expanded with the development framework’s expansion.


Conclusion on react developers salary

Even in the far future, React JS will be a disruptive technology.

Software Developers skilled in Javascript can create innovative products using React.

Businesses will keep hiring JavaScript Engineers even though React Programmers are expected to have a competitive advantage.

You should prepare for sunny days ahead and keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to capitalize on your React skills in any circumstance. 



How much pay does a React Developer make in San Francisco?

React Developer jobs in San Francisco have an annual salary of 138,210 dollars on average. Although React Developer jobs have salaries as high as $207,211 and others have salaries as low as $59,119, the bulk of salaries in this category are now in the range of $118,824 to $167,407. 

How much pay does a React Developer earn in New York?

On average, React Developer jobs in New York City have an annual salary of $119,606. Although React Developer jobs have salaries as high as $183,176 and others have salaries as low as $38,390, the bulk of salaries in this category are now in the range of $95,975 to $146,431.

How much pay does a React Developer make in Los Angeles?

On average, React Developer jobs in Los Angeles have an annual salary of $121,849.Although React Developer jobs have salaries as high as $187,937 and others have salaries as low as $48,176, the bulk of salaries in this category are now in the range of $102,174 and $147,703.

How much pay does a React Developer make in New Jersey?

On average, React Developer jobs in New Jersey have an annual salary of $115,524. Although React Developer jobs have salaries as high as $161,346 and others have salaries as low as $30,073, the bulk of salaries in this category are now in the range of $92,129 and $132,704.

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