Hey everyone! Welcome to our NCLEX cheat sheet article.

This article presents downloadable NCLEX PN and NCLEX RN cheat sheets for your NCLEX exam preparation.

Download the cheat sheet that corresponds with the exam you are preparing for.

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NCLEX RN Cheat sheet
This NCLEX RN cheat sheet will greatly reduce your study time for the exam. Make sure to download it above.

NCLEX PN Cheat sheet
This NCLEX PN cheat sheet will greatly reduce your study time for the exam. Make sure to download it above.

After reading this comprehensive guide, you’ll have hands-on skills in using cheat sheets.

In short, here is an overview of what we’ll discuss:

  • Additional NCLEX Cheat Sheets
  • Tips to Make the most of NCLEX Cheat Sheet

Let’s jump straight in.

Additional NCLEX Cheat Sheets

Additional NCLEX Cheat Sheets

We have additional cheat sheets on lab values, pharmacology, medication, and isolation precautions.

The NCLEX lab values cheat sheets break down the list of lab values, including blood cell count, acid-base balance, chemistry values, hematology, serum electrolyte, vital signs, and ABG values, among others.

The pharmacology, medication, and isolation precautions cram sheets highlight only the critical information you need to know for the NCLEX PN and RN exams.

The content is geared towards simplifying the complex topics in the NCLEX and helping you pass.

Tips to Make the Most of the NCLEX Cheat Sheets

Tips to Make the Most of the NCLEX Cheat Sheets

The cheat sheets give you concentrated notes on the key nursing information you need to prepare for the exams.

The NCLEX cheat sheet highlights precisely the information you need in a summarized manner.

It supplements your other study resources: practice exams, flashcards, and study guides.

That means it can’t be the main study resource you rely on when preparing for the NCLEX.

So, to make the most of it, take practice questions first to find out the areas in the exam you need to focus on the most.

With a list of the topics you performed poorly on, you can review those same topics on the study sheet.

Focus more on these areas using not only the study sheets but also other resources, like your nursing school textbook.

I encourage you to study as you normally do, as study sheets are designed to help reinforce your understanding of the information you already have.

A well-rounded study schedule incorporates time for practice exams, review textbooks, flashcards, and cheat sheets.

Often forgotten study tools like mnemonics can also be an excellent supplement to the NCLEX cheat sheet.

When using the study sheet, highlight important sections you would like to remember.

You can use different color codes depending on the type of information so that you can retrieve the information when needed quickly.

Further, don’t limit yourself to only what’s on the cram sheet.

You can add your own notes whenever you find important information you want to review later.

Another trick I learned early in nursing school is: cheat sheets shouldn’t be left for last-minute revision.

Your study sheet should be part of your day-to-day review tools.

As the exam draws near, you’ll have familiarized yourself with the crucial exam content.

In fact, you may even add your own content.

And now, you are thinking, why are cheat sheets necessary for NCLEX exam prep?

Let’s find out.

Study sheets work because they help learners process complex information.

The information is always summarized to exactly what the students need to learn.

As such, it jogs the memory and makes recall easy.

It’s the trigger that test-takers need to activate their memory about all that they’ve covered.

The day before the exam, you can review the information on your study sheet one last time to refresh your memory.

Secondly, study sheets are convenient.

You can carry them anywhere if you have a print copy.

Again, you can quickly retrieve information.

Reviewing the NCLEX cheat sheet helps you master the content easily.

When you’ve read and understood what’s coming in the exam, you’ll feel more confident in your ability to pass the exam the first time.

What’s Next for the NCLEX Exam?

Whats Next for the NCLEX Exam

The NCLEX cheat sheets are excellent tools.

Download the cram sheet for the exam you are preparing for and get started.

You can supplement the cheat sheet with our other free study tools, like practice questions, flashcards, and study guides.

Using these study materials together will help you connect nursing concepts, have a broader perspective on the concepts application, and ultimately do well in the actual test.

NCLEX Cheat Sheet FAQs

NCLEX Cheat Sheet FAQs

What do I need to memorize for the NCLEX?

You need to memorize lab values which include vital signs, serum electrolytes, hematology values, acid-base balance, ABG values, and chemistry values. Also, memorize therapeutic drug levels, maternity normal values, common signs and symptoms, and rules of nines for calculating Total Body Surface Area (TBSA).

What is the trick in passing the NCLEX?

The trick is taking as many practice questions as possible. With each test, go back to your nursing school notes to review the topics you are performing poorly on. Supplement practice questions with other study materials like study guides and flashcards for the best results.

How can I increase my chances of passing the NCLEX?

You need to read the NCLEX review book. And then, use the NCLEX flashcards to determine how well you are mastering the exam content. NCLEX cheat sheets can help you memorize key information tested in the exam. Finally, taking practice tests and using a study guide for revision can also help.

How many questions out of 75 do you need to pass the NCLEX?

We can’t tell. Since the exam is a computer adaptive test, you may pass at 75 questions (the minimum number of questions you can answer) or fail, depending on your competency level. Generally, you must correctly answer at least 50-60% of the questions.

Can you get 145 questions on the NCLEX and still pass?

Yes. You can get all the 145 questions in the test and still pass, or, worst-case scenario, fail. If you answered all the questions, the system was trying to establish 95% confidence. You might have proved your competency and stayed above the passing line at 145 questions.

What is the NCLEX?

The National Council Licensure Examination is a nursing exam administered countrywide to nursing students who want to become registered nurses or practical licensed nurses. The exam is written by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) and administered by the individual State Boards of Nursing.

What are the strategies for answering NCLEX questions?

– Read the whole question to understand it
– Determine whether the question is positive, negative, or a priority
– Read the answer choices and carefully consider each answer. Is it right, possibly right, or wrong?
– Eliminate the answer choices that are outrightly wrong
– Settle for the correct answer

How many total questions are on the NCLEX?

There’s a total of 145 questions on the NCLEX RN and PN exams. The minimum number of questions you can answer in this test is 75. You’ll have 15 experimental questions. To pass the NCLEX, you must prove your competency in providing safe and effective nursing care.

What should I do if I am getting frustrated with the NCLEX?

Stop for a minute, close your eyes, and take a deep breath. Imagine a positive outcome once you are done. When it’s break time, take time off the screen. You can meditate, take a snack, or drink some water. Practice self-affirmation before going back to take the test.

How long does the NCLEX take to complete?

The NCLEX exam takes 5 hours to complete. You’ll have two breaks in between the tests. The first break is two hours after the exam starts. The second one is 90 minutes after the first break. You are advised to take both breaks for your mind to relax.

What is the difference between the NCLEX and the NCLEX RN?

NCLEX RN is for nursing students aspiring to be registered nurses, while the NCLEX PN is for those who want to be licensed vocational nurses. Both cover eight client needs categories, but the scope of content coverage differs. NCLEX RN is more in-depth with more topics.

Why is it important to know how to do Math for the NCLEX?

The NCLEX exam has basic maths. So, you can expect a few maths questions on the exam, although it’s not the main focus. The math questions you can expect are conversion, calculating dosages, and so on. The good news is that your exam prep will prepare you for such questions.

What is the best way to study for the NCLEX?

The best way to study for this nursing exam is to review the NCSBN test plan first. From there, take a full-length practice exam. The results will help you establish the areas where you’ll need to commit more time when drawing a study plan. Use different study materials to prepare.



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