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In today’s session, we want to review Nursing.com NCLEX Review.

Our goal is to help you decide if Nursing.com is a perfect fit for preparing for NCLEX.

We’ll break down the curriculum, pricing options, standard features, platform overview, and benefits and drawbacks.

We’ll also give you a peek into the company’s evolution, and answer frequently asked questions about NCLEX and Nursing.com.

Here is what we’ll cover:

  • Overview of Nursing.com NCLEX review
  • Nursing.com curriculum overview and effectiveness
  • Nursing.com course pricing options
  • Platform’s ease of use
  • Nursing.com review pros and cons

Let’s dive right in.

Overview of Nursing.com NCLEX Review

Overview of Nursing.com NCLEX Review

Nursing.com is the brainchild of Jon Haws.

The company was previously known as NRSNG.com when it was formed in 2018.

It changed to Nursing.com in 2020.

The program was designed to help nursing students prepare for the NCLEX exam.

Jon Haws is one of the company’s curriculum developers, plus two other top-rated nurse educators.

The Nursing.com NCLEX review curriculum is comprehensive, providing learners with high-quality NCLEX study tools.

The prep course focuses on providing students with the resources they need to pass the NCLEX exam.

The company provides NCLEX prep courses for nursing students in college and test-takers preparing for NCLEX.

All the study packages have the review materials learners need to understand NCLEX content.

What makes Nursing.com stand out among its competitors is its unique pricing options and comprehensive study materials.

This online self-paced NCLEX program is known for its enormous Qbank and high-quality video lessons.

Let’s now take you through the curriculum so that you can understand exactly what we mean.

Nursing.com Curriculum Overview and Effectiveness

Nursing.com Curriculum Overview and Effectiveness

With a pass rate of 98.86%, Nursing.com is leading in terms of a result-oriented NCLEX review course.

And there’s a good reason for such a high pass rate.

The study resources are as comprehensive as they can get.

The Nursing.com curriculum has an array of study materials, including SIMCLEX exams, video lessons, practice questions, a review ebook, and study plans.

Learners also have access to a free mobile app.

So, do all these materials make Nursing.com a prep course provider worth your time?

Let’s break them down one by one.

There are 6,000 questions in the question bank.

The tons of practice questions imitate the NCLEX exam.

The questions mimic the NCLEX in terms of format, difficulty level, exam length, and alternate format.

There’s a filter function where you can filter the category of quizzes you want to take, the length of the question, and so on.

You can use these filters to customize the practice tests.

The main selling point for Nursing.com is SIMCLEX.

The SIMCLEX exam is designed by using the same computer adaptive testing technology used in NCLEX.

The SIMCLEX practice exams adapt to your performance.

Depending on how you answered the previous question, the next questions will get more difficult or easier.

The questions also come in an alternate format, such as SATA or image-based questions, to ensure you are well-vast with the actual exam.

The answer choices come with an explanation of the answer.

You’ll get a thorough analysis of why the answer you chose is correct or incorrect.

The Qbank and the SIMCLEX questions all come with rationales.

Important to note is that the SIMCLEX questions are drawn from Qbank’s 6,000+ questions.

So, depending on your study package, you’ll have several SIMCLEX exams.

Once done with a practice test, you’ll get a detailed report analyzing your performance in the test.

You’ll get a fail or pass.

Further, you can track your progress in the test and the individual questions.

Besides the practice questions, Nursing.com is known for its concise video lessons.

The videos run for 10 minutes, presenting nursing concepts in an organized manner.

There are over 300 videos.

Each video discusses a topic tested in NCLEX using graphics, diagrams, and text.

Usually, an instructor takes learners through the content on the slides.

They also make notes on the screen to explain concepts further.

The slides also use mnemonics to help learners memorize the content.

Additionally, the instructors also cover test-taking strategies for NCLEX.

The one thing that stands out about these videos is their high quality.

The visuals are of high production, and the content is well-explained.

Nursing.com does an impressive job with the video lesson than UWorld or Nurse Plus Academy.

One drawback of the videos is that the instructors are not on camera.

Having them on camera could make the videos more interactive.

Next, there’s the review ebook that acts as a study guide.

This is a 400-page ebook that summarizes the exam content using bullet points.

Apart from the must-know content, the ebook also has additional questions.

The last material that makes up the Nursing.com curriculum is the study plan.

This is a pre-generated study calender for two, four, six, and twelve weeks.

Yours is to determine your availability and pick a study calendar that best suits you.

Finally, there’s the free mobile app.

All the study materials are in the mobile app.

You can review the videos on the go, take practice questions or read the books on your phone whenever you have time to spare.

While Nursing.com has excellent study materials, we were disappointed at the lack of live instruction classes or a prep course textbook.

Nursing.com Course Pricing Options

Nursing.com Course Pricing Options

Nursing.com has several study packages that learners can choose from.

They have one-year and two years study packages.

These two plans come with installment payments.

The one-year + NCLEX prep costs $246.

The amount is payable in three installments.

Each installment is $82, and you get nine months free of charge.

The one-year plan comes with the following study materials:

  • pre-generated study plan
  • NCLEX review ebook
  • 3 SIMCLEX exams
  • Double money-back guarantee
  • 6,000+ practice questions
  • 300+ video lessons

The two years + NCLEX prep is $492.

In this plan, you’ll pay the amount in six installments.

That means an installment is $82.

You get 16 months free of charge.

With this plan, instead of three SIMCLEX exams, you get five.

Next, we have subscription plans for 30, 90, and 180 days’ access.

These plans cost $199, $249, and $329, respectively.

There all have the same study tools as in the 1-year plan.

The only exception is the number of SIMCLEX exams.

In the 30-day access, test-takers have access to one SIMCLEX exam.

The 90-day access gives learners three SIMCLEX exams, while the 180 days have five.

Platform’s Ease of Use

Nursing.com Platform's Ease of Use

The Nursing.com platform is functional, although not as aesthetically pleasing.

Accessing the courses is a smooth sail, although some test-takers have reported technical issues when accessing the study materials.

As for the mobile app, it’s well-designed and intuitive.

You can use the review materials whenever you need them from wherever you are.

Chances of passing NCLEX using Nursing.com: 5/5

Price: 5/5

Ease of use of the platform: 4/5

Mobile app: 5/5

Question bank: 5/5

Student support: 4/5

We give Nursing.com NCLEX review a 4.7-star rating.

The company offers the best NCLEX prep course.

The review program is quite comprehensive.

Test-takers have everything it takes to pass the exam.

We recommend Nursing.com to learners seeking a prep course with a high probability of passing the NCLEX.

The 200% money-back guarantee is a sure sign that Nursing.com is confident in its study tools.

Test-takers can bank on the company’s pass guarantee claims.

Nursing.com NCLEX Review Pros and Cons

Nursing.com NCLEX Review Pros and Cons

As is our norm, we must now shift gears and tell you the benefits of using Nursing.com versus the drawbacks.

This section is instrumental in helping you make an informed choice about whether this course is for you.

Areas they got right

  • The 200% money-back guarantee is comparable to none. The company has complete faith in its materials. Nursing.com is confident that the test-takers will pass on the first try, and if they don’t, they get twice the course cost.
  • The question bank boasts 6,000 questions. This is the highest number of practice questions among all the other NCLEX prep course providers. Further, the rationale comes with images that make explanations easily understandable.
  • The SIMCLEX exams use the same algorithm as the NCLEX exam. The NCLEX simulator helps nursing students become familiar with the actual exam. It elevates anxiety and boosts confidence when taking the actual NCLEX.
  • The 300+ video lessons are an excellent addition. What makes them even greater is that they are short, 10 minutes.

Areas they got wrong

  • The one area we hope Nursing.com can improve is the lack of substantive content review from a textbook. Apart from the ebook with bullet points, there are no additional study materials to help students learn the foundational knowledge tested in the exam.
  • The review program also lacks live instructions where learners can ask questions and interact with tutors one-on-one. This is a setback to learners who thrive in a traditional learning environment.
  • In the video classes, instructors are not on camera. You can hear the tutor explaining the concepts and even making notes on the screen, but you don’t see them. It would be nice to have the instructor on camera too. Watching the body language as they explain key concepts can make learning more interesting.

Evolution of the Nursing.com NCLEX Review

Evolution of the Nursing.com NCLEX Review

When Nursing.com started in 2018, it was referred to as NRSNG.com.

The name changed to Nursing.com in 2020.

The founder Jon Haws, BS, BSN, RN, and CCRN, has vast experience in nursing.

This prep course has changed over time to accommodate the needs of nursing students seeking to excel in nursing school and preparing for the NCLEX exam.

Not only that, nursing graduates who completed college years ago and want to take the NCLEX will also find the study materials resourceful.

Going forward, Nursing.com can improve by adding live instructions to its study package offerings.

This way, students can have a one-on-one with tutors and even ask questions.



In this review, we focused on the key elements of the Nursing.com NCLEX review.

The approach we used was to give star ratings for each of the key factors that determine an NCLEX prep course’s effectiveness.

Our evaluation was based on the following factors: mobile app, a question bank, ease of use of the platform, student support, pricing, and chances of passing NCLEX using Nursing.com study tools.

From our analysis, we concluded that this review course is ideal for learners interested in NCLEX-style questions and practice tests with affordable prices and surety that they’ll most likely pass NCLEX the first time.



Nursing.com provides a solid NCLEX review program.

Apart from NCLEX practice questions with detailed rationale, the company also offers sharp video lessons, study plans, and a review book for test-takers.

Given the use of images, graphics, and diagrams in lessons and rationales, Nursing.com is perfect for visual learners.

All the study tools work together to offer a robust NCLEX review course that offers value for money.

The affordable study packages and comprehensive, well-rounded study resources make Nursing.com one of the best NCLEX Review providers.

Nursing.com Frequently asked questions

Does nursing.com help you pass the NCLEX?

Yes. Nursing.com is one of the best nursing prep courses that can help you pass NCLEX. It has over 6,000+ practice questions. Its top-rated software SIMCLEX has practice exams that replicate the actual NCLEX exam. Further, you’ll have access to video lessons and an ebook, which make learning a breeze.

Which NCLEX review is best?

There are several. Here are our picks of the best NCLEX reviews:
– Nursing.com
– UWorld
– Nurse Plus Academy
– The Princeton Review
– Hurst Review
– ArcherReview
These top review programs have the most comprehensive NCLEX study materials. You’ll have several study packages to choose from.

What is a good score on nursing.com?

You should be consistently scoring 50-60% in the different categories. Check the performance stats and review the areas where you are performing poorly. From there, retake the practice tests to ascertain whether you are mastering those areas. Improving your scores increases your chances of passing the exam.

What is the best way to study for NCLEX-RN?

First, read and understand the exam format. Secondly, create a study plan that matches your availability. Start your studies by reviewing the course content. While the exam tests knowledge learned in nursing school, you’ll need more than content mastery. So, take practice exams to familiarize yourself with the exam content.

What is the NCLEX-RN exam?

The National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) is a computer-adaptive test (CAT). It tests nursing students’ competency in the US and Canada. Passing the NCLEX-RN is a requirement for nursing graduates to receive a license and become registered nurses.

What is a good strategy to study for NCLEX?

The best strategy to prepare for NCLEX is to take as many practice exams as possible. You can take the practice tests by topic or subtopics and review the course content in the areas you are weak before retaking the test. Also, take full-length practice exams.


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