Greetings, our dear reader! Welcome to today’s read on NCLEX PN study materials.

In today’s session, we want to give you an overview of the best study resources for practical nurse exams.

By the end of the article, you’ll be able to make an informed choice on the NCLEX PN prep course that’s ideal for you.

Our top five choices include:

  • Kaplan Nursing
  • Hurst Review
  • ATI
  • UWorld Nursing
  • SimpleNursing

Let’s get started!

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My Experience with NCLEX PN Study Materials

My Experience with NCLEX-PN Study Materials

My experience with NCLEX PN study materials rests with ATI and UWorld, but that doesn’t mean I have had no experience with Kaplan, Hurst Review, or SimpleNursing.



Kaplan has been around for over eight decades, so it is no surprise that it’s among the top NCLEX PN prep providers on our list.

It provides prep course materials for a wide range of professional courses, including finance, real estate, engineering architecture and design, and healthcare, which includes NCLEX medical licensing, allied health, nursing, and global health.

When it comes to the NCLEX study materials, Kaplan has outdone itself, just like it has with all the other prep courses.

The NCLEX PN online course has a wide range of study resources, including NCLEX style questions that gives you a realistic reflection of the NCLEX PN, a content video library with over 300 essential nursing content topics, a 500+ content review guide, and the Decision Tree Method.

The pre-recorded videos are delivered by the industry’s finest, expert-trained instructors who walk you through the nursing exam content and the Decision Tree Method.

You can be sure you’ll cover exactly what’s needed for the LPN exam.

The 500+ page ebook covers NCLEX PN most tested content.

It outlines exactly what you need to learn for this nursing exam.

As for the practice questions, you’ll have access to 1,000+.

I liked that you’ll have three months of access to the practice questions and the video lessons.

Kaplan is known for the Decision Tree Method.

The Decision Tree Method helps learners break down challenging exam questions to understand the problem presented and choose the right answers.

These study resources are packaged into two complete study packages.

The Self-Paced Plan is the basic package with all the study materials I’ve highlighted above.

This package goes for $299.

You can also opt for the Live Online Plan, which adds 14 hours of interactive class sessions to the study resources you’ll get in the first study package.

That is to say; the Live Online Plan substitutes the pre-recorded videos with live instructions.

But, just like in the pre-recorded videos, the Live Instruction is taught by Kaplan expert tutors, who take you through the Decision Tree Method and critical thinking for answering NCLEX questions.

You’ll have a deep dive into the exam content.

You can ask questions and interact with your peers online.

If you need a little nudge to take your studies seriously, the Live Online Plan is your go-to package.

Finally, Kaplan provides a Qbank option only.

Qbank only is $79.

Kaplan Nursing gives you your money’s worth as the NCLEX PN study resources you access are well worth the price.

With the overview of what the NCLEX PN study materials are about, let’s now take the discussion a little further and look into the downside and the areas in which Kaplan Nursing exceeded my expectation.


  • Kaplan is packed with some of the most comprehensive study resources you’ll ever find.
  • The Decision Tree Method is one of the best strategies for dissecting questions and finding the right answer.
  • Kaplan promises to give candidates their money back if they don’t pass the NCLEX the first time after using their study resources.


  • Kaplan prices are on the higher side, yet other prep course providers have the same resources for reasonable prices.
  • The lack of a physical textbook can be a setback to those who learn well using hard-copy material.

Kaplan Nursing Prep course has been in the industry for a long time.

That means their study resources have been tried and tested.

Thus, this prep course provider is perfect for test-takers with an ample budget interested in a comprehensive course with interactive live online Instruction or self-paced courses.

Hurst Review

NCLEX Hurst review

Hurst Review stands out as one of the best NCLEX PN prep courses because it specializes in National Council Licensure Examination preparation.

You can be sure the team has gone over and above to provide comprehensive resources for the NCLEX PN test prep.

Hurst Review is impressive, to say the least, because of its different study modes to match the diverse learning styles.

The learning options range from self-paced online courses to traditional classes.

You choose what works for you.

The intensive approach to NCLEX test prep exceeded my expectations, to be honest.

The NCLEX PN course incorporates test-taking strategies, critical thinking skills, NCLEX style questions, and must-know content for the exam.

That’s not all.

There are video lectures, online live-stream sessions, and in-person classes.

The only downside here is that the in-person classes are limited.

Meaning they are not in all the states in the US.

The sessions are taught by expert nurse educators.

From my experience, the video lessons and the live sessions are engaging and fun.

The exam content is well-explained with illustrations, making NCLEX prep a breeze.

Not only that, the study materials provided are of high quality.

When it comes to practice questions, the Hurst Review has an extensive Qbank with over 1,000+ questions for vocational nurses.

Apart from that, test-takers can review exams that imitate the actual NCLEX.

That is to say; the tests adapt to how you are performing in the exam.

Hurst Review also pays special attention to helping nursing students build their critical thinking skills for answering the complex NCLEX PN questions.

Finally, the platform provides support to learners who need guidance.

They can reach out to nursing coaches for help.

With that overview, which study packages can you sign up for with this prep course?

The Live Plan offers a two-day live review class at $275.

You’ll also have access to the NCLEX study guide, the Qbank, virtual lectures, and the readiness exam, among other resources.

Next, we have the N-Stream Plan, which is three days of live-streamed review that you can attend in the comfort of your home at $275.

The third study package is the Now Package.

This self-paced online course gives you 90 days’ access to the study materials and costs $239.

With this plan, you’ll have the workbook and follow the educators along as you fill it.

There are quizzes, practice questions, must-know content, a nurse coach, four readiness exams, and test-taking strategies.

Apart from the complete packages, you can also purchase the Qbank alone at $99.

That said, here are features that impressed me vs. those I felt they could improve.


  • Hurst Review offers a pass guarantee for test-takers who fail the exam on the first try. They are offered 45 days remediation class.
  • The test-taking strategies are specifically for NCLEX exams, which makes them more relevant to test-takers.
  • The diverse learning options are impressive and take care of different learning styles.


  • Despite the comprehensive study packages, Hurst Review doesn’t have a mobile app, which is a huge letdown.
  • The live in-person sessions are in select cities. So, not everyone can attend them.

Hurst Review boosts a passing score of 98% pass rate for first-time test-takers, which is pretty high.

This NCLEX prep course is a perfect match for candidates looking for options, especially those interested in traditional classes where they engage with the tutor.



The Assessment Technology Institute (ATI) specializes in nursing test prep, including NCLEX, TEAS, and HESI.

ATI uses BoardVitals Qbank.

The exam questions can be customized to computer adaptive testing (CAT) mode, review mode, or timed mode.

The CAT mode mimics the actual NCLEX PN.

The review mode comes with in-depth answer explanations.

Finally, the timed mode has a time limit, as the name suggests.

It gives you the actual exam vibe.

So, you can get used to the NCLEX PN exam atmosphere early.

Apart from these different modes, you can select the specific topics you want to test yourself.

There are three study packages.

The first study plan is the Virtual ATI and BoardVitals, which costs $475.

This plan kills two birds with one stone.

You get individualized education and practice questions from BoardVitals.

This is my favorite plan among the three.

In this plan, ATI gives you 12 weeks of learning with a virtual ATI educator.

The nurse educator works with you throughout your studies to ensure you are ready to pass the exam.

They provide a study plan depending on your needs and further assess your performance.

They conduct a content assessment for each of the learners.

At the end of the 12 weeks study period, the nurse educators give post-review remediation resources.

They also give the green light for the NCLEX PN exam if they establish you are ready for the exam.

Candidates who pass the NCLEX PN exam have a 98% pass rate in the actual exam.

You can bet the course is effective.

The BoardVitals part of the package comes with 1,600 PN sample questions with detailed answer explanations.

The second plan is the Comprehensive Live Review, which can be in-person or live online, just like Hurst Review Live Plan.

Despite the mode of study you choose, you’ll have access to a detailed test plan, an ebook, alternate format questions with rationales, and test-taking strategies,

The last plan only offers BoardVitals Qbank.

It costs $95.

And you’ll get 1,000+ practice questions.

The BoardVitals practice tests come with a progress tracker that shows your performance and how you faired compared to other learners.

This plan is for learners who only want the practice tests, not the complete course.

ATI offers a pass guarantee.

The company offers extra support if test-takers don’t pass the first time.

Depending on the study package one purchased, the additional material and access period may vary.

The things they got right

  • ATI live coaches are an excellent addition as they help you review the NCLEX tests.
  • The company has diversified its study resources catering to those who only need the Qbank, live sessions, coaching, or a combination of the two.
  • The diagnostic test helps learners identify their areas of strengths and weaknesses so that they can work on them before the NCLEX PN examination.

The things they got wrong

  • The study packages don’t have hard copy study materials.
  • Some test-takers have reported that the ATI study materials are dull and, therefore, boring to read.
  • The in-person classes are limited, meaning you might not find one near your home or city.

This prep course is ideal for test-takers interested in diverse study tools, just like in Hurst.

It’s particularly good for those who need one-on-one coaching as they’ll be able to work with nurse educators if they subscribe to Virtual ATI and BoardVitals study package.

UWorld Nursing

UWorld is a big name in the nursing prep course industry.

Many aspiring registered nurses and practical nurses find UWolrd helpful when it comes to practice questions.

Both its NCLEX RN and PN prep courses are centered around extensive Qbank.

The practice questions reflect the actual test.

Not only in terms of the CAT technology but also the exam interface, which resembles NCLEX’s to a large extent.

UWorld offers practice questions and self-assessment tests that can be accessed through mobile, tablet, or computer.

The UWorld USMLE app is perfect for those who want to study on the go.

The questions are customizable, allowing you to test your knowledge in the areas you need to polish.

You can customize the number of questions and the topics you want to take.

Another impressive future I loved is that you can customize the flashcards as you take the practice tests.

If you find a question you would like to review further, you simply copy and paste it on a card.

As someone who’s used this test prep provider, I found the rationales incomparable.

And, of course, this is the one feature that makes UWorld unbeatable.

The in-depth explanations and vivid images, illustrations, and diagrams are unmatched.

The answer explanations illustrate the concepts thoroughly, which makes it easy to apply the concepts if a similar question were to show up.

Lastly, UWorld self-assessment tests nursing students’ exam readiness.

It gives you the green light to confirm if you are ready for the test.

There are two options for you when we go to the study packages.

You can opt for the NCLEX PN or the NCLEX PN + Next Gen.

The cost varies depending on the access duration.

The least study time is 30 days, and the highest is two years for the NCLEX PN and the Next Gen category.

Generally, the price for both categories ranges from $139 to $329.

The number of practice questions is 1,200 to 1,400, depending on the study package.

The number of self-assessment exams you’ll have depends on the study package.

Having said that, what are some of the features that will compel you to settle for UWorld?


  • The question bank is extensive, allowing learners to tailor several test questions without repeating the same ones over and over again.
  • The answer explanations are thorough and are accompanied by vivid illustrations.
  • The mobile app makes accessing the questions easier. You can take the tests whenever you have downtime.


  • UWorld is expensive compared to other NCLEX PN prep course providers.
  • The study resources here are limited. Learners only have access to practice questions. It would be much better if other materials were incorporated.
  • There are two self-assessment tests. You can only reset the self-assessment tests once if you have the premium study package. The basic plan only gives you access to one self-assessment that can’t be reset.
  • It’s a shame that UWorld doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee.

Given my experience with UWorld, I believe it’s an excellent option for test-takers who have a short period to prepare for the NCLEX PN, as they can review practice questions with extensive explanations. They don’t need several study resources, given the time constraint.


Simple nursing review

SimpleNursing is unique because of its educative yet entertaining videos.

According to the website, SimpleNursing researched over five leading industry textbooks and Qbank, scanning over 10,000 NCLEX PN questions to give you precisely what you need to pass the practical nursing exam.

Its main study tool that has caused waves in the industry is visual videos.

The videos break down the complex National Council Licensure Examination Client Needs Categories into simple, insightful concepts that are easy to understand.

Personally, I found the memory tricks and tips to be the highlight of the videos.

Further, the platform offers practice questions you can tailor to either timed or untimed.

The practice exams adapt to learners’ performance.

These questions also come with a written rationale that takes your test prep to the next level.

Learners get to know the answer and why it makes the most correct answer.

You’ll take an assessment at the beginning of your test prep, which acts as a benchmark.

This exam aims to identify knowledge gaps and help you maximize your study time in the areas you need.

A mock exam assessment at the end of your studies gives you the green light on whether you are ready for the test.

As someone who learns well by combining written text and videos, I was impressed with the sheer number of study guides, 900+.

Not only that, you also get a cheat sheet.

The SimpleNursing study packages are straightforward.

All the study packages have the same resources. 

The only difference is the access duration.

That said, here is what you stand to get with the monthly, 60 days, and 90 days study packages.

  • 1,200 NCLEX PN prep questions with written rationales
  • 1,200+ fun & visual videos
  • 900+ study guides

The monthly plan is $71, 60 days access subscription is $48 per month, and the 90-day package will cost $37 monthly.

The longer the subscription period, the cheaper the price.

In my opinion, here are the strengths and weaknesses of SimpleNursing.


  • The massive video library is a game changer for learners who prefer videos to textbooks.
  • The practice questions are comprehensive, with in-depth answer explanations to give you more insights into the problem.
  • It has comprehensive study packages that only cover what’s tested in the practical nursing exam.


  • The monthly subscription is quite expensive compared to other providers in the industry.
  • SimpleNursing only provides animations for the highly tested topics in the exam. The older content video development is ongoing.
  • While the study materials are high quality and comprehensive, they are not as diverse as other prep courses that offer live videos besides pre-recorded video instructions and written study materials.

SimpleNursing is unique in its offering.

It’s the right choice for visual learners.

The videos are insightful, and you’ll be surprised by how simply the nurse educators deliver the content in a fun interactive way.


The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) uses the NCLEX PN exam to test whether aspiring vocational nurses can provide practical nursing care safely to patients.

This exam tests your competency in the four client needs categories.

And so, you need all the help you can get to ace the exam.

The NCLEX PN prep course providers we’ve highlighted will provide you with the necessary resources to prepare accordingly.

So, do your part and check the websites to determine which one best suits your study needs, learning style, and financial ability.

NCLEX PN Study Materials FAQs

NCLEX PN Study Materials FAQs

What should I study for my NCLEX PN?

– Coordinated care
– Safety and infection control
– Health promotion and maintenance
– Psychosocial integrity
– Basic care and comfort
– Therapies (pharmacological and parenteral)
– Reduction of risk potential
– Physiological adaptation
Safe and effective care environment and physiological integrity have several sub-categories.

How do I study for the NCLEX PN in a month?

In a month, you can get a lot done. You can sign up for a prep course to cover the exam content extensively. Use flashcards to test your understanding. Practice exams highlight your weakness and strengths. Plus, you familiarize yourself with the type of questions.

How do I study for NCLEX PN in 2 weeks?

If you plan to sit for the NCLEX PN examination in two weeks, your main focus should be practice questions. Take as many practice questions as possible. And review the answer rationales to better understand the logic behind correct and incorrect answers.

What is the best NCLEX PN study guide?

Here is a list of the best NCLEX PN study guides.
– NCLEX PN Practice Questions Exam Cram.
– Kaplan NCLEX PN Prep Plus
– Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX PN Examination
– NCLEX PN Prep Plus: 2 Practice Tests + Proven Strategies + Online + Video
You can find more information about them online.


Test Prep Genie

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Hurst Review

Kaplan Nursing

UWorld Nursing

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