Hello, and welcome to another insightful article on NCLEX PN flashcards.

We have 750 free NCLEX PN flashcards, with each of the four Client Needs Categories having 120 to 300 flashcards.

You’ll find three to six flashcard decks for each category.

When done with this article, you’ll be familiar with the key concepts in the LPN exam and strategies you can use to make the most of the cards.

In brief, here is what we’ll talk about:

  • How to use our NCLEX PN flashcards effectively
  • Making the most of the NCLEX PN flashcards

Without wasting time, let’s get started.

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How to Use Our NCLEX PN Flashcards Effectively

To make the most of the NCLEX flashcards, here is a highlight of the different functions.

On the bottom right are two functions: shuffle and switch front and back sides.

As the name suggests, the shuffle function allows you to mix up the cards.

The switch front and back side function is about changing the front side to be at the back and vice versa.

That means the front side will have the answer, and you’ll be required to come up with the question.

On the top right, we have the star function.

Star a card to study it later.

You can unstar the card later on when you master its content.

The two arrows at the bottom allow you to move to the next card or return to the previous one.

NCLEX PN Flashcards

NCLEX PN Safe and Effective Care Environment

NCLEX PN Safe and Effective Care Environment deck 1

NCLEX PN Safe and Effective Care Environment deck 2

NCLEX PN Safe and Effective Care Environment deck 3

NCLEX PN Safe and Effective Care Environment deck 4

NCLEX PN Safe and Effective Care Environment deck 5

NCLEX PN Safe and Effective Care Environment deck 6

NCLEX PN Health Promotion and Maintenance

NCLEX PN Health Promotion and Maintenance deck 1

NCLEX PN Health Promotion and Maintenance deck 2

NCLEX PN Health Promotion and Maintenance deck 3

NCLEX PN Psychosocial Integrity

NCLEX PN Psychosocial Integrity deck 1

NCLEX PN Psychosocial Integrity deck 2

NCLEX PN Psychosocial Integrity deck 3

NCLEX PN Psychosocial Integrity deck 4

NCLEX PN Physiological Integrity

NCLEX PN Physiological Integrity deck 1

NCLEX PN Physiological Integrity deck 2

NCLEX PN Physiological Integrity deck 3

NCLEX PN Physiological Integrity deck 4

Making the Most of the NCLEX PN Flashcards

Making the Most of the NCLEX PN Flashcards

Flashcards are excellent study tools for many reasons.

Foremost, they make information recall easy on exam day.

The spaced repetition technique used when studying with flashcards forces you to keep retrieving information every time you use the cards.

In other words, it promotes the thinking process.

Before you turn a card, you must first come up with an answer before confirming if it’s what’s on the back of the card.

In the long run, you’ll realize that you’ve mastered even the difficult information.

Further, the active recall process pushes information from your short-term to long-term memory because you keep drilling the same information.

Another importance that many people overlook is the fact flashcards help test-takers identify weak spots.

You’ll know you are weak in electrolyte imbalance if you score two in ten cards.

That means you must go back to the review textbook and re-read this topic.

Generally, you learn more using flashcards.

But for that to happen, you have to commit your time and put in some effort.

Hence, the reason we want to give you expert tips to ensure you harness the benefits of using NCLEX PN flashcards in your test prep.

My go-to strategy is studying the cards on both sides.

Studying the cards on both sides allows you to think about the answers rather than cram.

Your flashcard study should start with one side and then switch the cards to start with the backside.

I also find it helpful to shuffle the cards after a period to improve my understanding of the material.

As a registered nurse, I have helped many nursing students with nursing exam prep in my nursing career.

The mistake I’ve consistently noticed is how learners confuse recognition for recall.

In fact, many students fall into this trap because they flip the card even before coming up with an answer.

Don’t be one of them.

Verbalize your answer before flipping the card.

This way, you’ll stand by your answer and make any corrections in case you got it wrong.

Take it from me; you’ll learn better this way.

You can take your flashcard use to the next level by having a friend or family member test you.

The testing process and saying the answers loud engages several parts of your brain, which helps you with the learning process.

Further, use the star function.

If there are cards that you find challenging, star them for later review.

You should give these cards more attention.

Even better, go back to the NCLEX review book and get the foundational knowledge on those topics, make notes, and take quizzes before you delve back into the cards.

Particularly, you can use flashcards with other study resources like practice questions.

Another critical thing to remember is mixing up topics.

Don’t stick to one topic for too long.

If you covered lab values in the morning, you should review mental health cards during your break.

Keep changing and going back to the same sets of cards until you’ve mastered the different concepts.

Finally, don’t wait until the last minute to use your flashcards.

Start your test prep early.

This way, you won’t be forced to cram.

Instead, you can review NCLEX PN flashcard books in bits without the pressure of time catching up with you.

Becoming a practical nurse needs work, as it’s the preliminary stage in your nursing career.

And NCLEX PN flashcards will take you one step closer to achieving that dream.

The Next Step for Preparing for the NCLEX PN

The Next Step for Preparing for the NCLEX-PN

Flashcards help you learn and memorize concepts easily.

Our NCLEX PN flashcards will help you grasp definitions and important concepts tested in the National Council Licensure Examination.

You’ll improve your test preparation significantly by employing the tactics we’ve highlighted above.

We also have several other study tools in this study series you can leverage.

Check out the navigation menu at the beginning of this article for a full list of the free resources for your NCLEX PN exam prep.

NCLEX PN Flashcards FAQs

NCLEX PN Flashcards FAQs

What is the best way to study for NCLEX PN?

The best way to study for the NCLEX PN examination is to start your preparation early. Sign up for a prep course and use the materials provided to the maximum. Start with the review book to get a gist of the exam. Take practice exams to test your understanding.

Is the NCLEX PN hard to pass?

It’s definitely challenging. But not very difficult, given that the pass rate in 2020 was 86.57%, according to NCSBN. The NCLEX PN test questions require critical thinking to pass since it tests your practical nursing skills. That means you can’t cram and pass. You must diligently study the material.

What should I study for NCLEX PN 2022?

Here are the Client Needs Categories you need to study for the NCLEX PN exam.
Safe and Effective Care Environment
Coordinated Care
Safety and Infection Control
Health Promotion and Maintenance 
Psychological Integrity
Physiological Integrity
Basic Care and Comfort
Pharmacological Therapies
Reduction of Risk Potential
Physiological Adaptation

Is NCLEX PN harder than NCLEX?

The NCLEX RN seems more challenging because the scope of the exam is broader. Although both have four client needs categories, NCLEX PN doesn’t cover some topics, and some are only slightly reviewed. The difficulty level shouldn’t be an issue. Yours should be to study for your respective exam and pass.

How do you pass NCLEX PN on the first try?

To pass the NCLEX PN on the first try:
– Start your test preparation by reviewing the NCSBN test plan.
– Leverage the best study materials, including review books, NCLEX PN flashcards book, and practice tests.
– As you cover each topic, take quizzes to test your understanding.
– In the end, take full-length practice exams.

How many questions are on NCLEX PN?

The number of questions in the exam range from 75 to 145. Among these, there are 15 experimental questions. The exam uses computer adaptive testing, meaning the number of questions you’ll answer depends on your competency level. The more you get the questions right, the harder the test will get.

What are some good NCLEX PN review books?

– Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX PN
– NCLEX Drug Guide: 300 Medications You Need to Know for the Exam
– NCLEX PN Prep: Practice Test and Proven Strategies
– NCLEX PN 2021 & 2022 Exam Secret Study Guide
– NCLEX Review Book: NCLEX PN Secrets Study Guide

What are the most common mistakes made on the NCLEX PN?

The common mistake that nursing students make include:
– Assuming the NCLEX PN is like the nursing school exam. It’s different.
– Cramming right before the exam as a last-minute revision technique
– Reading the questions quickly, like they already know the answer
– Not reading all the answer choices

What is the NCLEX PN test like?

The NCLEX PN exam is a computer adaptive test with 75 to 145 questions. The exam has 15 experimental questions that don’t affect your overall score. The experimental questions are used for future tests. NCLEX PN tests your competency in providing safe and effective practical nursing care.


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