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Welcome to this informative guide on how to put together a winning Pediatric Nurse resume. 

After you are done reading this article you will have understood all the components of the ideal Pediatric Nurse Resume along with a few tips to make your resume stand out.  

In this article we will cover the following: 

  • Writing Your Pediatric Nurse Resume
  • Useful Tips For Writing The Best Pediatric Nurse Resume 

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When your Pediatric Nurse resume is well-written and unique, it will stand out and impress potential employers during your job search.  

The general information on a Pediatric Nurse’s resume might be similar to the other information on other medical information but it takes some uniqueness in the content of your resume for it to be impressive.   

Your professional resume must highlight your experience as a Registered Nurse, education, and patient care skills in the medical field.  

You should also include any form of training, knowledge, publications, and additional licenses as per your state’s requirements. 

You can use your Pediatric Nurse resume to find job opportunities in various pediatric nursing areas such as maternity, cardiology, surgical, eye centers, dentist office, nutrition, and so on. 

Make sure you indicate whatever field of Pediatric Nursing you are in for the job opportunity you are targeting.  

Carefully read every Pediatric Nurse job description before applying so you can appropriately word your resume to make you a strong candidate among many others applying for the same position. 

Writing Your Pediatric Nurse Resume 

Writing Your Pediatric Nurse Resume 

To write the ideal Pediatric Nurse resume, here are the steps to follow. 

Your Contact Information First 

You must add full contact information on your Pediatric Nurse resume. 

Pediatric Nurse Resume

This should be your name, address, phone number, and email address to enable the recruiters to reach you for an interview after you have been short-listed. 

Make sure your contact information catches the eye and stands out and is uncomplicated. 

Hiring managers love uncomplicated information and putting two or three addresses will not work in your favor even if you have multiple addresses. 

 Just include one because the employer just wants your address and adding two wouldn’t add any value to your resume. 

Write Your Objectives 

The Pediatric Nurse Resume objective section is what should follow after your contact details.  

In a brief manner, highlight the reasons why you are applying for a Pediatric Nurse position. 

Include your knowledge and skills to allow the employer a glimpse into your expertise. 

Your objective should be brief with not more than three lines.  

Keeping it short will enable the hiring manager to know your strength just by a quick glance. 

Include Your Work Experience 

Begin with your most recent job when listing your work experience as an LPN.  

Include those internships, residencies, and fellowships to make the experience section rich and diverse.  

Make sure you list the job title, employer, location, and the number of years you worked with every employer. 

You could also add more information about your responsibilities and achievements in bullet form for easy perusal by the employer and to make it easy for them to gauge your experience level. 

Use figures to make this process even better, especially when mentioning the number of pediatric patients you attended to. 

Add Your Education Background 

When giving your education information begin with your highest education achievement or highest degree and always mention the school you attended along with the type of degree program. 

Include the number of years you studied at the institution and the date of graduation. 

You could also add details about your fellowship or residency in the education section.

If you trained for a certain pediatric specialty include that here as well. 

Highlight Your Skills

You can use bullet points to highlight your most vital skills. 

Include both the professional skills and soft skills that are relevant to your position.  

Pediatric Nurse Resume

For example, if your employer is looking for a Pediatric Nurse with home care experience and cardiology skills tending to children of all ages then, ensure that you include those skills at the top of your list. 

Include the most attractive skills on the top tier because that is the first place the employer will focus on. 

Your technical skills as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner could be skills like: 

  • General patient assessment
  • Respiratory system assessment
  • Wound care
  • Obtaining cultures 
  • Setting up and monitoring PCA 
  • Medication Administration  
  • Immunization administrations etc. 

The skills you describe should depend on the Pediatric Nurse specialty you are trained in. 

The soft skills should be skills like:

  • Communication Skills 
  • Problem Solving
  • Decision Making 
  • Critical Thinking 
  • Teamwork skills
  • Time Management 
  • Leadership etc.  

Make sure you only list your key skills and avoid listing everything and creating this too-long list that the recruiter will be put off looking at. 

Useful Tips For Writing The Best Pediatric Nurse Resume 

Useful Tips For Writing The Best Pediatric Nurse Resume 

Using a resume builder will help you get all the required details right but when it comes to the crafting part, you will need more than just following the right format. 

Pediatric Nurse Resume

Thousands of job seekers get their resume format right but most of them are actually generic ones that don’t stand out. 

Here are some tips for crafting the best Pediatric Nurse resume that will impress recruiters.  

Be Honest And Tactful 

In all your descriptions of your skills and years of experience make sure you are honest. 

Don’t exaggerate anything lest you sound too good to be true or the recruiter short-lists you and then finds you lacking in certain important capacities. 

In case you have a gap in employment where you didn’t work for a couple of months because you were fired or quit your job, never include any negative information on your resume. 

Don’t fill the employment gap with false information either because you might need to back up your claims and this might backfire on you.

You can always address the gaps in employment in your cover letter or during the interview. 

Use The Right Words 

Throughout your resume make sure the language you use is the right language and the recruiter in your pediatric specialty can understand it.  

Craft your resume in a way that your proactiveness will show. 

Modern recruiters use tracking systems to single out keywords in the resumes they receive. 

This is why you should carefully consider the words you are using to describe your pediatric nursing skills. 

Your resume should stand out with the required keywords. 

Use A Simple But Professional Resume Format 

The way you format your resume gives an impression of the kind of person you are. 

Forget the color combinations, text boxes, different fonts, highlights, and so on. 

Make your resume simple and professional enough to stand out and catch the eye of the recruiter. 

Employers will always look for a focused and serious professional and it shows in the way you format your resume. 

Look for the right nursing resume template for you and work with it or look for some good resume examples online to guide you as you choose the ideal resume format. 

Make your resume easy to read and understand because recruiters are not only seeking professionals but they are busy people perusing through hundreds of resumes daily. 

You don’t want someone struggling to read your pediatric nursing skills resume and giving up too soon, that would be a job opportunity lost. 

Include bullet points, headers, and bold words to make it easy for the employer to scan quickly through the important points. 

If you are not sure resume templates online can help you come up with the right format. 

Avoid Pediatric Nurse Resume Mistakes 

It is very important never to make mistakes on your resume as a Pediatric Nurse who is a serious professional aiming to be hired in a reputable healthcare establishment.  

Here are the costly mistakes that you should avoid if you don’t want to jeopardize your chances of getting hired. 

You are a certified Pediatric Nurse and you cannot afford to make any mistakes like grammar. 

No matter how qualified you are, if you make such mistakes, it is going to cost you the job. 

It is important that you carefully review every word you write and everything you say to ensure that it is correct. 

When you are careful in your words and write the correct information with zero errors, the employer will note that and consider it along with the other qualifications you possess.

Let Your Fondness For Pediatric Patients Show 

The pediatric specialty is a different setting from the other nursing specialties. 

A Pediatric Nurse must possess a certain demeanor to enable them to successfully work with young patients which range from infants to young adults or adolescents. 

Pediatric Nurse Resume

You can let your soft traits show in your wording by including words like compassion, calmness, and other defining words on top of the technical expertise you intend to portray. 

Such attributes make the best resume, they will increasingly portray you as a strong candidate for the position you are applying for. 


When you are crafting your resume make sure that in the end, you create a competitive one. 

Check out the Pediatric Nurse resume samples online for inspiration. 

We have seen how you can write one and the best ways to let your strong traits shine to turn you into the great-quality candidate that you are.  

We have also looked at how to showcase your professional experience and education achievements and some useful tips to help your resume attain perfection. 

With such detailed information, you can go ahead and snag that dream job with the best Pediatric RN resume.  


FAQs pediatric nurse resume

What are the responsibilities of a Pediatric Nurse?

Pediatric Nurses offer nursing care for children who are infants, toddlers, adolescents, and young adults. A Pediatric Nurse has special training to offer expert medical interventions while working closely with the young patients’ families to handle any concerns, and issues and help them understand the various treatment plans available.  

What should a Pediatric Resume include?

A Pediatric Nurse’s Resume should include your educational background, past nursing experience, and healthcare skills. The resume should also comprise your professional training, knowledge, other skills, professional publications, and any RN certifications and licenses as per the requirements of your state. 

What skills does a Pediatric Nurse need? 

Apart from the professional skills of the Pediatric Nurse specialty, the nurse should have respect, empathy, and sensitivity as other vital qualities required of a Child Nurse. You will be in charge of patients with different needs. Organization skills will also be a great asset in this field of nursing.

How do I write a cover letter for a Pediatric Nurse?

You should include your name, company name, contact information, and detail of your pediatric health education qualifications along with your experience handling young patients’ conditions. Be professional when highlighting your work experience and qualifications but also let your personality shine just enough to impress the hiring manager. 

What is a good objective for a Nursing Resume?

A good objective is one that highlights why you are in the Pediatric Nurse specialty and how the position you are applying for will impact you as a professional. It should also highlight how your skills will be valuable to your employer. 

What is a Pediatric Nurse’s job description?

A Pediatric Nurse’s job description states that the Nurse is responsible for offering care to children. The job duties included patients’ condition assessments, keeping patient records, medication administration, checking vital signs, charting, carrying out various diagnostic tests, and offering emotional support when required to. 

What is a professional summary for a Nursing Resume?

This is a brief section located at the top of your Pediatric Nurse Resume and it highlights all your experience, achievements, and skills. The summary is usually about four sentences long which is not much which is why conciseness is important when writing it.  


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