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Introduction to LVN License Renewal

Introduction to LVN License Renewal

LVN license renewal is an important task but can be overwhelming with all the requirements.

After your LVN license expires, you might be required to prove that you maintained your skills and have met all the latest requirements to renew your LVN license.

The Nurse license renewal periods usually vary by state, but it is usually two years.  

Most Licensed Vocational Nurses are required to renew their licenses every two years.

Completion of continuing education is also required for holders of active licenses.

You must not have undergone any convictions or committed any crimes within this period.

To help you get an idea of the process, the steps for an LVN license renewal are outlined in subsequent sections

Steps For Nurse Licenses Renewal

Take the following steps to help you renew your LVN license in the smoothest way possible.

Take the following steps to help you renew your LVN license in the smoothest way possible.

Begin The Process Before The Expiration Date

You can always check with your nursing board to check the exact expiration date of your LVN license.

Your nursing board will always offer specific information on your renewal process.

This will allow you to make plans ahead of time.

Most states will allow early applications for the license renewal, which can save you a lot of headache and stress, allowing you to make plans ahead of time.

You will need to apply for your license early, especially if you need to change states and might require a multi-state license or a new license in a new state.

Make sure you have the expiration date marked out; you can even have a reminder set in advance to begin the process as soon as possible.

Stay Up-to-date About Your License Status

It is important to check the current status of your license.

You can do this through your nursing board’s website or state portal.

Checking your license status will help you know whether you are currently an active LVN license holder or not.  

Checking your license status with the board of nursing will also update you on any conditions affecting your LVN license renewal fees or other factors that may hinder your LVN license renewal process.

Meet Your Continuing Education Requirements

 You may have to finish your continuing education units(CEUs) to meet your nurse license renewal requirements.

Most LVNs/LPNs fulfill the CE requirements by having the minimum number of contact hours with their patients over a certain duration.

In most cases, though, LVNs might be required to take refresher courses, especially if they have a low number of contact hours.

In some special cases, LVNs might be required to retake complete courses.

This usually happens when the license becomes suspended for one reason or another or when the renewal date has lapsed way beyond the grace period.

Some continuing education aspects to note about the different forms of licensure are as follows:

Active Licensure: Obtaining this kind of license requires you to complete 30 hours of continuing education.  

You must finish the CE courses within 2 years before the expiry date of the current license.

Inactive Licensure: If you are applying for this kind of license, you don’t need to complete the continuing education of 30 hours.  

But, you must make the payment of the renewal fee.

Keep in mind that this inactive license will never allow you to render your services as an LVN/LPN anywhere.  

First Renewal: Should it be your debut license renewal, you don’t have to undergo those 30 hours set for continuing education.  

It is important to note that you must send only copies of  CE certificates to the board of nursing and not the originals.

Keep the continuing education certificates for the period stated by the code of regulations in your state.

If the board decides to audit you, all you will need to do is submit copies of your Continuing Education certificates to verify your completion of those 30 hours.

Complete The License Renewal Paperwork In Time

As a licensed practical nurse intending to keep rendering services to the healthcare system, it is always important that you complete all the needed paperwork on time.  

Note that specific requirements can vary between states.  

Still, most of the paperwork asks for information you are familiar with, such as legal name, date of birth, social security number, and current mailing address.

These personal details might seem straightforward, but it is always important to ensure that it is up-to-date.

People undergo a name change or address and phone number change.

The name and contact information must be current and if you happen to have changed addresses or acquired a new name through marriage or other reasons, make the necessary changes to your personal information.

The license renewal paperwork also requires you to submit the necessary documentation to meet your CEU requirements.  

Make The Renewal Fee Payment.

The LVN nursing license renewal feel is different in every state, and the cost will also depend on the license type you are obtaining.  

Remember that the renewal costs will be higher if your license is already expired or if it happens to be shrouded in any negativity.

Additional costs may also be incurred if you need to undertake a certain course to meet the requirement.

The Conviction and  Discipline Requirement

The Conviction and  Discipline Requirement

One of the most important conditions for LVN license renewal is that you must inform the board of nursing whether you have had your license revoked or suspended by any government agency as a licensee.

It would be best if you also informed them if you were found guilty of a crime or pleaded guilty to the same.

You should report this, especially if it has happened since your last renewal.  

It doesn’t matter whether it was a misdemeanor or a felony; it must be reported.

However, you don’t have to report any traffic misdemeanor if the fine charged was not more than $1000 and the issue didn’t have anything to do with alcohol or any illegal substances.  

Just make sure you report all encounters you had on the wrong side of the law to avoid any problems during background checks.

The Delinquent Renewals

A delinquent renewal means the late receipt of a renewal application and fee up to 30 to 60 days after expiration.

A delinquent renewal means the late receipt of a renewal application and fee up to 30 to 60 days after expiration.

If you don’t pay the license renewal fee within 30 days after the date of expiration, you will incur a delinquency fee.

As a licensee, you can still renew that delinquent license within 4 years after the expiration date.

You can do this by making payments for all the accumulated and incurred renewal fees and any other costs that might be due at renewal.  

You must also provide proof of CE, your SS number, and a conviction statement.

You can frequently check with the BVNPT license renewal online platform to determine all the accrued fees and avoid incurring that delinquent fees.  

It is always important to make your renewal applications and payments on time to avoid delinquent fees.  


Conclusion on LVN license renewal

The LVN/LPN license is important, so you should follow all the nurse licensure rules in place when undertaking the renewal process.

We have looked at the steps you need to take to renew a license and some special cases and disciplinary actions that might affect your licensure.  

The board of registered nursing in various states has put measures to ensure that the LVN license renewal process is straightforward for all LVNs.

As a Licensed Vocational Nurse, you must ensure that you submit your license renewal application within the renewal period stipulated by the board of nursing.


FAQ about LVN license renewal

How long is the LVN license good for?

After renewing your LVN license, you will have to renew your license after two years. The LPN license will no longer be valid after the two years have elapsed. It is important to do the LVN license renewal before the expiration date.  

How many CEUs are needed to renew nursing licenses?

LVNs are expected to complete their continuing education requirement. For the renewal of a license that has been issued for less than three years, the requirement is 24 contact hours or 2.4 CEUs. Most LVNs must complete at least 30 contact hours to renew their license successfully.

How much does it cost to renew the LVN license in Ca?

The California LVN license renewal costs $225 for the biennial renewal of 2 years, while a delinquent fee of $110 is charged if necessary.

How often do you renew your nursing license?

LPN licenses usually have a renewal cycle of two years. However, some states will require a license renewal every year. It is always important for all nursing practitioners to verify their license renewal requirements after their initial licensure.

How do I reinstate my nursing license in Texas?

If you are an LVN located in Texas and have had an inactive license for less than four years, you can reinstate your LVN license. You do this by filling in a reactivation renewal form and paying the required activation fee along with the set licensure fee.

Is there a grace period for an expired nursing license in Texas?

Yes, there is a grace period if you have submitted your renewal application when your nursing license is expiring. The Texas Board of nursing gives a grace period of one month. You can still render your services as an LVN during this period as you await the processing.

What happens if I let my California nursing license expire?

According to the California board of nursing, a delinquent renewal fee is charged if your LVN license has lapsed for more than eight years. You must also complete the 30 hours of continuing education and verify through the Nursys platform. Undergo a background check and retake the NCLEX exam.  

How do I renew my CA LPN license?

You can renew your license through the online BreEZe Services for all nursing practitioners. Find out how to apply for an LVN license on BreEZe online. Ensure your California license is at least 3 months to expiry or that it is delinquent by no more than eight years.


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