Greetings and welcome to the complete Bloomberg CFA prep review.

You’ll need to pass a set of tests if you want to work as a chartered financial analyst (CFA), hence your consideration of Bloomberg for its prep materials for your CFA 1 exam or level 11.

In this article, the team from Career Employer will be tackling the following topics:

Who is the Ideal User of Bloomberg’s CFA Prep Course
Bloomberg CFA Study Packages
Bloomberg Discounts and Offers
Tutoring Options
Using the Bloomberg Terminal
Pros and Cons of using Bloomberg CFA Prep

Before selecting prep course goods to supplement or replace your self-study from the Institute’s resources, read through the following Bloomberg review!


Bloomberg Exam CFA Prep is a cutting-edge, AI-powered learning platform that seeks to help you identify and focus on your weak areas.

Bloomberg uses an online teaching platform, so you’ll need to access the internet when and when you want to study.

However, there are no bulky books to carry along, and the platform works on tablets and smartphones, making it highly convenient.

Micro-lessons, which mix taught concepts, worked examples, and mini-quizzes to progress you through the curriculum, cover the whole program.

Some people find that learning a concept, getting tested with one or two questions, and then moving on to the next step is surprisingly successful.

Some applicants prefer the conventional structure of learning a topic in depth before going on to the next.

Thus, the adaptive algorithm that concentrates on learning several topics simultaneously may not be for them.

 As a result, the site provides extra study aids such as cheat sheets and lecture summaries.

Printable cheat sheets

These are printable fast reference cards containing essential ideas and summaries, which can be used to review and refresh your knowledge in the days leading up to the exam.

Summaries of the lessons

It is a collection of hundreds of pages of printable PDFs that cover the complete program in a condensed format.

Candidates who enjoy reviewing papers in their hands will find this ideal for skimming or reviewing.

Who is the Ideal User of Bloomberg’s CFA Prep Course

The ideal user for this course is not someone who considers themselves tech-phobic or inexperienced with internet technologies.

The system is intended to provide you with the best of what the internet has to offer, and it will not shy away from possible clicks.

Bloomberg’s CFA test practice tools are designed for busy working individuals who would rather see their achievements recorded promptly.

Some simple metrics and layouts provide you with a broad overview of your CFA journey, and there are also in-depth tools that allow you to dig deeper into a high-level study of your performance.

An additional time-saving feature is the extensive tutoring assistance provided by the tool. If you have a question preventing you from progressing, don’t overthink it.

As one of Bloomberg’s tutors, you can rapidly figure out where you’re going wrong.

Bloomberg CFA Study Packages

Participants have three basic course alternatives with Bloomberg CFA Prep Course: Essential, Premier, and Ultimate.

Learners also choose to pick between two additional time-sensitive course options: Sprint and Endurance.

1. Essential Course

Students who understand the material well and are acquainted with a self-study approach will benefit from the essential package.

Among the notable course selections are:

  • Core study material
  • 20 Ask a Tutor questions
  • Six mock exams
  • $599 cost

 2. Premier Course

The premier course covers core material, tutoring, and additional CFA mock tests:

  • Core study material
  • 80 Ask a Tutor questions
  • Eight mock exams
  • $999 cost

3. Ultimate Course

The Ultimate course alternative will enhance learning for those who prefer individualized tutoring sessions in addition to the core study material.

  • Core study material
  • Unlimited Ask-a-Tutor sessions
  • Ten mock exams
  • Two private tutoring sessions
  • $1,599 cost

4. Sprint Course

It is an option for students who are studying at the last minute.

We don’t encourage cramming for the CFA exam, but if you find yourself in this situation, the Sprint course offers affordable access to the Bloomberg CFA study materials.

This plan offers course access for only two months; however, it is available at a significantly cheaper cost:

  • Core study material
  • Two months of access
  • Four mock exams
  • $499 cost

5. Endurance Course

The endurance course provides access to the core study content over a more extended period.

Each year, the pass percentage for the CFA exam is relatively low.

If you think you’ll need more time with the study materials, the endurance course is a suitable choice.

This option contains the following:

  • Core study material access for four years
  • Ask a Tutor questions
  • Four mock exams
  • $1,299 cost

Tutoring options offered

Online Tutoring

Bloomberg uses an online teaching platform.

You’ll need reliable internet when you want to study.

However, there are no bulky books to carry since the platform works on tablets and smartphones, making it convenient.

Private Tutoring 

Under the ultimate plan, you can get private tutoring.

Buyers also get five private coaching sessions through videoconferencing in addition to the essentials.

This can be handy if you’re having trouble with a particular aspect of the curriculum or if you’d like some help with a challenging topic.

Ask a tutor questions

Are you having trouble grasping a challenging concept?

It’s no worry! To get a personal explanation from an expert CFA Program tutor, use the platform’s Ask-a-tutor chat feature.

There will always be an ask-a-tutor support option on the UI if you need extra help comprehending a concept or query.

By clicking it, you can email a quick question to one of Bloomberg’s instructors, who will respond within one workday.

Your question and the tutor’s response will be saved in a folder within this section whenever you ask a question.

The amount of questions available to you depends on the course option you choose.

If you didn’t select the unlimited ask a tutor option, the number of questions you have left in your inbox is constantly highlighted.

Purchasers of the Essential plan receive 20 ask-a-tutor questions, those of the Premium package receive 80, and those of the Ultimate package receive infinite ask-a-tutor questions.

Using The Bloomberg terminal 

The online CFA prep course implies you could use your laptop, home computer, tablet, or smartphone to unlock access to the study.

The dashboard, which contains your current diagnostic and monitoring data, is the first item you see when logging in to your profile.

The primary dashboard has a map that shows each lesson you’ve finished, your overall average score, and the average time it takes to complete each question.

A complete listing of each lesson plan, organized by exam topic, may be found at the bottom of the main page.

The topic’s weight on the CFA exam, its proportion of the content you’ve covered, and your average percentage accuracy on questions from that topic are highlighted on the screen.

The primary menu on the left side of the screen contains five key navigation options: dashboard, knowledge map, examinations, ask a tutor, and download.


The dashboard is where you should start.

This section offers information on your specific performance and a suggested study schedule.

Click the start button at the top of the screen whenever you want to begin your personalized study plan.

You can go to the bottom of the screen and click on a single study topic if you prefer to work on individual topic sections.

Knowledge Map

The knowledge map visually depicts each study session and the essential exam themes.

For example, there are eight subtopics in Quantitative Methods, each containing several separate lessons and there is 19 lessons in the Time Value of Money subtopic.

When you finish a lesson, your performance on each topic, subtopic, and practice question is evaluated to determine your capabilities and limitations.

Because your achievement is analyzed instantaneously on Bloomberg’s platform, your study guide is continually altering depending on your progress.


The Baseline Assessment exam should be your next stop in Bloomberg’s study program.

It is a one-and-a-half-hour exam with 60 questions that will provide a baseline assessment of your relative strengths and weaknesses by specific topics to Bloomberg’s algorithm.

Before you begin studying, this exercise will provide you with a solid indication of your skills and shortcomings.

You’ll have the opportunity to go over your responses to each question after you’ve finished the evaluation. There will also be a full explanation.


This is the section where you can save PDF study materials sorted by topic to your computing device.

You can browse the program materials offline or print them out for a hard copy.

Questions and Practice Exams

Unlike other CFA providers, Bloomberg provides more than enough practice exams and access to questions.

The software allows for a maximum of 10 complete mock exams (also known as simulation exams) to be taken.

Given the importance of completing a CFA course, Bloomberg suggests that each candidate take at least four and no less than seven tests.

Because Bloomberg makes all of its information available online, the simulation tests are also conducted online.

They allow you to pause, weigh your answers according to the official CFA Institute topic weightings, and keep track of time as if you were taking an actual exam.

Bloomberg offers its simulation examinations as printable PDFs if you prefer to do them offline.

Once you’ve finished your responses, you can upload them to the Bloomberg website, which will provide you with your results as well as thorough explanations.

Over 10,000 practice questions are available to subscribing CFA candidates during the course time in Bloomberg’s CFA prep course.

The following are some other essential aspects of Bloomberg’s CFA prep course:

  • Bloomberg does not provide a question bank to stand out in the CFA provision. Instead, when applicants advance through the content and, of course, through the simulation exams, they are presented with questions
  • There’s plenty of practice, too: the complete course has over 10,000+ CFA practice problems, including simulation tests

Bloomberg Discounts and Offers

Currently, Bloomberg offers a 14-day trial period with various advantages.

Once you sign up for the prep, you save more than 100 hours of prep time using:

  • The AI adaptive prep
  •  More than 13,000 prep questions
  • Personal/private tutoring support by CFA experts

CFA Bloomberg Prep also features several other discounts and offers:

1.         10-20% discount: Bloomberg occasionally gives a 10-20% discount on their packages, depending on the exam cycle. Visit their website to see if a discount is currently available; if one is, a notification bar will appear at the top of the page with the discount details.

2.         20% discount when you buy two levels together: Bloomberg CFA Prep will give you a 20% discount if you subscribe to two CFA levels.

3.         35% discount when you buy three levels together: Bloomberg CFA Prep will give you a 35 percent discount if you commit to all three CFA levels.

4.         Bloomberg terminal discount: You are eligible for any of the following discounts as a terminal customer:

  • 35% discount on a 2-level Premium or Ultimate bundle
  • 50% discount on Premium or Ultimate 3-level bundles
  • A free 1-tier upgrade (Essential → Premium or Premium → Ultimate) on any of their single-level plans

Pass Insurance Guarantee

If you finish Bloomberg’s CFA prep course and fail the exam, you will be given a full refund under the platform’s money-back guarantee. The following are the requirements to be eligible for the guarantee:

  • You can get your money back if you don’t pass but finish 95 percent or more of their course
  • Please be aware that this would eventually be determined at Bloomberg’s sole discretion under the newest Bloomberg conditions

The pros of the Bloomberg exam prep

1. Non-traditional Layout Options

The Bloomberg CFA Prep Course employs a technique that outperforms the traditional exam.

A knowledge map is included, providing you with a breakdown of each part within a non-traditional mapping system.

They also allow you to go back to the conventional layout if it doesn’t suit your needs.

A specific format is a perfect option for those who want to see the exam content differently.

2. Modern Dashboard.

Bloomberg’s CFA Prep Course students can certainly attest to the platform’s well-designed dashboard.

The primary page has an excellent aesthetic value.

It is incredibly well-crafted to guarantee that the CFA candidates’ attention is focused on the most critical aspect of the exam preparation plan.

The progress tracker’s overall analysis of your performance and topical layout are easily visible.

3. Plenty of Materials You Need

The entire curriculum is broken down into micro-lessons; shorter, bite-sized teachings make it easier to remember the most valuable information.

4. Trial Period

When you’re searching for a decent CFA prep course, you’ll notice that some of them let you try out their platform for a few days or a week to see if their style and course layout are suitable for you.

Bloomberg is one platform that doubles the top end of that range.

The site gives you up to two weeks (14 days) to see if their supplies and preparation method are right for you.

 5. Adaptive Learning

Bloomberg’s AI program examines your progress and concentrates on areas you want to improve.

The more time you spend studying on the platform, the more personalized it becomes.

If you are having trouble with a particular portion early in your studies, the tool will remind you to return to it later.

Unlike other agencies that offer similar features, Bloomberg’s AI operates at an unattainable level.

6. Time-efficiency

Time is money, and saving more time equates to saving more money.

When you use the Bloomberg CFA Exam Prep Tool, you’ll be able to turn a lot of study time into cash.

The average number of hours spent on the CFA course in the industry is 287.

On the other hand, the tool allows you to complete the course in an average of 185 hours, which is much less than the industry standard.

7. One-on-One Tutoring

The professional tutors, all CFA license holders, will provide you with one-on-one assistance, discuss your progress and issues, and receive tailored solutions.

Furthermore, unlike other courses that may provide some form of service, the Bloomberg CFA sages’ qualifications are unrivaled.

You can even look up their credentials before joining up for the trial, demonstrating their degree of knowledge.

8. Get Expert Answers

Are you having trouble grasping a challenging concept?

It’s no problem! Use our Ask-a-tutor messaging system to get a personal explanation from an expert CFA Program tutor.

The cons of the Bloomberg exam prep


While many individuals may love the tool’s overall layout and variety of functions, others may find the sheer amount of clickable locations overwhelming.

People searching for a straightforward test prep tool may not enjoy this platform because there are so many tools to use and ways to track and see your progress.

If you like to browse to the home page, click into their lecture, and then exit once finished, this is not the ideal solution for you.


One option is to study straight from the CFA Institute’s materials, which are available for free with any paid registration of $700 to $1,000.

These materials are practically the font from which the tests are fashioned, as they comprise the Institute’s curriculum.

However, the reading materials can be overly extensive, and the questions can be too brief.

They’re more theoretical than educational, and they don’t break up themes or focus attention on what matters in a pass-fail multiple-choice exam.

Furthermore, employing these resources necessitates mostly book-based preparation, which is inconvenient for visual and auditory learners.

Bloomberg’s CFA preparation course offers a good mix of technology, high-quality study materials, and access to personalized teaching.

The adaptive learning algorithm can cut your overall study time while developing your analytical abilities and knowledge in quantitative methods, economics, financial reporting, investment analysis, and portfolio management.

The most straightforward approach to determine whether Bloomberg’s platform is suited for you is to take advantage of the free trial period.

Good luck with your preparations!

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