CFA Careers: Which Path Should You Toe in 2024 

CFA Careers

Hey Everyone!  Welcome to Career Employer, the ultimate destination for career-related information.  This guide is dedicated to providing you with information on the possible career paths for professionals holding or intending to obtain a CFA Designation.  After reading this guide, you will be better informed about the various CFA careers prospect, which will be impactful … Read more

CFA Continuing Education – Why is it Mandatory in 2024?

CFA Continuing Education

Hey everyone! Welcome to our CFA Continuing Education informative guide. We’ve rounded up all the critical measures you need to take to acquire your Chartered Financial Analyst Continuing Education in this guide. This guide should help you fulfill the recommended CFA CE Credits, allowing you to remain employable and broaden your knowledge of current industry … Read more

AnalystPrep Review – All Relevant Informant in 2024

AnalystPrep Review

Salutations and welcome to the must-read AnalystPrep Review! In this article, the team from Career Employer unpacks the various features, pricing options, and benefits/ disadvantages that come with the learning tool. Some of the topics included in the article include: With this review, you can choose whether Analyst Prep is the ideal CFA tool for … Read more

Bloomberg CFA Prep – A Comprehensive Manual in 2024

Bloomberg CFA Prep

Greetings and welcome to the complete Bloomberg CFA prep review. You’ll need to pass a set of tests if you want to work as a chartered financial analyst (CFA), hence your consideration of Bloomberg for its prep materials for your CFA 1 exam or level 11. In this article, the team from Career Employer will be tackling the following topics: … Read more

CMA vs CPA vs CFA – How to Differentiate Each Cert in 2024?


Dear reader, you are welcome to an enlightening CMA vs CPA vs CFA session. You’ll learn how the CFA differs from CMA and CPA in focus areas, career opportunities, and salaries. In this article, we’ll explore the following concepts: Without much ado, let’s hit the ground running! CMA, CFA, and CPA are the most-revered credentials … Read more

How Career Employer Collects Its Data

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