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On your path to being a chartered financial analyst, you might consider using the Wiley CFA study guide to help you.

This complete guide is the right tool for you!


Formerly known as Elan Guides, Wiley CFA review is a highly rated prep course for those looking to get the acclaimed Certified Financial Analyst accreditation.

It is a fully integrated study material that offers different levels of the CFA program, from Wiley’s Level I CFA Program Study Guide to Wiley’s Level III Program Study Guide) at varying price levels.

Wiley CFA Prep courses

In this section, we will seek to offer a breakdown of the various study courses provided by Wiley CFA.

The Platinum Review Course

This complete course program retails at $1,295 to $1345 (depending on the level) and comes with the following features:

  • Online planner & personalized study schedule
  • Performance analysis & metrics
  • Bite-sized lessons 
  • Three full-length mock exams together with mock exam seminars
  • 18 virtual classroom sessions (per level)
  • Over five hundred test bank questions
  • Mentoring by top CFA instructors
  • Over sixty pages of formula sheets 
  • 1,500 practice questions (per level)
  • 11th-hour review course 
  • Over a hundred hours of video (per level)
  • Final Review Seminar

Gold Review Course

The Gold Review course offered by Wiley has the following features:

  • Online planner & personalized study schedule
  • Performance analysis & metrics
  • Bite-sized lessons 
  • Three full-length mock exams together with mock exam seminars
  • 18 virtual classroom sessions (per level)
  • Over five hundred test bank questions
  • Mentoring by top CFA instructors
  • Over sixty pages of formula sheets 

The course retails at $945.

Silver Review Course

The silver review course, retailing at $795, offers the following features:

  • Online planner & personalized study schedule
  • Performance analysis & metrics
  • Bite-sized lessons 
  • Three full-length mock exams together with mock exam seminars
  • Over five hundred test bank questions
  • Over sixty pages of formula sheets 

Self-Study Course

The self-study course is ideal for the CFA candidate to be confident in the material studied and only supplement their CFA knowledge.

As can be implied from the name of the package, the self-study course offers study content, material, and practice questions without the direct influence of CFA instructors.

The package doesn’t come with any lecture videos/ classrooms or mentoring by the professionals.

11th Hour Review Course

Offered as part of the platinum package, the 11th-hour review course comes highly recommended for CFA candidates for final review before the exam day.

The course offers the following:

  • An online planner
  • A mobile-friendly ebook
  • Mock exam seminar, about 9 to 12 hours
  • A full-length mock exam (practice questions mimicking the format of CFA institute exam questions)
  • Formula sheets
  • Final Review Seminar

Candidates can get the course separately from the platinum review course at a retail price of $345 per level.

The mobile app

With the world reduced to the palms of our hands, Wiley CFA has a mobile app that allows candidates to continue learning wherever they are.

Some of the features of the Wiley CFA mobile application include:

  • Streaming of all video content, lessons, and virtual classrooms
  • Access to practice questions 
  • Comprehensive question explanations
  • Digital flashcards to reinforce and improve retention
  • Test Bank Questions

The mobile app offers candidates the option of studying offline, meaning you can download video lectures and practice questions and peruse them when you are away from an internet connection.

For more details on the features offered through the mobile app, click on

The Test Bank 

The CFA exams are known for their intense questions, and without the proper interpretation, you can easily miss out on what is expected of you.

Wiley’s test bank guarantees that you are prepared thoroughly for anything the exam might throw away.

Another benefit of the prep course is its analysis of imperative information, phrases, and keywords that you should be on the lookout for in every question.

You will explain why the answer is the correct one and the incorrect one.

There is no shortage of questions from Wiley: e.g., in the Level II CFA Gold Course, you can work through 5,000 questions repeatedly.

Wiley outperforms its competitors by allowing candidates to customize questions and study tests depending on the subject topics and sessions they find challenging.

The Test Bank 

Virtual Classrooms

Not every student can comprehend and learn through text; some are used to hearing the soothing voice of a lecturer as they break down the course material.

Wiley CFA appreciates this and has in place a virtual classroom.

The virtual classrooms offer intensive reviews of the critical topics in the curriculum and are led by a professional tutor.

Each classroom session lasts an average of three to four hours and provides candidates with a helpful breakdown of the CFA’s concepts.

All virtual classrooms are recorded, and candidates don’t have to worry if the session clashes with the work schedule or any other commitment.

Flash Card bank

Do you remember the days of cutting out and writing hundreds of index cards in preparation for exams?

Those days are no longer with us, thanks to creative techniques such as virtual flashcards.

On these flashcards, you will find critical terminologies, vocabulary words, formulas, and concepts that will surely come on exam day.

A stand-out feature of the flashcard bank is the session timer that shows candidates how much time they have been studying the cards.

Like other features, you can customize your flashcards, selecting the topics you are weak at, be it corporate finance or quantitative methods.

Performance Metrics

How can you know whether you can ably meet the standards set by the CFA in studying for your exam?

With the performance metrics provided by Wiley CFA, you can now look back at practice tests, questions, and assessments.

The feature allows you to analyze your performance in each assessment.

It also allows you to examine how much time you have spent on a particular lesson; you can use this information to know which topics you are struggling in.

This data is available in tables, graphs, and charts.

There is also the option of exporting this data to a different platform.

Calculator Tips

You would be surprised by the number of people who lack the expert tips required to work around a computer.

Wiley CFA embeds calculator tips in their virtual classrooms, explanations, and study material for the candidate to follow the thought process.

With the calculator tips, you can work through the complex internal rate of returns, annuities, net present value, and future values.

CFA Expert Instructors

The use of flashcards, practice questions, and mock exams is perfectly complemented by live and virtual classes taught by renowned CFA charterholders and instructors.

The Global lead instructor is Peter Olinto, whose videos and course materials have been used by thousands of CFA candidates worldwide.

Another well-known professor with vast knowledge in CFA is Darren Degraaf. He is an adjunct professor at the University of Brtish Columbia and has been instrumental in developing the profession in the Americas, Asia, and Europe.

The instructors are available for questions during open office hours, where together, you can tackle the more complex topics of CFA.

Bite-sized lessons

Wiley CFA acknowledges and appreciates that not all learners have the time and open schedule to attend full classes.

To meet the needs of this group and still guarantee a complete review of the CFA Curriculum, candidates can make use of the bite-sized lessons.

These mini-lessons compress prep material, study sessions, and hours of video lectures into half-hour lessons.

Bite-sized lessons are easily consumable and allow for more flexible study time.

Professor mentoring students can use these lessons and learn at any time and as many times; whether you are in traffic or on a subway train, you can peruse through formula sheets and catch up on various topics.

Free Trial

Before committing to any package or subscription, it would be prudent to try out the various elements and features of a package.

You can take a Wiley CFA package for a test drive for 24 hours.

The free trial gives you access to the bite-sized lessons, the study texts, practice questions, and the video lectures.

Pros of using the Wiley CFA Prep

Superior and quality video instruction: What makes Wiley stand out from other service providers such as Bloomberg and Kaplan Schweser is its video quality.

Not only are the videos easy to grasp, but they are delivered efficiently from the ground up.

After using the videos, it is easier to understand the materials and outline provided by the CFA Institute.

video instruction

Comprehensive Practice Questions: Wiley CFA offers its subscribers well-thought questions that build on the course material and break down the thought process behind it.

These are not the everyday plug-and-chug questions.

The 11th-hour guide: Offered as part of the platinum course, Wiley’s 11th-hour guide is a famous prep course.

A condensed yet detailed curriculum cuts back on study time and offers raw material to CFA candidates.

Most successful candidates have used it as a reference point for passing the CFA program exam.

Affordability: If you consider subscribing to all three levels of the CFA exams, the Wiley CFA prep course is more affordable than other competitors.

Flexibility in learning: With a job that occupies your 8 to 5 and personal commitments to consider, a candidate needs unlimited access to a platform that allows them to study at their own pace.

Wiley CFA offers this in so many ways; through the interactive online planner and bite-sized lessons, candidates can personalize their study schedules to meet their needs.

Free upgrades until you pass: Once you have subscribed to a CFA package, you can enjoy software upgrades, course repeats, and other online content updates at no extra cost.

Society Partner Pricing

To encourage and pass the information to the next generation, Wiley CFA partners with organizations to offer discounts.

Through the platform’s Wiley’s Preferred Partner Program, CFA candidates can enjoy a 20% discount on all CFA Exam Review Courses.

Combined, one can enjoy up to $250 in savings for every course.

Cons of using the Wiley CFA Prep

Length of videos

Wiley is known for its detail, especially its quality videos, where professors go into lengthy descriptions.

Some candidates consider this overkill; after all, you deal with candidates with prior, substantial knowledge of the course.

Wiley’s Notes

Wiley offers study materials for candidates to download and peruse on their own time.

Candidates who have used other prep courses reveal that notes provided by CFA Wiley might lack conciseness.

Conclusion of the Wiley CFA Review

From our review and research, Wiley CFA is ideal for candidates in the market for comprehensive learning through videos.

The quality of the videos is unparalleled in the market and is complemented by detailed, thorough practice questions.

In addition, the video lectures and sessions are delivered by the best CFA practitioners and teachers in the industry.

Analyzing the complete package with the videos, detailed notes, pass guarantee, online planner, and full-length mock exams, Wiley CFA offers candidates value for their money.

While there might be other CFA options in the market, few can match the delivery and still offer value for money.

We hope that using the Wiley CFA exam review, you may pass come exam day.

All the best!

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