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Overview of AnalystPrep CFA
Who is the ideal AnalystPrep CFA
AnalystPrep Pricing and Course Options
Pros and Drawbacks of using AnalystPrep

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Introduction to AnalystPrep Review

Deciding to become a Chartered Financial Analyst requires dedication and lots of study.

AnalystPrep provides you with the necessary material you need to become competent in this particular field and rise through the ranks as a professional.

This study platform offers up to 3000 practice questions and over 40 hours of video lectures.

It is one of the most comprehensive CFA study courses available in the market.

With AnalystPrep CFA, your path to becoming a Chartered Financial Analyst only gets easier.

This article will provide a comprehensive AnalystPrep CFA review and the study materials available to help you in your CFA exam prep.

We will also go through the different packages offered by the platform and weigh their pros and cons.

Overview of AnalystPrep CFA

AnalystPrep, based in Montreal, was founded in 2014 by Prof James Forjan.

It started with a question bank that covered the first of the levels of the CFA, and it became so popular that they developed complete modules for the CFA exam.

Since then, AnalystPrep CFA has been recognized as the reliable exam prep provider for candidates wishing to gain certification with the CFA Institute.

This exam preparation platform consists of several study packages covering Level I, Level II, and Level III of the CFA exam and resources for the FRM exam, including FRM Part 1 and FRM Part 2.

The platform also provides materials for three actuarial exams.

We shall take a look at the resources offered by AnalystPrep in greater detail.

Vast Question Bank

AnalystPrep has a vast Qbank that they claim to be the highest-rated CFA candidates.

It contains “exam-style” questions prepared by their team of professors who specialize in financial analysis and financial risk management.

These professors have Chartered Financial Analysts and are members of the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP).

You can rate the questions on the platform, and the poorly rated ones are removed in the regular updates.

It helps CFA candidates to only access the best-rated questions in their exam preparations.

Personal Dashboard

The AnalystPrep dashboard has a user-friendly interface that enables you to access the available study resources.

The subjects are individually broken down, and a bar indicates your current progress as you go through the various lectures and tests.

It also displays the lessons that you still need to complete.

The dashboard is used for both CFA and FRM study materials, but their information is displayed one at a time to avoid confusion.

It is considered one of the most valuable tools as it provides the users with all the necessary information on their courses.

Performance Metrics and Tracking Tools

The advanced performance tracking tools help you monitor your performance as you proceed with the study guides.

Your performance on mock tests and quizzes is compared to the average pass rate of other students to provide an assessment of whether you’re adequately prepared for the CFA and FRM exams.

The tracking tools are intended to keep you motivated as you go through the study guide.

You’ll get to know your strengths and the areas you need to improve on.

This feature also helps you to organize your studies and avoid possible burnout.

Video Lessons

The platform has over 40 hours of video lessons that delve into the core concepts and the essential aspects of each section.

The lectures are taught mainly by Prof James Forjan, who breaks down the ideas and makes them easy to understand.

The video lessons are a great supplement to the other resources, and they can be used by candidates who prefer visual learning material.

These videos are also available on any device, giving you a chance to study with some flexibility, depending on your schedule.

Printable Mock Exams

The platform’s practice exams are meant to track your progress as you prepare for the actual exams.

AnalystPrep has eight mock exams with 120 questions covering CFA Level 1 and Level 2 and FRM Part 1 and Part 2.

The mock exams also explain each question with the option to study offline.

Therefore, you can print the questions and explanations to study on your own time.

Once you can complete these questions comfortably, you will be ready for the actual test.

Study Notes

The notes provided contain all the relevant information on the module, broken down into manageable pieces.

The notes are meant for each of the CFA and FRM study guides.

They can be used as a point of reference for your studies, and there is an additional feature that allows you to create flashcards as you progress.

Who is the ideal Analyst Prep CFA customer?

From our analysis, the ideal AnalystPrep customer has these traits:

· They enjoy studying on their own, without a defined structure.

· They make the most of the latest technology.

· They can work freely, without supervision or deadlines.

· They utilize performance metrics and tracking tools for self-improvement.

· They are interested in the free CFA study materials.

· They can motivate themselves to meet their study goals.

However, if you’re better suited to the traditional classroom setting with a hands-on tutor or instructor, then this course does not suit you.

Analyst Prep Pricing and Course Options

AnalystPrep provides excellent value for money for each product price point compared to its competitors.

The most basic package goes for about $149 per year, but the prices change depending on the access you require.

You should note that not all packages have the same features.

Analyst Prep Pricing and Course Options

Therefore, you’ll need to take your time and pick the package that suits you best.

Let’s take a look at some of the CFA study packages offered by the platform.

Level I of the CFA Exam

Practice Package

This basic-level package provides a simple prep course that includes the question bank, printable mock exams, performance tools, and 5-ask a-tutor sessions.

This package goes for $149 annually and provides the necessary resources to pass the CFA Level 1 exam.

Learn + Practice Package

This package provides everything in the Practice Package and access to videos and study notes.

For an additional $100 per year, this is a definite upgrade that will help you pass the Level 1 exam.

The package also includes an “essential review summary,” which explains the essential CFA Level 1 concepts to help you with your preparation.

Level II of the CFA Exam

This package offers 200 sample cases, each with six questions.

It also contains five ask-a-tutor sessions, mock exams, performance metrics, and access to the question bank.

For only $129 per year, this package will help you get well prepared for the CFA Level 2 exams.

Level III of the CFA Exam

The CFA Level 3 package offers access to the question bank, mock exams, sample essay questions, and five ask-a-tutor sessions for $99 per year.

This package provides advanced knowledge of financial decision-making.

CFA Exam Unlimited Package

Level II and III of the CFA Exam

This package offers lifetime access to all the resources available for CFA Level 1 and 2, including updates. The total cost of this package is only $199.

Levels I, II, and III

It is the premium package that provides you with lifetime access to all the resources for all the levels of the CFA.

It includes all the study notes, videos, mock exams, the question bank, and an unlimited number of ask-a-tutor sessions.

For a one-time purchase of $449, this premium package provides the best value for money compared to other platforms in the industry.

The lifetime access ensures you have all the resources you need to prepare for and pass the test adequately.

For more information on the packages and their pricing, visit

Pros of using AnalystPrep

Unlimited access packages

The unlimited packages allow you to make the most of your studies without pressure on deadlines or renewal costs.

They offer the best value at their price point with access to all the needed resources.

It offers different learning tools offers an in-depth learning experience with tools that suit the needs and preferences of the candidates.

learning tools

With the various learning tools such as study notes, video lectures, the question bank, and mock examinations, candidates can utilize the most comfortable tools to get the best results.

The ask-a-tutor feature

This feature can be handy to candidates when they face a particular concept that they cannot grasp.

Asking a tutor helps clarify things by providing candidates with a different perspective on the concept in question.

Affordable pricing

Considering the various packages and the study tools they offer, this platform gives you great value for money.

The unlimited packages provide lifetime access, which means you won’t need to make any future payments to utilize the tools.

Downloadable exams

The offline feature allows you to download mock exams and print them to study on your own time.

The mock exams explain the questions that you can use as study notes.

The practice exams help candidates determine whether they are ready for the actual test.

Question bank

It is undoubtedly one of the best features on

What better way to know if you have understood a concept than by doing some practice questions after?

The platform has up to 3000 questions to test their understanding.

The Drawbacks of using AnalystPrep

Lack of personal instruction

It is perhaps the most significant drawback of the study platform.

Even though it offers some great tools, teaching in person is the best way to learn any course.

If you prefer a hands-on approach to learning the modules, this platform might not be for you.


If you’re looking for a CFA study platform that offers flexibility in study hours as well as a variety of study tools to choose from, then is right for you.

Even though it might not provide the traditional, hands-on approach to learning, the tools are well suited to the candidates.

The premium packages offer the best value for money because you’re only required to pay once.

These packages provide all the available resources, and the candidates can prepare for the exams at their convenience.

However, it is recommended that you do some research and evaluate which method of learning works best for you before committing to any preparation platform.

A review course is essential with the low pass rate from the candidates who take their CFA Level 1 exam.

Courses like AnalystPrep can provide candidates with the necessary tools to make progression through the three CFA levels much more manageable.

Combining these different tools as you study will help you understand the concepts better and will more than likely help you achieve the desired result.



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