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Step-by-step CFA registration process
The advantages of early exam registration
CFA registration and exam dates

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Introduction to CFA Registration

If you’re planning on tackling the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certification exam, then knowing the CFA exam date, registration window, and deadline is critical.

Having a grip on the important exam dates and timelines will allow you to better prepare and schedule the exams into your busy calendar.

Unfortunately, thousands of CFA applicants miss the CFA exam annually by not correctly following the CFA registration procedure and lacking information on exam dates.

The CFA exam schedule is tight, and ignoring the exam window will spell disaster for your CFA certification dreams.

Additionally, not knowing the CFA registration process and resources may lead you to miss out on some fantastic CFA benefits like scholarships.

Fortunately, today’s article will act as a definitive guide to your registration journey by providing a simple step-by-step registration process, important CFA exam dates, and much more.

Step by step CFA registration guide

The first step to the CFA accreditation journey is exam registration which some candidates may find challenging.

This article will provide a comprehensive but straightforward registration process that will get you registered quickly without any fuss.

Here is the step-by-step process on how to register for CFA level 1.

1. Check that you meet the registration criteria

The CFA designation is a prestigious title with stringent requirements.

Before registering for the CFA program, you must satisfy the following minimums:

  • Educational

You need a bachelor’s degree or be in the final year of a degree program in an accredited University to register for the CFA program.

The CFA registration window must be 11 months or less before the graduation month for university students.

  • Experience requirements

You need at least four thousand hours of relevant professional work experience in a paid internship, personal business, or a professional setup.

Please note that the work experience doesn’t have to be investment-related.

Alternatively, you can have both higher education certification and the required experience.

  • Have a valid passport

According to the CFA institute, every CFA program applicant must have a valid international travel passport.

You will need to produce a valid passport together with an access slip to enter an examination center.

  • Live in a participating country

Check the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) policy document to confirm that your country of residence is not blacklisted by the US due to sanctions or other reasons.

Blacklisted countries like Syria, Cuba, and North Korea cant participate in the CFA program.

  • English Fluency

CFA exams are only offered in English.

CFA candidates must prove their proficiency in English before registration.

  • Satisfy the professional conduct admission requirement


All CFA applicants are required to fill out and satisfy a professional conduct statement form before registering for the CFA program exam.

If you meet the basic registration minimums, you can proceed to the second registration step.


There are two main ways to register for the CFA exam.

Online Registration

All candidates need to open an account and register for the CFA level 1 enrollment on the official CFA Institute website at cfainstitute.org.

The CFA institute registration will allow you to create an applicant’s account and continue with the CFA exam application process.

For online CFA enrollment, follow these steps.

Step one

Visit the official CFA Institute website and click on the “program” tab.

Step two

Select the register option in the drop-down menu.

Step three

Once on the registration page, scroll down to the “enroll and register” link.

Step four

After accessing the link, log in with your registered email.

If you don’t have an account, hit the “create account option”.

Step five

Access your account and fill in all relevant fields including address details, preferred exam center, passport number, and employment status.

Ensure that you check all the required policy boxes.

Step six

Pay the required CFA exam registration fee as stipulated by the CFA Institute.

Please note that there is a one-time registration fee if you’re applying for the CFA level one exam.

Step seven

After paying all the required fees, self-schedule your exam appointment and exam day within the CFA exam window.

Self-scheduling also allows you to choose your preferred test center.

Registration Form

You can sign up for CFA  via mail if you prefer.

In this case, the registration process is still the same.

  • Create an account on the CFA official website
  • Print all the necessary application form
  • Fill out all the CFA forms and post them via mail to the official CFA institute address

The CFA recommends using courier services when submitting registration forms to avoid loss and efficient tracking of the package.

Please note that when applying for the CFA exam program you also have an opportunity to apply for CFA scholarships.

Registration Form

These scholarship programs help financially challenged applicants who believe they have the skills, potential, education, and experience required to make a good CFA charter holder.

There are five types of CFA scholarships which include:

1. Women’s scholarship

2. Professor scholarship

3. Student scholarship

4. Regulator scholarship

5. Access scholarship

Advantages of early CFA registration

In every CFA exam cycle, you get two options to register for the CFA exam; the early bird and standard registration times.

Using early bird registration is a favorite for many CFA applicants due to the benefits it offers over standard registration.

Here are a few benefits of CFA early registration.

1. It’s cheaper

Early CFA exam registration is an excellent investment decision that will save you hundreds of dollars.

The standard registration fee is USD1000, while the early registration fee is USD700 for each CFA exam level.

The USD900 difference in the three exam levels is significant considering that the CFA program is quite costly.

By saving some money on the CFA exam registration, you can use the excess as a rescheduling fee or purchase study tools that you will need to prepare for the CFA exam properly.

2. Prepare more adequately for the exam

Early CFA exam sign-up means that you’ll have access to the excellent CFA institutes exam learning tools earlier than regular chartered financial analyst registration candidates.

The CFA curriculum is quite extensive with diverse topic areas, and having early access to the CFA learning aids will help you prepare for the exam more effectively.

3. Confidence boost

Early CFA admission is critical for boosting your confidence.

You mentally commit to the exam process through early registration CFA, which significantly changes your mental frame.

Research from 300 hours.com shows that early registration candidates generally perform better than regular registration candidates in the CFA exams.

CFA Deadlines

Let’s switch gears and look at CFA registration dates, and deadlines.

CFA registration dates and deadlines

The CFA institute runs an annual CFA exam register which sets the examination dates and deadlines.

The CFA register comprises exam windows, exam dates, and registration deadlines that guide applicants in their registration journey.

CFA level 1 exam dates

Here are the complete CFA level 1 exam dates, including deadlines and exam windows.

The best thing about the CFA exam is choosing the exam window that works for you during your CFA sign-up.

Here are the exam registration dates for 2022:





Early registration




 Standard registration


10/2/22- 03/5/22


Registration deadline




Scheduling window




Scheduling deadline




Rescheduling deadline




Exam date

17-23, May 2022

23-29, August 2022

15-21 November 2022

CFA level 2 exam registration dates

The CFA level 2 registration depends on how well you perform in the level 1 exam results.

The CFA level 2 register only contains candidates who show proficiency in their level exams.

Failing to meet the minimum exam pass rate for level 1, means that your CFA level 2 sign-up will be on hold until you pass CFA level 1.

Check out the CFA level  2 exam timetable below:




Early registration



 Standard registration



Registration deadline



Scheduling window



Scheduling deadline



Rescheduling deadline



Exam date


22-26, November 2022

The final paper in the three-level CFA examination is the CFA level 3 exam.

CFA level 3 examination dates

For investment professionals pursuing the CFA certification, the CFA level 3 exam is vital since it mainly deals with applying investment principles in everyday business operations.

Check out the CFA level 3 exam timetable below:




Early registration



 Standard registration



Registration deadline



Scheduling window



Scheduling deadline



Rescheduling deadline



Exam date

24-26, May 2022


Continue reading for the answer to how much is CFA registration fee?

CFA program costs

The total CFA program costs vary depending on your exam registration timing.

You have two options to register for the CFA exam; early and standard registration.

The two options have different fees and different registration deadlines.

Early registration cost breakdown

  • One-time enrollment fee – USD 450
  • Level 1 registration fee – USD 700
  • Level 2 registration fee – USD 700
  • Level 3 registration fee – USD 700

Standard registration cost

  • One time enrollment fee – USD 450
  • Level 1 registration fee – USD 700
  • Level 2 registration fee – USD 700
  • Level 3 registration fee – USD700


Earning the CFA inscription on your CV is a game-changer.

Not only does the  CFA charter open doors to better career opportunities, but you’re guaranteed higher remuneration.

Research from 300hours.com shows that a CFA charter-holder will earn at least 53% more than a CFA level 1 candidate.

Other research shows that CFA charter-holders generally earn more than non-CFAs.

The first step towards achieving this vital industry certification is to register for the CFA exam.

CFA exam registration allows you access to excellent learning resources from the CFA Institute and the opportunity to sit the exam.

We hope that our comprehensive guide will help make your registration experience both pleasant and successful.

Continue reading for our in-depth answers to some of our reader’s Frequently Asked Questions.





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