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Welcome to this informative guide on  CFA books.

This article is a review of the top CFA preparation books.

You will need the best books to nail all the levels of that CFA exam. The list below features all the best books.

This guide takes into account some of the best recommendations by industry experts.

In this article, we will cover the following:

Top CFA Level One Prep Books
Top CFA Level Two Prep Books
Top CFA Level Three Prep Books

The process of becoming a CFA is not easy.

You will have to pass all CFA exam levels.

And here it begins!

Introduction to CFA Books

While the CFA exam isn’t a cakewalk, with great preparation, you can still pass every level of the exam thanks to very resourceful CFA study books for smoothening the process.

With these books, you will effectively study smart and successfully achieve your CFA credential as you should.

However, there are various prep options, and they all claim to be the best.

Telling which ones are the best could be challenging. We will discuss the top-ranking test study books and why you should consider them.

Top CFA Level OnePrep Books

Every exam level is a process and requires 300 hours and more of study.

Studying the right books to prepare you for this exam is very important.

Here are some of the top CFA level I study books according to industry experts.  

Kaplan Schweser Notes CFA Prep Book

Studying all the relevant content for the CFA exam is not easy.

But, with the Kaplan SchweserNotes CFA prep book, then you have the best resource in your hands.

This is considered a very useful CFA prep book existing in the market.

It is a user-friendly guide that simplifies the content into helpful easy-to-understand study notes.

This prep book covers all the important study areas of the exam and has study notes that are exam-focused, practice questions, and great examples with simple explanations that focus on the LOS (Learning Outcome Statement).

You can choose to either have this book in print or eBook versions.

You can also access this study guide through an online study portal that has practice exam questions that will best prepare you for this CFA exam.

Every question comes with detailed explanations solely created to help you understand and remember the exam content.

The prep book also features live performance metrics for every practice question along with video tutorials that you will find quite helpful.

The main difference between this and most CFA study guides in the market is that all the content is manageable.

Most students find studying shortened study material without leaving out any key content areas easier and this study book offers exactly that.

CFA Institute CFA Program Curriculum

This is a CFA level one textbook that is very resourceful.

It is a 6-volume study prep CFA book that has the full  Level one CFA study content which features all 10 important study sections.

Studying the book will help you will master the vital concepts and gauge your level of skill.

The book adds value and explores real case situations that would be helpful in your studying.

The study guide also consists of questions for practice along with expert tutorials on quantitative methods, financial reporting, economics, corporate finance, equities, fixed income, derivatives, alternative investments, portfolio management, and ethical standards.  

Every part of the prep book consists of major components of the exam and there are actually individual sections that will help you develop your skills and understanding of every aspect of this study guide.

You will easily master the concepts through figures, financial statements, graphs, diagrams, and charts.

The great thing is that the concepts in this book have not just been written for you to read but they have been well-illustrated for better understanding.

The practice questions in this book will further reinforce the vital concepts and actually look similar to the exam questions to allow you to understand helpful exam strategies.

The prep book will also help you learn how to practically apply those concepts to real cases studies along with expert suggestions and comments all through.

With practice being a major strategy for passing the exam, the study guide ensures that you get lots of the much-needed practice.

The Wiley’s Level One CFA Study Guide

This book features an impressive 1300 pages of helpful content and it can be obtained in both the print version and eBook version.

This CFA study guide will offer every study tool that you will require to pass that exam.

The book consists of 5 textbook volumes of study materials to help you gain knowledge of the contents and master the necessary information required for you to nail that CFA exam.

Learners find this book very helpful in covering key components of the exam.

Every learning outcome and every aspect of the curriculum is delved into in a well-detailed way, making it simple to single out the vital study areas you require to study intensively.

You will be better prepared for the exam after successfully covering all learning outcomes in your study.

An interesting bit about this book is that it also contains this color-coding tool that will make it simple for you to study the case study, explanatory economics graphs, financial statements, fixed income, and portfolio management.

You will get everything you require for studying the content covered in the  CFA exam. Wiley’s level one prep book will help you prepare adequately for this exam.

There is experts’ advice which includes exam strategies, tips on managing time, and very profound reflections from learners who aced the exam.

There is no doubt that you will pass this exam through this study guide.

Top CFA Level Two Prep Books

There are quite helpful CFA study material level two prep books to help you pass the level two CFA exam, and here they are:  

Wiley’s Level II CFA Program Study Guide

This study guide will help you adequately prepare for this exam.

It is a 5-volume prep book that you can have in either a printed version or for convenience, you can have the eBook version to study on the go.

You will master the level two curriculum, and this will help you to master the concepts and nail that passing score.  

The study guide contains 1200 pages plus instructions and helpful exam strategies from experts.

You will find useful tips in this book to help you know how to handle every kind of question, along with tips and strategies for taking the exam.

The book has carefully highlighted where every focus area is detailed in this prep book.

You will easily sharpen your skills on the most seemingly difficult concepts.

Every LOS in the CFA study program is detailed with great examples and notes on study concepts.

You will also find the color-coding tool that will help you in referencing examples and case studies.

To better illustrate the content, the book also has sections covering economics, fixed income, and portfolio management along with diagrams and figures.

There is no doubt that Wiley’s study guide is a very helpful resource that all candidates can use to adequately prepare for the level two CFA exam.

Kaplan Schweser Notes Level Two CFA Study Book

This is another resourceful prep book to help you nail that CFA exam.

It is available in both eBook and print versions.

This guide thoroughly reviews the exam concepts and delivered them in manageable pieces to make it easy for you to understand the study materials.

You will find it easy to retain the CFA concepts thanks to the small sections which are easy to read and understand.

The study guide has practice questions, practice quizzes, and great examples that detail the learning materials.  

You also have the option to log into the online student portal of this study guide which contains live performance metrics to enable you to know whether you are effectively learning the concepts.

There is also this cheat sheet full of relevant questions as part of the prep book. 

Studying the right content is key to passing the exam and this prep book ensures that you do that thanks to its helpful study content.

Top CFA Level Three Prep Books

The level III exam also requires intense study and mastering of the Level three CFA program curriculum.

Here are the Level 3 prep books that will help you adequately prepare for the CFA examination.

Kaplan Schweser Notes Level Three CFA Test Prep Book

Similar to the level 2 prep book, this prep book simplifies the content to help you understand the study concepts.

The book is available in both print and eBook versions.

With the well-detailed explanations and examples of those important CFA concepts, you will adequately prepare for this test.

This CFA study book has practice quizzes and tests to help you familiarize yourself with the exam.

You will also get to experience live feedback and scoring should you decide to use the online learning portal.

The study guide has great CFA questions that entail all the LOS concepts.

With its small modules to make learning easy, there is no reason why you shouldn’t ace the level 3 exam with this prep book

Wiley’s Level 3 Study Guide Book

 This is a book that features  5-volumes that contain 860 pages.

The study guide is available in both eBook and print format.

This book offers students the content required to pass that CFA exam.

Just like Wiley’s level II study material, this study guide also features color-coded areas to help you understand the concepts and it also has these diagrams or figures to illustrate concepts like economics, portfolio management, fixed income, and others.  

This study guide will cover every important study area along with important information to help you better understand the concepts of CFA.

Great exam tips by seasoned experts are also included in this study guide.

With every CFA lesson organized to help you easily study the concepts, case studies, and examples this study guide qualifies as one of the best for CFA exam preparation.


The Chartered Financial Analyst exam is not a walk in the park and is actually ranked as a difficult exam.

It is always important that candidates arm themselves with the right tools to nail all the exam levels.

Now that we have highlighted levels 1,2 and 3 exam prep books above, you can choose the one that is most convenient for you.

You can’t escape the fact that you need study materials in the form of the best prep books on the market.

These study books will help you in exam preparation along with other additional preparations you might take, such as taking up a prep course.

Most of these books are affordably priced and can be purchased on Amazon.

Choose the most convenient study material for you, whether you want it in eBook, print, or through an online study program.



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