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  • CNA License in Florida

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Where can I get my CNA License: online and in-person

Where can I get my CNA License online and in-person

A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) typically completes a CNA training program before sitting for a CNA exam to practice professionally in their licensing state.

CNA certification requirements vary between states and depend on licensing requirements developed by the respective state board of nursing.

Additionally, nursing aides in different states need to complete specific hours of continuing education to satisfy licensure requirements.

Continuing education covers medical advancements in the care of patients with disabilities and other chronic conditions.

After completing a board-approved CNA training program and passing the CNA certification exam, you can get a CNA license from your state’s CNA registry.

These CNA training courses ensure that all certified nurse aides practicing within a state uphold the highest professional and ethical standards set by the state’s health department.

You can get CNA training in a vocational institute, community college, university, and other licensed training institutions depending on your location.

There are two main ways of satisfying the nurse aide training requirement:

1.  Online CNA exam training

Online nursing assistant courses allow candidates to study and prepare for the CNA competency exam necessary for CNA certification.

The online CNA course providers use exciting and interactive features to prepare students for the CNA examination adequately.

Some of the features of CNA online courses include:

  • Interactive video lessons
  • Live questions and answer sessions
  • Exam preps, study guides, and quizzes
  • CNA audiobooks and ebooks

Online CNA training programs are perfect for candidates who don’t have the time or resources to attend physical CNA training.

2. In-class/In-person CNA training

Numerous universities, vocational institutes, and community colleges offer in-person nurse aide training programs.

These CNA classes offered by the different board-approved training institutions equip learners with the skills and training to prosper in their CNA careers.

Among the features that in-person CNA training programs offer include:

  • Face to face training
  • Practical training of the different CNA skills
  • In-depth question-answer sessions
  • Regular practice exams, revisions, and assignments

Physical CNA training programs are popular due to the camaraderie between students and staff.

How and where to obtain the CNA license in New York

How and where to obtain the CNA license in New York

If You’re wondering how to get my CNA license in New York, read this part carefully.

To qualify as a Newyork CNA, you must:

  • Be of legal age(18+ years)
  • Pass a criminal background check
  • Meet the minimum educational requirements(high school diploma or GED)

Candidates who meet the above requirements then join either an online or in-class nursing aide training program.

The New York nursing assistant program will cover Infection control, resident rights, and primary care, among other things.

To register for the nursing assistant exam, you’ll need to pay $115 for the written and skills CNA test or $135 for the oral and skills CNA exam.

Here is where to get your NewYork CNA license:

Best-in-class CNA training providers in New York

1. New Age CNA training center

The New age training center offers New York state department of health approved CNA training within New york city.

This course costs $1750, including books, uniforms, and reading material.

2. Nassau Community College

The Nassau Community College offers an 11-week CNA training costing $1700.

Enrollment into this CNA training program guarantees candidates an above-average pass rate in the CNA certification exam.

3. Berkeley College

The Berkeley college CNA training program consists of 5hours of in-class and 40 hours of practical skills training that adequately prepares CNAs for the state CNA exam.

The course, which costs $1200, provides candidates with a solid CNA foundation and allows them to excel in the certification exam.

4. The City College of New York

The city college of New York offers a comprehensive 130-hour CNA training course.

The course, which costs $1199, consists of 100 hours of in-class and 30 hours of practical training.

Enrolling in the City College of New York CNA training guarantees candidates an almost 98% chance of success.

After passing the CNA exam, follow the licensing application process to get your license number and get induction into the California CNA registry.

How and where to obtain the CNA license in California

 How and where to obtain the CNA license in California

Where can I get my CNA certification in California?

If you’ve been struggling with these questions, here is your answer.

Before delving into where you can get a CNA license, it’s essential to understand if you meet the minimum California licensure requirements.

Here are the basic eligibility requirements for California CNA according to the California Department of Public Health:

  • Be 16+ years
  • Pass a criminal background check
  • Possess a high school diploma/GED certificate
  • Pass physical exam
  • Have a current immunization history

Candidates who enroll in the California CNA program will study acute care, anatomy, physiology, resident rights, clinical care, nutrition, CNA theory, and principles of long-term care.

Here is the California CNA exam cost breakdown:

  • Written plus practical exam – $120
  • Oral and written exam – $55
  • Written exam retake – $40
  • Reschedule practical exam – $25
  • Reschedule written/oral exam – $25

To access the California CNA exam, you’ll need:

  • Valid government-issued photo ID (check expiration date)
  • Original social security card
  • DHS form 283B

Best in-person CNA training programs

To improve your chances of acing the California CNA exam, you need to enroll in a solid CNA training program.

Here are the top CNA training programs in California:

1. Bakersfield College

Bakersfield College offers a comprehensive 16- week, 6-unit CNA training program that adequately prepares candidates for the California CNA exam.

The California state board approves this CNA in-person nursing aide training program that costs $1050.

2. American River College

The American River College offers 50 hours of classroom and 100 hours of interactive practical CNA training.

The friendly atmosphere and relaxed training schedules ensure that even busy students find time to engage in the comprehensive training,

The American River College CNA training program costs $700 and is state-approved.

3. Citrus College

The citrus college offers a 5-unit, 162-hour CNA training program that adequately prepares students for the CNA exam.

The in-depth Citrus college CNA program consists of 54 hours of CNA theory training and 108 clinical/lab training hours.

The citrus college state-approved program costs $985.

4. Cuesta College

The Cuesta college offers a nine-week, five-credit immersive board-approved CNA training program.

The program costs $1045 and adequately prepares students for the California CNA certification exam through interactive physical theory and practical training.

The school’s website lists all the benefits and features of its CNA program.

After passing the California CNA exam and paying all relevant fees, you’ll get inducted into the California nurse aide registry.

How and where to obtain a CNA license in Florida

How and where to obtain a CNA license in Florida

The Florida Board of Nursing administers the CNA certification exam that grants nursing aides a CNA license and operating authority in conjunction with Prometric.

Additionally, candidates with lapsed CNA certification can opt for recertification or license reciprocity from different states.

Candidates who aspire to work as CNAs must satisfy the following CNA training requirements:

  • Must be 17+ years
  • Able to lift 40 pounds
  • Pass a background screening test
  • Pass a physical exam
  • Satisfy immunization requirements
  • Pass TB and drug test
  • Have essential reading and writing skills

Candidates who meet these requirements can enroll in a state-approved CNA training exam.

The Florida CNA exam covers the role of a nursing aide, primary nursing care, and specialized nursing care, among other topics.

To schedule the Florida CNA exam, candidates must:

– Submit a duly filled CNA application form

– Pay the required CNA testing fee

– Pass the FBI fingerprint background check 

Here are the Florida CNA examination costs:

  • Written tests and clinical skills – $155
  • Written test/audio – $35
  • Practical exam – $120

Here is where to get your Florida CNA license:

Best in-person CNA training programs in Florida

Get top-notch CNA training in some of Florida’s best universities, community colleges, and vocational institutes:

1. Tallahassee Community College

The Tallahassee community college offers a 120 hours CNA training program with 80 hours of classroom training and 40 hours of practical training.

The school is board-approved and meets all the state’s requirements for CNA training.

It would be best to join this program with a high school diploma or GED certification with a 2.0 GPA, a negative drug screening test, and clean background checks.

The course costs approximately $337.

2. Indian River State College

The Indian river state college offers a comprehensive 165-hour CNA training program in its multiple facilities across Florida.

This CNA training takes ten hours for 16 weeks or 20 hours for eight weeks and provides students with the theoretical and practical skills necessary to pass the CNA examination.

Additionally, this course prepares students to provide superior direct nursing care to patients in the future.

The Indian River CNA program costs $1422.50.

3. Pensacola state college

The Pensacola state college offers a one-semester, three-course unit CNA training program that focuses on medical terminology, nursing assistant practice, and orientation to health sciences.

Registered nurses run the Pensacola CNA program and offer valuable training, which is crucial for CNA examination success.

To join the school, you need to pass a medical test and have a GPA greater than 2.0.

Additionally, you need to maintain a grade C in all CNA studies throughout the training period.

4. Santa Fe college

The Santa Fe College offers a 165-hour CNA training program that prepares students for the Florida CNA examination and life as a professional nursing aide.

This CNA training program costs $2071 and is approved by the Florida Department of Nursing.

Under this program, students are trained on the different topics that make up the Florida CNA curriculum.

Only students who score 75% and above can attempt the state CNA certification exam.


Conclusion on where I can get my CNA license

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a fresh graduate, the CNA license card is a document that can open innumerable nursing career options for you.

Apart from working as a skilled nursing assistant, a CNA cardholder can quickly transition into a Licensed Professional Nurse(LPN) or Registered Nurse(RN) role.

The CNA competency evaluation exam prepares aspiring CNAs for the demanding nursing assistant career.

We hope that our comprehensive and well-researched article will prove invaluable as you make the bold move to pursue a professional career as a nursing aide.

Please stick around for comprehensive answers to some of our reader’s frequently asked questions.


FAQs about where you can get your CNA license

Where can I renew my CNA license?

Depending on your state’s CNA license renewal requirements, you can renew your license manually or online. For online CNA license renewal, visit your state’s online CNA registry and follow the renewal procedures provided. For manual renewal, visit your state’s board of nursing offices and fulfill the license renewal requirements provided.

Where can I get my CNA license online?

Get your CNA license from board-accredited online CNA training programs that ensure you satisfy the state’s CNA certification requirements. After completing the state-approved CNA training, you’ll need to sit and pass the CNA certification exam, after which the state CNA registry will provide a CNA license number.

Where can I get my CNA license for free?

Enroll in a free online CNA training program to ensure you meet the CNA  exam certification exam. After meeting the required hours of CNA training, you’ll need to pay a CNA testing fee to sit the CNA certification exam, which will lead to the award of a CNA license.

Where can I get a copy of my CNA license?

To acquire a duplicate copy of a CNA license, submit a duplicate license request online or via postal mail to your state nursing board or CNA licensing authority. All CNA license numbers are available in the state CNA registry and used to prepare new CNA licenses.

How do I lookup my CNA license?

To confirm your CNA license details, look it up on your state’s board of licensing website or CNA registry portal. The CNA registry will contain your contact information, CNA license number, professional conduct, any professional violations, and additional information relevant to your CNA license.

How can I get my CNA license?

Getting my CNA license requires me to:
– Possess minimum CNA education requirements( high school diploma/GED)
– Satisfy the CNA exam requirements(age, background check)
– Complete the CNA training from a state-approved CNA  training institution
– Complete practical CNA training
– Pass the CNA examination and get a listing on the CNA  registry

How do I get my CNA license in Missouri?

The Missouri CNA licenses require candidates to:
– Be 18+
– Have a good standing in society (pass a criminal background check)
– Have a current immunization history
– Be physically fit
– Complete a board-approved CNA training
– Pass the Missouri CNA certification exam
– Apply for registration in the Missouri CNA registry

How much does it cost to get CNA certified?

According to CNA.plus, Zippia, and Clipboardhealth, the CNA license will cost $1300 on average. However, it ranges from $500 to $2000, depending on the state, CNA training program, and other CNA costs (uniforms, books, etc.). Generally speaking, CNA licensing is cheaper than other nursing licenses.

What is the CNA exam structure?

The CNA exam comprises two parts; a written and a practical test section. The written exam comprises multiple-choice questions, while the practical section tests CNA skills. On average, the written test covers 60 questions, while the practical sections test five CNA skills.

What is a CNA waiver?

The Medicaid nurse aide waiver is a blanket authority that modifies the CNA’s training requirement and employment conditions during a public health emergency like COVID-19. This waiver allows the training and deployment of temporary nursing assistants to plug staffing shortages in nursing homes and other healthcare facilities.






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