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In brief, we’ll discuss:

  • How to use our CNA flashcards
  • Strategies to make the most of the card sets
  • Why flashcards are important when preparing for the CNA certification exam

Let’s jump straight into the card sets.

CNA Study Series

How to Use Our CNA Flashcards

We have a total of 650 CNA flashcards that are free to use.

We have a total of 650 CNA flashcards that are free to use.

These cards are split into sixteen decks, covering nine domains:

  • Basic nursing skills
  • Activities of daily living
  • Member of the healthcare team
  • Restorative skills
  • Clients rights
  • Spiritual and cultural needs
  • Emotional and mental health needs
  • Legal and ethical needs

Some domains have three decks, others have two, while some have one.

The number of flashcards per domain ranges from 30 to 50.

So, you’ll have an ample number of cards for your test prep.

The cards have several functions that you can leverage to maximize your prep time.

You can shuffle the cards to change their orders and challenge your brain.

The cards also have a star function.

This function allows you to star cards you would like to review later.

Further, you can switch the front and back sides.

This way, you simply don’t cram the answers but also understand the question.

Our flashcards will help you understand and prepare for the CNA state exam.

CNA Flashcards

CNA- Basic Nursing Skills

CNA- Basic Nursing Skills deck 1

CNA- Basic Nursing Skills deck 2

CNA- Activities of Daily Health

CNA- Activities of Daily Health deck 1

CNA- Member of the Healthcare Team

CNA- Member of the Healthcare Team deck 1

CNA- Member of the Healthcare Team deck 2

CNA- Member of the Healthcare Team deck 3

CNA- Communication

CNA- Communication deck 1

CNA- Communication deck 2

CNA- Restorative Skills

CNA- Restorative Skills deck 1

CNA- Restorative Skills deck 2

CNA- Client Rights

CNA- Client Rights deck 1

CNA- Spiritual and Cultural Needs

CNA- Spiritual and Cultural Needs deck 1

CNA- Emotional and Mental Health Needs

CNA- Emotional and Mental Health Needs deck 1

CNA- Emotional and Mental Health Needs deck 2

CNA- Legal and Ethical Need

CNA- Legal and Ethical Need deck 1

CNA- Legal and Ethical Need deck 2

Strategies for Getting the Most of CNA Flashcards

CNA Flashcards strategy pushes your brain to work.

Straight up, you can only increase your competency if you study frequently.

And that’s precisely why flashcards are excellent study materials.

Since they are portable and can also be used online, they give you room to study as often as you want.

Repetition is a proven method of enhancing information retention.

So, you can fix short sessions on lunch breaks, in line at the grocery store, or in transit to work.

To make the most of the cards, star the flashcards you find challenging and review them more often.

As you master them, unstar the cards until there are no more starred cards.

Go for another round and repeat the process.

In the next round, switch the cards such that the front side has the answer and the back has the question.

You’ll be required to know the question from the answer.

This strategy pushes your brain to work.

It allows you to connect the question to the answer.

You must actively recall the questions and their answers.

Again, remember to shuffle the cards every so often.

The goal is to understand the relationship between the answer and the question, not memorize.

These strategies will help you enhance learning and information retention.

While flashcards allow you to recall information, they can’t help you understand the CNA exam content in-depth or the broader context.

You’ll need to use them with other CNA study materials to understand how to apply the information in different situations.

That’s why practice exams are crucial.

The practice test questions allow you to apply the knowledge you’ve learned in the flashcards.

When taking the CNA practice tests, you must synthesize the information you’ve gained using flashcards and analyze and understand it before you answer the practice questions.

In other words, you’ll be testing your knowledge level.

You can go back and review the incorrect and correct answers to determine how effective the flashcards were.

Further, use the cards with the CNA study guide to have a broader idea of the CNA exam content.

Why Use CNA Flashcards?

free cna flashcards is the most effective way to learn and retain information.

Repetition has been proven as the most effective way to learn and retain information.

Flashcards promote repetition learning.

Cards are not as bulky as textbooks, so they are easy to read.

The information is straightforward.

You have a question on one side and an answer on the next.

Because of their structure, cards force you to engage more of your senses to learn.

Before you flip over the answer side, you must actively try to remember the answer.

This process is called active recall.

Active recall helps develop new and stronger neuro-connections in the brain because it triggers your brain to work.

The constant quizzing improves your memory as you have to think and come up with an answer to every question.

Secondly, once you flip the card, you compare the answer on the card to the one you came up with to determine if you were right or wrong.

You must retrace your thought process and how you came up with the answer.

This process is called metacognition.

Metacognition allows you to reflect on your answer, which enhances information retention.

A wrong answer forces you to review your study materials again.

In the end, you’ll have learned bits of information that cover the major content tested in the CNA state test.

Finally, flashcards promote spaced repetition, which will boost your test preparation to a huge extent.

The more your brain sees the same information over time, the more its ability to remember that information is strengthened.

Going through the same card sets repeatedly enhances learning and retention of information.

So, make the most of the study cards.

But remember to pass the certified nursing assistant exam; you’ll need to use the cards with our other study materials for the best result.

What Next?

Our cna free flashcards are perfect if you want to reinforce the information you’ve learned in the CNA study guide and course content.

Our CNA flashcards are perfect if you want to reinforce the information you’ve learned in the CNA study guide and course content.

Schedule time to specifically go through the flashcards.

And since they are digital and can be accessed on mobile devices, you can spare a few minutes daily to go through them.

Once you’ve memorized the information on the flashcards, it’s time to move to the next CNA study material.

Thus, the next logical step would be to check out our next article in this series, a downloadable CNA cheat sheet.

Our cheat sheet summarizes key concepts to aid your CNA exam prep.

The flashcards and cheat sheets work together to help you better prepare for the CNA exam.

Even better, use all the study materials in this series to learn and boost your confidence on test day.

CNA Flashcards Frequently Asked Questions

here we have answered some cna final exam FAQs

Is the CNA exam hard?

The exam can be difficult if the nurse aide doesn’t have the knowledge and skills for the written and the skills test. Like any other certification exam, test-takers must prepare for the certified nursing assistant exam. Create a CNA study plan and make the most of your study resources.

What shoes should I wear to a CNA exam?

You should wear easy-to-slide clinical shoes with non-skid soles. As for the attire, wear a short-sleeved scrub uniform. Your nails should be short and minimize accessories. You are required to dress as if you were on the job. Ensure you look professional on the test day.

What percentage do you need to pass the CNA test in Illinois?

The Illinois CNA test is a pass/fail exam. There’s no passing score. The cut-off score is not published. That means you need to prepare thoroughly and prove your competency to pass this exam. The test has 85 multiple-choice questions and takes 90 minutes to complete.

How many times can disposable gloves be worn before being discarded CNA?

Since they are disposable gloves, you can only use them once. You need to use a new glove for every patient to avoid contamination. This is a standard practice in all medical fields. You’ll find this question in several practice tests.

What does CNA stand for?

CNA is an abbreviation that stands for certified nursing assistant. CNAs are healthcare professionals that help patients with activities of daily living in a care facility. They help patients with bathing, feeding, dressing, and so on. CNAs work with LPNs and registered nurses.

What are the benefits of taking a CNA course?

– You’ll learn the exam content before the test day
– Familiarize yourself with the written exam and skills test through the CNA prep course
– Pace yourself accordingly to finish the exam on time
– Boost your confidence as you’ll test your knowledge before the actual exam.

What are the three steps of a CNA exam?

Step one, enroll in an approved CNA certificate program. Find the list of approved institutions on your state’s nurse registry website. Next, register for the exam. And finally, pass both the written exam and skills test. With the certification, you can work in a care facility within your state.

How many questions are on the CNA exam?

The number of questions varies depending on the state. But generally, the questions range from 60 to 70 questions. The written exam is in a multiple-choice format. Test-takers can choose the oral exam or the written one during registration. The skills test has five nursing skills that learners must demonstrate.

What does a CNA do?

CNAs assist patients with activities of daily living such as bathing, getting in and out of bed, walking, going to the toilet, eating, etc. They also provide basic needs care. CNAs work under the supervision of a licensed practical nurse or a registered nurse. They can further their education and become LPNs.


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