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Today, we want to help you make the most of your prep time using our downloadable CNA study plan.

You can download study plans for different timeframes: one, three, six, and twelve months depending on your study time.

Make sure to download our Free CNA study plan by clicking the above download button.

The plans lay out the modules you need to study and the study materials that will help you cover those modules effectively.

Apart from the study plans, we’ll highlight how long it takes to study for the CNA exam and tips to help you make the most of this study tool.

We’ll walk you through the following:

  • How long does it take to study for the CNA exam?
  • Tips to make the most of the CNA study plan

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CNA Study Series

How Long Does It Take to Study for the CNA Exam?

How Long Does It Take to cna certificate program

The duration to complete certified nursing assistant training and earn the certification varies by state and the specific program you are in.

Usually, individual states stipulate the number of hours for classroom and skills test training.

It can take as little as four weeks or take up to six months.

You’ll have a short study time if the classroom training runs concurrently with the clinical skills training.

However, you’ll take longer if you have other commitments that you must balance with your training.

Hence, a large extent of how long your CNA test prep will take relies on you.

How soon you want to earn the certification will guide you into selecting a CNA program that fits your timeframe and aligns with your state’s nurse aide training hours.

Depending on your availability, you can download our one-month, three months, six months, or one-year study plan to cover certified nursing assistant exam content.

Our study plan outlines precisely which modules you need to cover by when, and the study materials that will help you reinforce the lessons learned.

The four-week CNA study plan is ideal if you’ll take the exam in a little over a month and need to cram the key concepts.

The three months study plan is ideal for learners with ample time who want to master the exam content.

This plan will help you understand the highly weighted topics in the written exam, like basic nursing skills, activities of daily living, emotional and mental health needs, restorative skills, and members of the healthcare team.

Furthermore, this study plan is perfect for creating good study habits that will come in handy in future endeavors like pursuing LPN or a registered nurse.

The six months and one-year plans are for learners with commitments and hence little time for the CNA test preparation.

Hence, they spread their study schedule over a long period.

Tips to Make the Most of the CNA Study Plan

Helpful Tips to pass the practice cna tests

Having a study plan is one thing and ensuring you use it for the best is another.

So, this is exactly how you can maximize the study guide to ensure you are well-versed with the CNA study materials on the test day.

Fully Commit to the Study Plan

CNA exam prep will require you to commit to your study plan.

Whether it’s a one-year, six-month, or four weeks study schedule, you must stick to it until the exam day.

That is to say, you must dedicate a specific time to studying every day.

Make it part of your daily routine.

When it’s habitual, it will seamlessly fit into your life.

Stay consistent no matter how busy you are.

If you must skip a study session, compensate for it within the week.

It will be best to start with the practice exams in your test prep.

Take the practice questions to have an overview of the actual test questions.

From there, read the modules to cover the questions tested in the CNA practice tests.

You can seal in the lessons learned by reviewing the CNA flashcards.

Take the quiz for the domain you are studying to test your knowledge level.

And finally, go through our CNA cheat sheet.

This study tool will help you identify the important areas in a domain in which you must be competent.

And that’s just preparation for the written exam.

We’ve not talked about the CNA skills test.

From that brief breakdown, you now understand why procrastinating your studies is not an option.

When you set a study time, stick to it and focus on the task you need to accomplish.

Don’t wait until the last minute.

Take Study Breaks

While you can study for huge chunks of time, you should take breaks.

The human brain can focus for 20 minutes.

From there, your concentration diminishes.

That leaves you with one option: breaks.

Take a walk, eat a snack, stretch or listen to music before you resume.

You will be rejuvenated and concentrate better after breaks, retaining more information.

Switch Up Study Routine

Sometimes, you need to switch up your study routine a bit.

Move things around in the study plan for a change.

You could start your studies by going through the answer explanations for the practice questions and then reviewing the cheat sheet before delving into your CNA training modules.

In the next study session, change the materials.

You can switch up your environment occasionally to increase your memory retention.

Be creative!

You can try new study techniques or what you do during breaks.

Create a Comfortable Environment

Different people learn better in different environments.

But for most people, a quiet, well-lit room is perfect.

Make sure there are no distractions and you have all your study materials, from the exam study guide to pens to the prep book.

A comfortable environment puts you in the right mindset and mood to study.

Evaluate the Study Plan and Adjust

The NNAAP requires you to pass the clinical skills test and the written examination to earn the CNA certification.

Hence, you need to identify what works for you in the study plan and tailor it accordingly to pass the test the first time.

So, identify a rhythm that works for you and change the study plan to get your desired results.

Next Step for Preparing for the CNA Exam

Next Step for Preparing for the CNA Exam is to Try our CNA study plan to see if it works for you.

A CNA study plan will cover the exam content effectively using the CNA study materials available.

Try our CNA study plan to see if it works for you.

Track your progress to see how effectively the schedule works for you.

You can use the many study resources we have to enhance your test preparation using our study plan.

All the best as you prepare for the certified nursing assistant exam.

CNA Study Plan Frequently Asked Questions

CNA exam study plan frequently asked questions

Is the CNA exam hard?

Yes. The CNA exam tests your competency in nurse aide skills and responsibilities. It consists of a written exam with multiple-choice questions and skills tests assessed by an evaluator. The CNA exam prep requires thorough preparation to pass. So, take practice exams and study thoroughly.

How should a CNA prepare for the first day?

For the first day, you should have the proper gear. Ensure you are properly dressed. That means scrubs and comfortable shoes. Have a stethoscope, gloves, pens, and so on. Inquire early on what is provided to know what you should purchase. Take notes, ask questions and follow instructions.

How many questions are on the Florida CNA exam?

The Florida CNA test has 60 written examination questions. The exam takes 90 minutes. The clinical skills test covers five skills that take 31 to 40 minutes to complete. You must pass all five skills tests to pass the skills exam.

How can I survive as a CNA?

– Prioritize your tasks by starting with the high-priority tasks, then medium-priority, and finally the low priority
– Be nice to others. Leverage your interpersonal skills
– Leave all the work stress at work. Be intentional and focus on yourself when out of work.

What are the benefits of being a CNA?

– It’s affordability compared to other entry-level medical professions.
– There’s room to grow and advance your career.
– The job market is ever-growing, so it’s almost impossible to be unemployed.
– The work experience you’ll gain will go a long way in your career journey.

What does a CNA do?

Certified nursing assistants help patients with activities of daily living, like assisting with the bedpan. They also take vital signs like blood pressure. CNAs help patients with their basic needs. Usually, they work under the supervision of an LPN or a registered nurse.

What is the best book to study for the CNA exam?

Here is a list of the best books for nurse aides.
-Trivium Nursing Assistant Exam Prep CNA Study Guide
– Test Prep Books CNA Study Guide 2022-2023
– Newstone CNA Test Prep Team’s CNA Study Guide
– Mometrix CNA Study Guide
– CNA Exam Secrets Test Prep Team’s Practice Tests And Review

What are the requirements to become a CNA?

– Be 18 years and above. In some states, the age limit is 16 years.
– Have a high school diploma or its equivalent
– Complete a state-approved CNA training program
– Take the CNA certification exam and pass
– Maintain your certification as per your state’s requirement


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