Best Unique Messenger Bags

We’ve previously discussed messenger bags, specifically the best black messenger bags.

However, since writing and publishing that article, we have received multiple requests to discuss the best unique messenger bags.

Unique messenger bags are meant to fulfill the basic functions of a messenger bag; however, they have a unique twist in style and design.

As messenger bags have gained popularity in recent years, their utilization has surged amongst the corporate workforce.

Messenger bags are not only stylish, professional, and durable, but they are also easy to carry and functional in their design.

Carrying a messenger bag, whether a unique one or not, can help you to carry all your electronics and documents in an easy to transport bag.

In our testing, messenger bags are the single best item for carrying all your electronics and documents throughout the day.

However, uniquely designed messenger bags are not only easy to carry but are also comfortable and do not weigh you down.

As-such, we have also seen recent trends where messenger bags are replacing traditional backpacks and briefcases in the corporate world.

When it comes to the best unique messenger bags, there are a few considerations that should be taken.

The first is size.

Depending on your height, you will want to ensure that the messenger bag you purchase does not droop too low or come-up too high and cause unnecessary discomfort.

In addition, although you may be looking for uniquely designed messenger bags, you do not want to opt for one that is unprofessional.

Lastly, when purchasing a unique messenger bag, you will want to ensure that it is large enough and provides ample space for all your electronics and documents.


Below, we are going to take a look at some of the best Disney desk accessories which can be purchased on Amazon.

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15.6-Inch Waterproof Vintage Leather Messenger Bag by NEWHEY

One of the best unique messenger bags on the market, the 15.6-Inch Waterproof Vintage Leather Messenger Bag by NEWHEY provides a blue hue undertone on the exterior.

Perfect for a professional lifestyle, particularly when wearing jeans, this messenger bag is spacious and provides ample space for storing your laptop, electronics, and documents.

Now, what we truly appreciated with this bag is the unique leather utilized in its design.

Made of horse leather, with carefully marked wrinkles and scratches, this messenger bag is unique in design and style.

In addition, this bag has a total of nine individual pockets, allowing you to place various items which you may need in their own space.

Buffalo Leather Messenger Bag by Komal’s Passion Leather

We’ve previously reviewed Komal’s Passion Leather messenger bags and are as equally impressed with this Buffalo Leather Messenger Bag.

A soft, distressed looking leather is utilized across the entire outer body of this bag.

This soft leather gives the bag a more flexible look and feel, allowing it to hang by your side easily and without rigidness.

While the exact measurements of this bag are not as large as other messenger bags, we found that due to its flexible shape, it is able to hold a large number of electronics and documents.

There are two zippered pockets on the outside of the bag, with one large, main compartment on the interior of the bag.

Men’s Vintage Leather Messenger Satchel Bag by Unique Retro Bag

If you’re looking for a durable, all-in-one, large messenger bag, then look no further than the Men’s Vintage Leather Messenger Satchel Bag by Unique Retro Bag.

This bag is, to put it mildly, huge.

Made of cowhide leather, with a classical bronze tone lining, this messenger bag can hold an assortment of electronics and documents with ease.

This bag appears slightly distressed; however, it is admittedly rigid and rugged in design.

Again, if you’re looking for a bag that can carry all your documents and electronics and still have ample space, then this is the bag for you.

We have not tested any other messenger bag which can provide as much space and room in such a unique design and style.

Samsonite Colombian Leather Flap-Over Messenger Bag

Samsonite is the quintessential messenger bag and briefcase manufacturer.

Designing and producing a slew of bags for your lifestyle, Samsonite is the go-to bag for students and professionals alike.

This Samsonite Colombian Leather Flap-Over Messenger Bag features a more classic and refined design.

With a simple flap-over, the messenger bag is simple and modern.

Both the body and the handle of this bag is made of genuine leather and the shoulder strap is removable and adjustable.

The brass hardware features a more antique look and is both strong and durable.

The organizer beneath the front flap is large, but not too much.

You can house your business essentials there, including any pens, pencils, calculators, and other small items.

Handmade Men’s Crossover Shoulder Messenger Bag

Perhaps the most unique messenger bag on our list, the Handmade Men’s Crossover Shoulder Bag is crafted of 100% full-grain boot leather.

While the main compartment is spacious and can hold up to a 13-inch laptop, the other compartments are a bit more difficult to utilize.

The feel of this bag is slightly stiff and smells of leather throughout the entire design.

While we generally believe that this is one of the best unique messenger bags on the market, we were a bit disappointed in the lack of functionality in the outer pockets.

However, if you do not need a messenger bag that is too large or spacious and are looking for one more uniquely designed, then this is the perfect unique messenger bag for you.


Messenger bags continue to be a popular choice amongst corporate workers.

However, if you are looking for a unique, different messenger bag, then there are a plethora of choices available.

Some of the best unique messenger bags we reviewed above are not only unique in overall design, but unique in overall build and style.

While most of these bags are made of leather, that should be a personal choice and one that you can determine for yourself.

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