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    First Day on the Job Memes

    Ah, your first day on the job.

    Can this feeling be put more succinctly than on a meme?

    We tend to think not.

    These first day on the job memes are not only hilarious, but they accurately describe our feelings of the first day on a new job.

    The first days on a new job are definitely an interesting time.

    Firstly, it can be quite intimidating, getting used to a new commute, walking into a new building, being introduced and meeting new colleagues.

    It’s like the first day of high school all over again.

    And above all that, there are just so many thoughts racing through your mind on the first day.

    What if I get lost on my way?

    What should I wear?

    Does this count as business casual?

    What if I don’t like my coworkers, or worse yet, what if they don’t like me?

    What if I’m in way over my head?

    We want to tell you that these questions and feelings of uncertainty are absolutely normal.

    The first day on a new job is scary for anyone, from recent graduates to seasoned executives.

    Not only do you have something to prove, but you want to show your skills as quickly and as soon as possible.

    Now, without further ado, let’s see some of the best memes about your first day on the job.

    Calm your nerves, sit back, and let’s all laugh about the unique experience that is starting a new job.

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      First Day on a New Job Like

      Seriously, I’m So Lost

      I Thought I Was Getting Paid to Watch Memes

      Is It The Weekend Yet?

      How I Feel On My First Day

      Something to Look Forward to Honestly

      Definitely Going to Find Out Soon Enough

      I Prefer PJ’s

      Way Too Much Paperwork on Your First Day

      No One Wants to Be Here

      Who Knew Excel Was So Complicated

      I Just Want to Go Back to Sleep


      Just Give My Paycheck to Starbucks

      No Guarantee For Tomorrow Though

      Already Over It

      Gonna Miss You Guys

      If Only it Were That Easy

      To Feed My Coffee Addiction

      Kinda Cute Though?

      Just a Day Closer to the Weekend

      Yeah, be Right There

      Yeah, I Got Your First Email…

      Let’s Just Keep it Professional

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