Best Non-Prescription Glasses

Glasses, in recent years, have become more fashionable and entered into the mainstream.

Whereas glasses were once relegated to the realms of, dare we say it, dorky, they are now a fashionable, modern, and oftentimes necessary aesthetic.

As prescription glasses have entered the mainstream, so too have non-prescription glasses.

We are going to review the best non-prescription glasses and discuss the nuances surrounding the need, or want, for non-prescription glasses.

While discussing the best non-prescription glasses may seem an odd choice for our site, it is an important topic to review as many of our readers may require them for their daily tasks.

This includes the use of non-prescription glasses for reading, eyewear protection, and a reduction in eye strain from working at a screen for the whole day.

Can Wearing Prescription Glasses Improve Your Vision?

Prescription eyeglasses can significantly improve your vision; however, this improvement will only be a temporary increase.

Eyeglass lenses, unfortunately, do not have the ability to fix or repair any medical issues not can they make any changes to your eyes.

Rather, prescription glasses help to clarify, enhance, and sharpen what you can see by counteracting the anomalies in the shape of your eyes.

Will Wearing Non-Prescription/Prescription Glasses Weaken Your Eyes?

Thankfully, due to modern science and advances in technology, modern non-prescription and prescription glasses do not weaken nor affect your eyes.

These glasses are simply aids which help your eyes in how they receive light rays to improve overall clarity.

An important note, as you continue to age, your eyesight will naturally decline over time.

Although many people conflate this issue with the glasses themselves, this is a natural and common occurrence.

Rather than placing the blame on the glasses themselves, it is important to speak with your eye doctor or ophthalmologist to help correct.

When Should I Wear Non-Prescription Glasses?

Generally, wearing non-prescription glasses throughout the day is safe.

This can include while you drive, reading a book, or working on your laptop.

However, if you find yourself needing to utilize non-prescription glasses more-and-more, than it may be worth a visit to your ophthalmologist to help correct via prescription lenses.

You should also be careful when wearing non-prescription glasses if you feel a strain in your eyes or an increase in headaches.

This may mean you need stronger, medically prescribed lenses.

Again, speak with your ophthalmologist as they will be the best resource for all your questions.

What Exactly Are Non-Prescription Glasses?

To put it simply, non-prescription glasses or frames are simply glasses that offer specific magnification, typically ranging from +0.25 to +6.00.

The benefit of choosing non-prescription glasses include the fact that they are often substantially less expensive than their prescription counterparts.

In addition, non-prescription glasses offer a range of reading powers and can be purchased both without an appointment or a prescription.

In addition to the above, non-prescription glasses can come in a varying number of specialties, including ones for reading from a computer and reading sunglasses.

Non-prescription glasses can also be FSA or HAS-eligible expenses and can come in different lens options, including bifocal, aspheric, and high-powered lenses.

How to Choose the Right Non-Prescription Glasses?

When it comes to choosing the right and correct non-prescription glasses, you should wholly consider the use cases for purchasing the glasses.

Essentially, you should focus on what activity you will be doing while wearing your non-prescription glasses.

Depending on the activity, you may need to get stronger or weaker glasses.

Alternatively, you can utilize this free tool which can help you determine which non-prescription glasses are best for your particular situation.

For an unscientific answer, you can make a rough estimate depending on your age.

If you’re in your 40’s, start off with a +1.00 to +1.25, then simply add an additional half-unit for each decade older than 40 for best results.

While not entirely scientific, this rough estimate should be a good ballpark to start.


Below, we are going to take a look at some of the best gray aesthetics for home or work office which can be purchased on Amazon.

Please note, the product links below include links from an Amazon Associates account.

This means that we at The Corporate Connoisseur receive a small commission on any purchases made from those links.

This is at no additional cost to you and helps to keep our site free, honest, and without bias or prejudice.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses by UBUJI

On average, a person in America will spend just over seven hours per day looking at a screen.

All of this screen time is not only causing a strain on our eyes, but also decreasing our natural melatonin levels.

That’s why we love this Blue Light Blocking Glasses by UBUJI.

Lightweight at just 9-grams, these are some of the best non-prescription glasses you can purchase on the market right now.

The blue light shield within the frames can block up to 90% of the most harmful high energy blue light, while allowing the less harmful portion through.

In addition, these non-prescription glasses helped to reduce overall eye fatigue, blurred vision, and headaches due to being seated in front of a screen for the majority of the day.

These frames are unisex and can be worn by either men or women.

Made of lightweight and flexible material, the frames are durable and appear to be both professional and stylish in build and design.

Our biggest endorsement for these non-prescription glasses comes from the fact that they can help you fall asleep faster at night by blocking the blue light from screens which can decrease overall melatonin levels.

Full Metal Clear Non-Prescription Glasses by WearMe

We were, at first, intrigues by the WearMe brand and found that they are a local shop based out of Arizona.

They stand behind each one of their products and appear to pay a great amount of attention and detail to all their non-prescription glasses.

Other than the heartwarming story, we really liked the modern design and aesthetic of these frames.

Made from a metal frame with plastic, non-polarized lenses, the frame is sleek and modern.

Inn our own testing, we found that the frames weren’t overwhelming on the face.

Both in terms of design, shape, and style.

If you’re looking for simple, elegant, and sleek non-prescription glasses, then we also highly recommend the Full Metal Clear Non-Prescription Glasses by WearMe.

Blue Light Blocking Non-Prescription Glasses by Genseion

Another blue light blocking glasses to our review, yet what we really liked about the Blue Light Blocking Non-Prescription Glasses by Genseion was their design.

Rather than opting for the normal rectangular frames, these non-prescription glasses went for the oval shaped design.

Adding in the blue light blocking features is simply an addition.

The frames are made of metal, with the lenses being made of glass.

These glasses, and others which tout blue light blocking features, have been shown to reduce the fatigue and stress many of us place on our eyes by staring at screens all day long.


When it comes to the best non-prescription glasses, we highly recommend investing in a pair, particularly if you average over six or seven hours a day looking at a screen.

While the FDA does not regulate eyewear, there have been independent research done which does show its effectiveness.

Please note, the above recommendations are our own and we do not provide these recommendations as medical advice.

We highly encourage you to seek out medical assistance and advice from your physician, primary care doctor, or ophthalmologist before wearing non-prescription glasses.

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