Best Purple Office Accessories

We’ve previously discussed the importance of decorating your desk in a way that enhances your productivity and establishes your home or work office as a space uniquely your own.

That is why we have recently reviewed some desk accessories and enhancements that we believe our audience will find valuable.

With that said, many readers have reached out to us asking us to rate the best purple office accessories.

While an interesting request, in doing our research, we found that purple is one of the best color sets to help enhance an office environment.

Purple or violet generally conveys a sense of compassion, sensitivity, understanding, and support.

By placing this color around your office, you are able to convey those qualities to those around you.

While purple has generally been associated with power, wealth, and success, psychologists have recently associated the color with a “calming effect” over the mind, body, and nerves.

In addition, the color purple and violet can have an uplifting effect and can help to boost creativity.

Definitely traits and qualities in a color that are perfect for an office setting.

Although purple can be a difficult color to produce, its effects are something that shouldn’t be shied away from.

Many famous companies and brands utilize the color in their designs and logo choice, including FedEx, Hallmark, Twitch.

Lifetime, and Roku.

In the below review, we will be discussing the best purple office accessories, feel free to check-out our other office accessories reviews.

These include the best computer desks with keyboard trays, the best engineering desk accessories, and the best Disney desk accessories.


Below, we are going to take a look at some of the best Disney desk accessories which can be purchased on Amazon.

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This is at no additional cost to you and helps to keep our site free, honest, and without bias or prejudice.

Purple Stress Toy by Suck UK

While perhaps not exactly a purple desk accessory, we absolutely love this Purple Stress Toy by Suck UK.

Depicting a man in a fetal position, with arms covering their head, this stress toy is made of a soft, silicone material.

A great and unique item for anyone who loves the color purple and needs just a bit of stress relief throughout the day.

Purple Silicone Pencil Cap Saver for Apple Pencil

If you’re a fan of the Apple Pencil, then you’re going to adore these Purple Silicone Pencil Cap Savers.

These pencil cap savers are designed uniquely for the Apple Pencil and fit directly over the charging port.

While not exactly a necessity, these pencil cap savers are great to protect your Apple Pencil and provide a nice twist to the white design.

Desk Organizer Accessory Set

If you’re looking for an all-in-one purple office set, then this Desk Organizer Accessory Set is the perfect item.

Featuring a letter and document sorter, a pen holder, and a sticky note holder, this set is perfect for just getting started with designing your home or work office in a purple hue.

Beautifully designed with high-quality material, this set is great as an all-in-one.

Felt Drawer Organizer Trays – 8 Pack

We admit, we love this Felt Drawer Organizer Trays!

Coming in a rich purple color on the inside, these trays are spacious and large, providing you with ample space to store pens, pencils, documents, and other accessories.

Fitting nicely and neatly within your desk drawer, this organizer tray can help you to keep your items and accessories organized.

Coming in a pack of eight, you can mix-and-match the design and flow of these trays to suit your needs.

Photo and Post-It Note Clip Stands

If you’re a fan of physical photos or Post-It notes, then this Photo and Post-It Note Clip Stand is perfect for you.

Coming in a pack of seven, these clips are connected to a square, purple base.

Sturdy and durable, you can clip on photos, sticky notes, or other small documents or pieces of paper.

Owl Shaped Pen Stand Holder

Perhaps we should have included this item in our review of the cutest computer desk accessories, because it is absolutely adorable!

Featuring a purple hued owl, with wide-eyes and large ears, this Owl Shaped Pen Stand Holder is a perfect accessory to your desk.

Large enough to hold multiple pens and pencils, this accessory is a delight and is sure to portray your love of the color purple and owls.

It’s a hoot!

d multiple pens and pencils, this accessory is a delight and is sure to portray your love of the color purple and owls.  It’s a hoot!

Lightweight Water-Resistant Backpack

Carrying a purse or backpack is a near necessity nowadays.

Between your laptop, your keys, and your notebooks and documents, it can be easy to lose track of all your items.

That’s why we recommend this Lightweight Water-Resistant Backpack for your daily office needs.

Extremely lightweight at just .

7 pounds, this backpack features a 35-liter capacity and is perfect for holding your laptop and additional documents throughout the day.

6-Port Desktop USB Hub Charging Station

You really can’t have too many charging stations nowadays.

Between your phone, laptop, tablet, and other items which need charging, a charging station on your desk is nearly a must have.

This 6-Port Desktop USB Hub Charging Station allows for six different devices to be charged via USB simultaneously.

Coming in a dark purple color, you will be able to keep your devices and charging cables organized and charged throughout the day.

A perfect item, especially if you have a tough, long commute.


While purple was once associated with power, wealth, and status, psychologists in recent times have reclassified its effects, indicating that the color purple can help with relaxation, calm, and a feeling of comfort and openness.

These qualities and traits make it a great work and office accessory.

As we’ve reviewed the best purple office accessories, we recommend playing with some of these items and seeing how they fit in your home or work office.

Purple is one of the best colors out there and can add a unique, distinct, and bold splash to any office.

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