Writing is an art-form.

It conveys a sense of who you are that words on a screen can never do.

Pens are personal, they are powerful.

They allow you to communicate and convey your thoughts and ideas in a more permanent environment.

We’ve compiled a list of pens that will let you look more professional with these pens.

But pens, and penmanship, in the workspace is a dying art.

Nowadays, everyone walks around with their laptops, their tablets, and their phones.

Clicking away on a screen is an impersonal feeling.

It’s ephemeral and unsatisfying.

And when you do reach for a pen on your desk or in your drawer, they’re typically made of poor craftsmanship, cheap and inflexible.

They may have even been the same pens you were using back in middle-school.

You deserve more.

Your hands deserve better.

You should be writing with a tool meant for writing.

With a pen that has as-much character as yourself.

You should be proud to hold the pen in your hand, to remove it from your pocket, to leave it lying on a notebook as a subtle nod to your own capabilities.

Here at The Corporate Connoisseur, we believe wholeheartedly in penmanship.

We are huge fans in the written word and in conveying thoughts and ideas in a more “old-fashioned” manner.

As-such, we have a list of the best pens for business below.

These are pens that convey style, sophistication, and knowledge.

Parker Jotter Stainless Steel Ballpoint Pen

The Jotter brand has been around since 1954, providing the modern professional with an easy to use, no fuss pen.

These pens are made of stainless steel, with a retractable open, close functionality.

The chrome tip allows for smoother writing and the signature arrowhead design comes embedded in each pen.

Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen

Pilot is undoubtably one of the most premiere pen brands in the world.

With over 100 years of history, they have taken a modern approach with the Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen.

Made with brass barrel and stainless steel accents, this pen provides a subtle level of luxury at every glance.

Bullet Space Pen

An icon in-of-itself, the Bullet Space Pen is famous for its ability to write in any angle, even in Zero Gravity.

This pen takes a modern approach to design and has the ability to write in -30F to 250F degrees.

MontBlanc Meisterstuck Le Grand Platinum Rollerball Pen

MontBlanc exudes sophistication and this pen is no exception.

It is platinum plated, with individual serial number of each model sold.

This pen will definitely turn heads when used at work.

Parker Cisele Silver Rollerball Pen

Looking for a pen as exquisite as your own style?

The Parker Cisele provides a unique look and finish on sterling silver.

This pen will accentuate any look and provide both form and fashion to any holder.

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