Inspirational Desk Décor

We’ve previously discussed the importance of creating a home or work office that is accommodating and pleasant to your own style.

This includes a beach desk décor theme, ideas to create a more Zen-like theme, and Disney desk accessories.

However, if you’re looking for inspirational desk décor, then you’ve come to the right place.

Inspiration can, oftentimes, be difficult to pinpoint and identify.

However, where inspiration is necessary, it is a good idea to surround yourself with inspirational items and products to give your mind that extra little boost.

Inspiration, a lot like motivation, can at times be fleeting and difficult to contain and produce.

However, and thankfully, there are a few inspirational desk décor and items which can help.

Whether you’re looking to feel inspired or simply enjoy the minimalist design that inspirational messages convey, we are confident that you’ll enjoy the products and items we’ve reviewed below.

We personally bought and tested each of these items and are extremely satisfied with the added inspiration we felt.

What is Inspiration?

Throughout history, the philosophy of inspiration was always one that was difficult to fully convey and define.

However, for the most part, inspiration is a form of an unconscious burst of creativity and artistic ability.

This artistic ability is not supposed to be narrowly defined.

Rather, it is ability that can flow and weave through varying industries, professions, and mediums.

Whether you’re stuck looking at a blank canvas or at a blank Excel sheet, inspiration can be helpful to give you that initial and sustained boost you may need.

While it may seem compelling to force inspiration or motivation to complete the task at hand, it is helpful to understand that inspiration can come as a burst.

So, rather than forcing it, don’t feel guilty to sit back and allow it to creep up on you.


Below, we are going to take a look at some of the best inspirational desk décor for home or office which can be purchased on Amazon.

Please note, the product links below include links from an Amazon Associates account.

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This is at no additional cost to you and helps to keep our site free, honest, and without bias or prejudice.

A Year of Positive Thinking: Daily Inspiration, Wisdom, and Courage

Now, we’ve all received those paperback booklets, featuring random nuggets of wisdom, motivation, and inspiration on a daily basis.

However, this one is a bit different.

Firstly, A Year of Positive Thinking: Daily Inspiration, Wisdom, and Courage is written by Cyndie Spiegel, who is a renown keynote speaker helping audiences to reset and refine their mindsets for good.

Secondly, this book is timeless.

Though it is broken out by date, it doesn’t include a year placement, allowing you to use and reuse this book.

Lastly, these nuggets of wisdom and inspiration are actually pretty good.

Wee highly recommend this paperback book and have linked to one of Cyndie’s TED talks below.

Positive Thought Office Décor Art

While the aforementioned paperback book is great at providing random nuggets of inspiration, it may be good to keep a solid message which you can rely on day-after-day.

Though there were quite a few to choose from, we really liked the design of this Positive Thought Office Décor Art.

This inspirational desk décor item features an inscription, reading “one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day”, which we just love.

What’s more, the inscription is etched directly into the box, allowing it to appear in a more 3-D manner.

Rose Gold Desk Organizer

While this may seem like an odd entry, we’ve found that inspiration can really come from anywhere.

And while this Rose Gold Desk Organizer may not feature an inspirational message or one of hope and perseverance, it is a beautifully designed desk organizer that can bring a level of calm and contentment to your daily life.

While inspiration can come from anywhere, we found this piece to placate our disorganization and help us to begin to feel more motivated and inspired.

Square Gold Inspirational Trinket Tray

Honestly, we like small, minimalist inspirational desk décor.

We find that these smaller, more compact items help to build a sense of sophistication and create an atmosphere of inspiration.

That’s why we really liked this Square Gold Inspirational Trinket Tray.

It is compact enough to fit on nearly any home or work office desk and features the inscription “she believed she could so she did”.

Colorful Elephant Art Print

If you’re looking to hang some artwork or art print to your home or work office, then we’d highly recommend considering this Colorful Elephant Art Print.

Featuring an eclectic and colorful elephant, the quote above reads, “every experience, no matter how bad it seems, hold within it a blessing of some kind.

The goal is to find it.”

Mini Artificial Plastic Inspirational Plants

Plants and nature have long been known to increase productivity and feelings of inspiration.

It’s one of the reasons we highly recommend camping and heading to a cabin for your next vacation.

With that said, these Mini Artificial Plastic Inspirational Plants are perfect as inspirational desk décor.

Firstly, they are made of plastic, so you don’t need to worry about watering and getting these plants some sunlight.

Secondly, the pots here feature inspirational messages, including, “find yourself, and be that”, “yesterday, NOW, tomorrow”, and “love more, worry less”.

Inspirational Mouse Pad by Smooffly

We’ve previously discussed some of the best mouse pads currently on the market.

And while this Inspirational Mouse Pad by Smooffly isn’t on the list, it is a great mouse pad, featuring the inspirational and hopeful message of “stay positive, work hard, and make it happen”.

A great piece for any home or work office to give you that daily dose of inspiration.


Inspiration can be found all around us.

From the nature outside our doors to the words inscribed within the books on our bookshelf.

However, if you are looking to boost your inspiration, we’d recommend these inspirational desk décor items for your home or work office.

These inspirational items are quant, concise, and minimalist in design.

While you cannot force inspiration, motivation, or productivity, we found that these items definitely helped to begin the process.

Whatever it takes, we know that inspiration will come to you and you will be able to get to the task at hand, whatever it may be.

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