As a professional banker, you would like nothing more than to have a line of people outside your door, clamoring for your banking services and expertise.

Unfortunately, with the influx in banking, financial services, and online trading options, the banking industry has become more and more difficult to succeed in.

That is why you need cold calling scripts for bankers to better assist you in creating, and maintaining, a connection and relationship with your potential clients.

Offering and selling bank related products requires an intimate understanding of the financial products and services.

Before you begin cold calling potential clients, you should ensure that your understanding of the products and services you are offering is well understood.

You, and your firms, reputation will be tied to your understanding of these products and services, making their understanding that much more important.

As a member of the banking and financial industry, the onus is on you to ensure that you are offering the best products and services to your clients.

Doing so will deepen your relationship with your clients and make them more willing to trust your advice and feedback on future offerings.

Cold Calling Tips for Bankers

Before jumping into the world of cold calling, there are a few nuances which we should discuss.

Cold calling takes more than just a refined script or a level of confidence to do.

To do so successfully, you must ensure that you are in the right state of mind and are prepared to deal with a variety of different personalities.

Preparing yourself for this will help you to avoid feelings of nervousness and uncertainty.

  • Conduct Adequate Research.

More important than the actual cold calling script, you will want to conduct an adequate level of research before beginning to make cold calls.

This research should be thorough, reviewing all offerings, products, and services which are available.

You should have a clear and well understood grasp of these products and services, ensuring that you are providing your clients with the absolute best level of service.

  • Understand Your Clients.

Additionally, not only will you want to understand the products and services your firm offers, but you will also want to understand your clients.

An individual’s financial needs will differ substantially, depending on a variety of differing factors.

Understanding how to factor in these nuances will not only make you a better salesperson, but also a better advisor.

  • Smile Through the Phone.

Although it may seem odd to do, smiling and remaining joyful over the phone will come across more compelling and inviting to the client.

By smiling over the phone, you are able to set the tone for the conversation, helping you to put the client at ease.

  • Dress for Success.

Another odd one but dressing for success can help you achieve success.

By dressing professionally, you are able to increase your confidence and outlook while on the phone.

This will help you set a professional tone and can help your clients to take you more seriously.

Cold Calling Scripts for Bankers

Building Trust During the Call

Cold calling is difficult.

Cold calling for banking is even more difficult.

The reason?

Many people and individuals simply do not trust bankers and financial advisors.

Understanding this fact, it is of utmost importance to create a trusting, honest atmosphere.

Doing so will help your clients to remain in ease and comfortable with the conversation.

In addition, many people simply do not trust financial services and offerings provided over the phone.

This additional hurdle can make cold calling that much more difficult.

However, the onus is on you to create an environment of trust, allowing your clients to open up and listen to your advice.

Understanding the inherent distrust of both financial advisors, the banking industry, and banking over the phone, you should go into your cold calls looking to create a sense of trust and rapport.

This can most easily be done by relating with your clients from the beginning of the call.

Rather than jumping into your offerings and what you can provide, simply talk to your clients and get a sense of what they need.

Doing so will help your clients to feel that you actually care about them and their financial situation.

Nearly every major bank or financial institution offers the same products and services.

You need to understand what differentiates you from your competition.

And more often than not, what differentiates you from your competition is service.

If you can offer the best level of service, then you will substantially increase your list and book of clients.

Cold Calling Scripts for Banking

“Hello Mr./Ms. [Prospects Last Name],

Happy [day of the week], I really do hope you’re doing well this week.

My name is [your full name] and I’m calling from [name of firm].

While I didn’t want to take too much of your time today, I did want to call you about a new product offering we have here at [firms name].

Would you be open to discussing your current financial needs?


If They Say No

Well, I’m definitely sorry to hear that.

During my time here at [firms name] I’ve noticed that discussing financial products and offerings over the phone can be difficult.

Would you have some time this week to come in and discuss?

I am always happy to meet with my clients at our office or a preferred location of theirs.

If They Say Yes

That’s great!

Would you be able to let me know what your current financial goals are?

This will help us to put together a financial plan that makes sense for you and your family.


Ok, so I’ve jotted all that information down.

To be honest, I’m taking a look at our current offerings and I really think that this one product would make the most sense considering your current situation.

Do you mind if I give you some more information about it?


So really, this offering, in my opinion, would work well for you due to its [aggressive/conservative] timeline.

Would you agree that, that is a timeline that you would be comfortable with?


Ok, I wholeheartedly agree.

A timeline like this would work really well with your investment goals.

You know what, do you happen to have time later today to come into the office?

I would like to get all the paperwork sorted out and ready for you to review.

Absolutely no pressure, but I really do think we can make this work for your goals.”

Cold Calling Scripts for Bankers


The cold calling script we have above is great for one reason, it creates an atmosphere of trust.

Clients, particularly within the banking and financial fields, want to feel that they can trust their banker or financial advisor.

By asking pointed, direct questions, you show your clients that you are listening to their needs and offering them solutions that work best for them.

Cold calling scripts for bankers are inherently different than cold calling scripts for other fields and industries.

Banking is all about trust and it is your job to create an atmosphere of one.

This can be done by taking the time to listen to your clients and providing them with the solutions that make sense for them.

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