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Reading through this article, you will learn the importance of insurance agent classes concerning becoming a licensed agent, the requirements, costs, and benefits of enrolling in such classes.

In this article, we will discuss:

Overview of Insurance Agent Classes
Why You Should Enroll in Insurance Classes
How To Choose The Right Classroom And Online Programs?
Online and Offline insurance agent classes pros and cons
Typical costs of attending Insurance Training Classes in the USA

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Overview of Insurance Agent Classes

If you’re looking to become an insurance agent, it’s essential to find out how and where to enroll in suitable classes.

Many insurance agents must take mandatory continuing education classes to maintain their licenses and keep up with changes in the industry, so it’s important to know what training will be helpful and where you can get it.

The agency website also offers a FAQ page on class availability, cost estimates, and other financial aid opportunities.

Why is it necessary to take an Insurance Agent Class?

Some state requirements include completion of classes before taking their licensing exam.

Why You Should Enroll in Insurance Classes

Many different insurance license classes will provide you with all of the information you need to sell insurance.

Before you enroll in any insurance licensing classes or buy any textbooks, do a little research on them to ensure they’ll give you what you need.

You can find insurance agent classes online as well as offline.

What Type of Insurance Class is Best for You?

It’s essential to get detailed information before selecting an insurance class to know what is covered, the costs, and how long it takes to complete.

Follow these steps when choosing a class for yourself or recommending one to a friend. First, determine if there are prerequisites to taking a specific insurance class.

Some states require insurance pre-licensing courses, while others allow non-licensed agents to enroll in relevant education courses.

Next, gather all relevant information about each available course, such as the length of time needed to complete it and any prerequisites required before enrolling (if applicable).

Also, make sure there are adequate course materials available such as textbooks and live lectures.

Last, please search for other people who have taken similar classes and ask about their experiences.

Do they feel prepared to start selling?

Do they wish they would have done something differently?

Once you find a few different options for each step above, prioritize them based on which ones appear to give you the most bang for your buck.

What you will learn from insurance agent classes

Insurance agent classes will give you a complete overview of how insurance companies work and give you tools and information to help you start your career.

You’ll learn about all aspects of property and casualty insurance, including commercial lines, personal lines, worker’s compensation, life insurance, and annuities.

The class also includes an internship that allows students to apply their knowledge in real-world situations while gaining hands-on experience.

Your classes will cover all of the topics you need to know to pass the life and health insurance license exam, property & casualty insurance exams, and more.

Students also receive professional reference guides to follow their education through ongoing research after graduation.

How To Choose The Right Classroom And Online Programs?

Before signing up for an insurance agent training class, make sure you compare online vs. classroom programs.

While online classes are often cheaper, many insurance agents believe classroom instruction is more effective.

Additionally, classroom courses are required if you plan to seek licensing through an association like AAGLI or NAIFA-RISMA.

Carefully review your options before deciding how to best prepare yourself for a career as an insurance agent in the US.

You’ll want to ensure that any program you choose meets all state licensing requirements, as well as requirements from any associations you intend to pursue membership.

Online insurance agent classes pros and cons

Online classes present a flexible way to learn, as long as you have access to an Internet connection.

They’re also affordable—you can sign up for most programs for under $100.

Most online classes also offer practice exams and quizzes to help students prepare.

The downside?

Some experts say that you should spend your time and money taking actual classes to become a licensed insurance agent.

It’s one thing to take insurance licensing courses online. Still, real-world experience is entirely different, especially since you’ll need it to pass your licensing exam (which is why many schools offer internships or similar opportunities).

Bottom line: If you want to become an insurance agent, get in-person training with an accredited program with a strong history of turning students into successful agents.

Offline insurance agent classes pros and cons

The pros of offline agent classes include time (it takes more time than an online class), training materials, and location flexibility.

For these reasons, many agents prefer learning from local offices or schools that can provide face-to-face interaction and training materials.

The con of offline agent classes is monetary.

Offline classes tend to be pricey depending on how long they last; some agencies charge upwards of $1000 for an introductory 4-week course.

Often students may need to purchase any additional material directly from their school.

If you are looking for inexpensive insurance classes, we recommend trying an online option before enrolling in a costly school.

Online courses have rapidly improved in recent years with price tags comparable to those offline and often offer very similar content, so there’s no reason not to try them out first.

Typical costs of attending Insurance Training Classes in the USA

The costs of attending these classes vary a lot.

But you can expect to pay anywhere from $1000-$5000 for some courses and even more for others.

I recommend spending between $2000-$3000 if you want a top-notch education, certification, support, and mentorships, plus all related training materials and study tools such as manuals and other study material.

Do not go below $500 or so for basic insurance agent classes.

Most companies that offer online Insurance Training Courses are affordable to learn how to be an insurance agent.

Because online training is very convenient, it is perfect for most people who want to become licensed agents but don’t have time for school.


Getting your insurance license starts by taking either a classroom course or online training program from one of several licensing organizations – they offer written tests, practical exams, and hands-on experience during some programs.

Since the national first-time pass rate for most state exams is between 50%-60%, be sure you are well prepared to do your best

Then, once you have completed everything necessary to obtain an insurance license, there are also courses available regarding continuing education that you must complete every year after that to maintain said state licensure.



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