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This Florida 2-14 license write-up will prepare you for the state licensing exam by highlighting the 2-14 license requirements, the best 214 pre-licensing schools, the 2-14 exam format, and continuing education requirements.  

Specifically, this comprehensive article will delve into the following key areas:

The 2-14 license exam format
Licensing requirements of the 2-14 license
The best 2-14 pre-licensing courses
Continuing education requirements for the 214 license

By the end of this article, you will comfortably navigate through the requirements and process of getting a Florida 214 insurance license.

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The 2-14 life (annuities and variable contracts) is a Florida agent license that allows you to trade:

  • All forms of life insurance
  • Variable and fixed-dollar annuity contracts
  • All annuity contracts apart from fixed and variable contracts
  • Disability insurance or accidental death and dismemberment policy

The 2-14 insurance license is a popular Florida insurance license due to the high demand for 2-14 insurance associated services and clients.

The Florida life and variable annuity licenses are issued to applicants after satisfying the 214 insurance state requirements.

The Florida Department of financial services (FDFS) certifies 2-14 insurance agents to maintain a high level of ethics and professionalism.

The FDFS, in conjunction with Pearson Vue, organizes and administers Florida’s 2-14 state licensing exam as per the state licensing procedures.

How do you get a life insurance license?

Read on for the answer to this question and much more.

214 license requirements

This comprehensive section will analyze the steps and requirements for obtaining a life insurance license in Florida.

Earning the 2-14 Florida insurance license requires you to satisfy some basic requirements, which include:

  • Be an American citizen or legal alien with a work permit
  • Be at least 18 years of age or above
  • Be a resident of the state of Florida
  • Possess a social security number
  • Not be a state employee in the department of veteran affairs or as described in section 626.788 of Florida statutes
  • Have 40 hours of 2-14 pre-licensing training from a state-approved insurance school within four years of applying for a state license
  • Complete and submit an online license application plus the corresponding state licensing fee
  • Attempt and pass the state licensing exam
  • Get fingerprints taken and background check done after successfully passing the state licensing exam and application process

You can still qualify for the 2-14 insurance license even without the required 40 pre-licensing hours in the following situations:

  • If you’ve received a Chartered Financial Consultant designation from the American Council of Financial Services or a Life Management Institute Fellow within the last four years (you still need to pass the state licensing exam)
  • Complete a university degree with at least nine credit hours of life, annuities, and variable insurance product training from an accredited university/ college

You need an official transcript to support this claim and exempt you from the state licensing exam:

  • If you hold a 2-14 license from a reciprocal state, you can apply for a license transfer which may exempt you from pre-licensing training and the state licensing exam

To transfer a life and health license, you need a Florida resident license with the corresponding insurance line of authority for one year before filing a transfer application.

You need to file a transfer application within 90 days of becoming a Florida resident (you’ll be exempt from the state licensing exam):

  • If you have been awarded a Chartered Life Underwriter designation from the American College of Financial Services (exempt from the state licensing exam)
  • Have held a valid four-year residency license in the reciprocal state with the equivalent line of authority before applying for a  Florida life and health license

Please note that you’ll need to pass the Florida life & health licensing exam:

  • If you’ve actively taught a 40-hour Florida Department of Financial Services approved life agent pre-licensing course within four years of submitting a 2-14 application

Acquiring the 214 life insurance license in Florida requires you to satisfy the minimum requirements listed above, plus some additional information that we will discuss shortly.

Let’s discuss how to get your life insurance license!

Step by step process of getting a 214 agent license

Step 1 

Step 2 

  • Complete a 40-hour life and variable contract annuity 2-14 pre-licensing course from a state-approved school for insurance agents
  • Exceptions to the 40-hour pre-licensing rule are listed above

Step 3

  • Complete an online license application and pay the required registration fees
  • Apply on the myprofile page on the Florida Department of Financial Services website

Step 4

  • Send proof that you have satisfied all the life insurance agent requirements to AgentLicensing@myfloridaCFO.com
  • Please note that if you’ve taken an approved pre-licensing course for an insurance agent insurance school will send pre-licensing course completion proof on your behalf

Step 5

  • Get your fingerprints taken

There are two main ways of submitting fingerprints which are:

  • Livescan, which electronically submits your fingerprints
  • Register with Livescan and access the nearest Live Scan location if you’re a Florida resident
  • Non-residents should enter their zip codes to identify the nearest inIdentiGo location
  • Fingerprint cards

In case you can’t access a livescan location, then submit your fingerprints by mail using fingerprint cards to the Florida Department of Financial Services on 200 East Gaines Street, Tallahassee, FL 32399.

Please note that submitting your fingerprints means you consent to a background search from the relevant security agencies.

Also note, if you hold a current insurance license or have been fingerprinted in the last 48 months, you don’t need to submit a new fingerprint set unless explicitly directed.

Check your fingerprint status on the myprofile page

Step 6

  • If your license application is approved, you’ll receive an email on the myprofile page
  • You can confirm your registration status and licensing exam authorization
  • Book for the life insurance certification exam from Pearson Vue, the examination vendor in California
  • You can access the Florida life insurance exam online or in person at any Pearson Vue examination center

Here are some additional information regarding the Florida insurance license exam:

  • The Florida life insurance license exam passing score is valid for 12 months after attempting the exam
  • The maximum number of times you can attempt the life insurance exam Florida is five times within one year
  • Schedule the life insurance licensing exam at any time of your convenience
  • Your life insurance state exam results will be displayed immediately after completing the exam

The system will provide a diagnostic breakdown of your performance through sections and topics.

Step 7 

  • Apply for a life insurance agent license online once you’ve satisfied all the Florida life insurance licensing prerequisites

The steps outlined here will guide you through your 214 agent insurance license journey.

Visit www.myfloridacfo.com for the most current and up-to-date Department of Financial Services (dfs) 2/14 licensing requirements.

Let’s switch gears and analyze the 2/14 state exam.

What’s the 214 health insurance exam format?

The Florida life and variable contract licensure final exam comprises 100 questions with 15 pretest and 85 weighted questions tested over 2 hours.

Pretest questions are randomly distributed in the life license exam and don’t affect your final score.

To obtain a life insurance license, you need to secure a 70% pass rate or 60 correct questions in the licensing exam.

Here is a breakdown of the commonly tested topics in the Florida 2-14 license state exam:

1. Policy types and features – 14%

Questions on this topic will focus on:

  • Different types of whole life products like ordinary, limited, and single premium  life products
  • Adjustable and market-sensitive life products including universal, variable whole life, interest-sensitive, and indexed life insurance products
  • Different annuity types including fixed, variable, intermediate, and fixed annuity products
  • Insurance combination plans and products including joint and survivor life plan

Understanding the different types of 2/14 life policies is the backbone of becoming an excellent insurance agent.

2. Policy options, riders, exclusions, and provisions – 21%

The 2-14 licensing exam will test the following topics on policy options:

  • Special policy riders including monthly and premium waivers, return on premiums, and other policy term riders
  • Provisions and options on policies with considerations, owners rights, premium payments, reinstatement, incontestability, and reinstatement among other policy riders and exclusions

Knowing the different policy riders, provisions, and exclusions will help you deliver high-quality service to your clients.

3. Underwriting, application completion, and policy delivery – 14%

Questions on these topics usually target the following subsections:

  • The steps required to complete an insurance policy application form including the required signatures, disclosures of points of sales, consequences of wrong filings, etc
  • Insurance underwriter activities include correctly calculating insurable interest, risk classification, fair credit reporting, and medical information and consumer reports
  • Correctly explaining policy terms to the recipient when delivering the policy, like explaining policy coverages, provisions, exceptions, and when the policy starts
  • Your understanding of contract law, including the elements of a contract, aspect of an insurance contract, and general power and duties of insurance agents

4. Retirement, taxes, and insurance concepts – 9%

The Florida insurance licensing exam will test your knowledge on:

  • Retirement plans(qualified and non-qualified), social security benefits, viatical settlements, and third-party ownership
  • Analysis of life insurance needs, including personal and business insurance needs
  • Tax procedures on insurance premiums, proceeds, and dividends, including individual and group life insurance and modified endowment contracts

5. General line Florida rules, statutes, and regulations – 24%

Insurance law is at the heart of all insurance agent activities, and the 2/14 Florida licensing exam will test you on:

  • Duties and responsibilities of a chief financial officer and Financial Services Commission 
  • Understanding of the Department of Financial Services(DFS), including general duties and powers of an insurance agent, adjuster, consumer services representative, insurance fraud, receivership, and unclaimed property
  • Insurance regulation office including insurance regulators duties and powers, market conduct examination, investigation and agency actions
  • Duties and responsibilities of the insurance financial regulation office
  • Understanding of the definition of insurance contracts, transactions, insurer, a domestic company, reinsurance, etc
  • Understand the purpose, requirement, types, and maintenance procedures of an insurance license
  • Understand agent responsibility concerning fiduciary capacity(definition, accountability, account requirements), commissions, compensations, and ethics
  • Knowledge of insurance guaranty fund
  • Knowledge and understanding of insurance marketing practices include sliding, coercion, misrepresentation, defamation, unfair discrimination, rebating, churning, and false advertising

6. Florida insurance rules, statutes, and regulations specific to 2/14 insurance – 18%

Questions in this section will test your knowledge and understanding of the specific statutes, rules, and regulations that govern 214 life insurance.

Specifically, questions in this section will delve into:

  • Marketing method and responsibilities including agent responsibilities, advertising and sales, prohibited practices and buyers guide and policy summary disclosure
  • Policy/contract replacement including agent and replacing insurance company duties 
  • Understanding of individual contracts, including standard provisions, non-forfeiture options, and policy settlement.
  • Group life policies include standard provisions, conversion rights, dependent coverage, employee life, and assignment of proceeds.

The 2/14 Florida life and variable annuities licensing exam aim to test your technical and general understanding of the different vital aspects of life insurance. 

To obtain a life insurance license you need a 70% pass rate in the state licensing exam to guarantee your success in the final exam and also enlist for state-approved insurance education courses.

Read on for some of the best insurance agents schools in Florida.

The best 214 pre-licensing course

Apart from fulfilling the pre-licensing prerequisites insurance agents school adequately prepare you for the state licensing exam by:

  • Using online courses with interactive learning aids like training videos and exam simulators
  • Developing practice exams with relevant practice questions
  • Exam prep courses and interactive cram sheets that feature testable exam topics
  • State-approved study manual that will guide you on how to tackle the state licensing exam

A good insurance license school should help you understand complex life insurance topics and adequately prepare you for the state licensing exam.

Before we analyze a few of the best, ensure that your preferred 2/14 insurance license school offers the following:

  • Offers a flexible training regime that fits into your schedule (an online course is preferred)
  • Is registered with the state of Florida and has a valid provider ID
  • Clearly states the insurance agent license cost upfront and doesn’t have any hidden charges
  • Meets the states prerequisites of offering a life insurance sales license training
  • Submit your pre-license course completion certificate directly to the DFS

Here are a few of the best 2/14 life and variable annuity schools in Florida:

Florida Insurance College

The Florida insurance college is a premier training institution approved and licensed by the state of Florida.

This modern insurance college offers the following student-friendly features:

  • Intuitive exam simulator with over 1300 relevant real-life practice exam questions
  • A comprehensive exam cram study manual with electronic flashcards
  • Excellent customer support with Florida based online instructors ready to help you at any time
  • Interactive learning aids including review videos created by master narrators
  • 100% online training school with a self-paced learning schedule


  • Refund policy with a lifetime access to the 214 training
  • Free learning aids including electronic flashcards and exam simulators
  • Affordable course rates


  • Lacks career advisors.

Gold Coast School

Gold coast schools are top-tier training institutions that have been training insurance agents since 1970.

Gold Coast training institutions offer a raft of training courses including real estate, and agent 2-14 life and annuity agent training.

Features Of the 2-14 training include:

  • Livestream, in person and online agent 2-14 training course
  • Unlimited one-year course access
  • Approved state study manual and exam pdf
  • Online practice exam and one-day comprehensive cram course


  • No additional retake fees if you fail the state exam
  • Excellent customer support with live chat
  • Excellent study resources available


  • No mobile app

As with other insurance licenses, the 214 life license has continuing education requirements.

What are the 2-14 insurance continuing education requirements?

Continuing education (CE) classes allow insurance agents to continuously update their insurance skills and expertise by focusing on the latest developments in the insurance industry.

Additionally, CE helps the state of Florida maintain the highest level of professional and ethical behavior amongst its insurance agents.

Here are the 2-14 license CE requirements for Agents with 6 or fewer years of practicing experience:

  • 24 hours of CE credit hours including five hours of law and ethics update course every two years

2/14 agent with greater than 6 years of practicing experience:

  • 20 hours of CE credit hours including 5 hours of updated law and ethics course every two years


Acquiring the 2-14 Florida license will open the doors to unlimited possibilities in your insurance agent journey.

Closely following our comprehensive  Florida 2-14 license overview will answer all your 2-14 questions, including the steps, requirements, and procedures needed for this certificate.

Please continue reading for expert answers to frequently asked questions!



Gold Coast School

Larson Education Services

Florida insurance school




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