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This article will analyze the Florida 215 Insurance Exam Questions, tips, and strategies for passing the state exam and acquiring a Florida insurance agent license.

Specifically, this article will talk about:

A brief introduction to the 2-15 licensing exam
The Florida 2/15 exam structure
Best 215 free insurance pre-licensing courses

Florida statutes require that all insurance agents pass an insurance licensing exam to practice in the state.

Therefore If you’re planning to deal with Florida’s life, health, and annuity insurance contracts, passing the 2-15 insurance licensing exam is mandatory.

Let’s jump right in!


The Florida life and variable annuity licensing exam by Pearson Vue guarantee that life insurance agents maintain high ethical and technical competence in their day-to-day insurance operations.

Let’s start with the basics.

The Florida life and variable annuity 2-15 exam is a licensing exam designed for insurance agents who deal with life, health, fixed, and variable annuities insurance contracts.

The Florida Department of financial services uses the health insurance exam to maintain standards amongst Florida health insurance agents.

How many questions are on the Florida 215 exam?

And how many times can you take the 215 test?

The 2-15 insurance exam structure

This section will discuss my Florida insurance 2-15 life and annuity health exam format, length, structure, and sample questions.

What’s the 2-15 licensing exam structure?

The Florida life health insurance exam comprises 165 questions, 15 pretest, and 150 tested questions.

Pretest questions are randomly selected questions scattered in the state licensing exam that doesn’t affect your final score.

Exam questions are multiple-choice, with a  life and health insurance exam pass rate of 70%, meaning that you need at least 105 correct answers to qualify.

You will have 2 hours and 45 minutes to complete this critical insurance licensing exam.

What happens if you fail the state exam?

You can retake the 2-15 life and health insurance exam a maximum of five times in one year.

The 2-15 life and health insurance exam covers different topics, including: 

  • HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) problems
  • Health insurance tax
  • Annuity policy tax problems
  • Health insurance plans
  • Dental insurance
  • Life insurance policy 
  • Medicare products

Here is a complete breakdown of the 2-15 exam structure plus the weighting system.

Each section of the exam will test your technical understanding of different life and health insurance principles. 

1. Types of life insurance policies and features(8%)

This section tests your general knowledge of Florida health insurance policies.

The insurance policy questions will focus on:

  • Traditional whole life products like ordinary, limited pay, and single premium life products
  • Adjustable, market-centric life products like universal life, whole life, variable index life, and interest-dependent whole life insurance plans
  • Insurance annuity policies like fixed, indexed, single, premium, deferred, and variable contracts
  • Health and life plans, including joint and survivorship life plans
  • Different term life policies include renewable, convertible, decreasing, return on premium, and annual life policies

Successfully passing the general knowledge questions demonstrates a solid life and health insurance foundation, critical for a life insurance agent.

2. Insurance policies(riders, provisions, options, exclusions) – 12%

Insurance policy questions test your technical understanding of life insurance products, payor benefits, guaranteed insurability, and interpretation of insurance clauses.

This type of insurance policy question cover:

  • Policy riders including waivers, payor benefits, term riders, and return on premiums
  • Policy options and provisions include insurance clauses, free look, policy loans, withdrawals, dividends, and settlement options
  • Insurance policy premiums, return on premiums, waiver on premiums, premium payments, accelerated death benefits, and dividend options

Technical knowledge of insurance policy is a critical skill for health and life insurance agents.

3. Policy preparation, application, underwriting, and delivery – 8%

Questions on this topic will test:

  • the steps required to complete an insurance application form, including the required application signatures, warranties, replacement, changes in the application, and disclosure at the point of sale
  • the principles of underwriting including insurable interest, medical information, consumer reports, and risk classification
  • How well you can explain  insurance policies including riders, provisions, insurance coverage, and ratings to clients
  • Your understanding of contract law, including elements of contract law and its unique aspects like conditional, unilateral, aleatory, and adhesion contracts

An insurance policy is the lifeline of all insurance activities; therefore, understanding policy formulation is a necessary skill for any insurance agent.

4. Taxes, retirements, and general insurance concepts – 5%

The taxes and insurance plan questions will test you on:

  • Tax proceeds, premiums, dividends of individual, group life, and modified endowment contracts
  • Type of retirement plans including qualified and non-qualified insurance plans
  • Life insurance analysis focusing on personal and business insurance needs
  • Group life insurance, social security benefits, life, and viatical settlements 

Tax adjusters and insurance professionals specializing in insurance underwriting need to excel in this section as it forms the basis of their profession.

5. Types of health policies – 9%

These questions delve into your understanding of different types of health policies, including:

  • Disability income like individual, business, and group disability policies
  • Insurance on medical expenses like essential hospital bills, Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), POS plans, etc
  • Accidental death and dismemberment policy
  • Medicare policies

Understanding the different types of health policies is vital for life and health insurance agent.

6. Health policy riders, provisions, and clauses – 14%

This section will test your knowledge on:

  • Types of optional and mandatory health provisions like an entire contract, grace periods, claims forms, and proof of loss
  • Other clauses and conditions that include the free look, waiver of premium, probationary, and elimination period
  • Different types of health riders like impairment and guaranteed insurability
  • Renewability rights

7. Social insurance – 2%

This section will test your understanding of medicare policies, social security benefits, and Medicaid plans.

8. Other health insurance concepts – 3%

Questions on the general health insurance concepts cover:

  • Dependent children benefits
  • Owners rights
  • Managed care
  • Workers compensation
  • Modes of premium payment
  • Tax treatment of insurance contract proceeds

9. Field underwriting procedures – 6%

Questions in this section will cover the following key areas:

  • Application completion
  • Insurance sources
  • Medical examination receipt
  • Policy submission and delivery
  • Dissemination policy information to clients
  • Understanding of contract law

10. Florida insurance general line statutes, rules, and regulations – 13%

These insurance law questions will test your understanding of the relevant Florida insurance law, statutes, and  regulations.

Specifically, the questions will test you on the following topics:

  • The Florida Department of financial services roles, responsibilities, and duties include consumer services, Insurance fraud, agent, and adjuster licensing
  • The department of financial services regulation focuses primarily on the duties and responsibilities of the chief financial officer and the financial services commission
  • The duties, responsibilities, and roles of the office of insurance and financial regulation focusing on market examinations, investigations, and policy approval mechanisms
  • The definitions of legal insurance terms like insurance contracts, indemnity, insurance transactions, insurer, reinsurance, unlicensed entities, certificates of authority, stock, and mutual companies
  • Licensing includes licensing types(agent or agency), licensing requirements (education, application, state licensing exam), and license maintenance, including continuing education, record keeping, criminal and administrative accountability
  • Agent responsibility includes the agent’s fiduciary capacity, ethics, commissions, compensations, and extra services
  • Marketing practices include unethical marketing strategies like coercion, misrepresentation, sliding, defamation, and false advertising

11. Florida life and annuity insurance rules, statutes, and regulations -10%

The Florida personal lines life and health statutes questions are to test your comprehension and understanding of the laws that govern life, health, and annuity insurance.

Specifically, these questions will focus on:

  • Insurance marketing strategies include agent responsibilities, prohibited advertising practices and penalties, buyers guide, and policy summary
  • Replacing contracts and the duties and responsibilities of replacing agents and replacing insurance companies
  • Standard provisions, non-forfeiture options, and policy settlements of individual contracts
  • Group and life insurance, including provisions, conversion rights, assignment of proceeds, and dependent coverage

12. Florida health insurance statutes, rules, and regulations – 10%

Questions on this section will cover the following key areas:

  • Types of health policies and provisions
  • Mandatory and optional coverages
  • Types of group health insurance 
  • Health benefit coordination
  • Health policy disclosure
  • Medicare and long term care plans
  • Health policy exclusions

The number of questions in a 2-15 life insurance exam will adequately cover these main areas of interest within your life insurance syllabus.

How do I pass the Florida insurance exam?

To guarantee your success in the 2/15 licensing exam, enroll in exam prep courses, life and health insurance exam cheat sheets, study manuals, and pre-licensing courses.

Pre-licensing courses

Florida requires that all insurance agents and adjusters complete a specific number of pre-licensing course credit hours.

To qualify for the 2/15 life and health insurance license, you need a 60-hour pre-licensing course from a registered insurance education institution.

The 60 hours 2-15 Florida pre-licensing course delves into:

  • State and federal life insurance laws, regulations, and statutes
  • Insurance contracts and legal concepts governing life and health insurance
  • General insurance principles
  • Medical and disability reimbursement
  • Health and accident insurance
  • Annuities, life, and health insurance

A pre-licensing course is excellent for laying a solid foundation for first-time insurance agents.

Here are a few advantages of the prelicensing course:

  • Prepare you adequately for the final 215 state licensing exam
  • Offer practice exam to grow your confidence
  • Offer exam prep with practice questions that grow your knowledge base
  • Satisfy the life insurance statutory requirements of Florida state 
  • Ensure that all life and health agents in Florida maintain high professional and ethical standards.

While there are hundreds of 215 pre-licensing schools, always stick with state-approved educational institutions to guarantee the quality of your education.

Here are a few of the best pre-licensing courses in Florida:

American Online Insurance School

The American online insurance school(AOIS) is a premier insurance education institution that prides itself in infusing humor into its interactive insurance classes.

AOIS specializes in offering unique pre-licensing and continuing education online courses that help you grasp the fundamentals of life and health insurance.

Here are the unique features of the 2/15 AOIS pre-licensing course:

  • Self-paced 100% pre-licensing online insurance classes
  • Simple, easy-to-understand pre-licensing courses using special visual aids and memory concepts
  • An interactive online practice test to adequately prepare you for the final licensing exam
  • Relevant transcribed student-teacher sessions with real-life insurance examples and solutions
  • 24/7 instructor support during the course duration 
  • State-approved 2-15 pre-licensing courses qualify you for the final health and life 215 license Florida exam

Pros of the American Online Insurance Course include:

  • Self-paced learning
  • 100% online
  • State-approved insurance courses 


  • Course material is a little outdated

The American Online Insurance School in Daytona, Florida, offers one of the best 215 insurance pre-licensing courses that guarantee your success in the 2-15 state exam.

Try the AOIS school to acquire the 60 hours of pre-licensing credits needed for the Florida life insurance license.

Kaplan insurance pre-licensing course

The Kaplan insurance licensing school offers a unique online pre-licensing course for life and health insurance agents in Florida.

The Kaplan university insurance packages allow you to seamlessly access on-demand life and health pre-licensing education that fits your schedule and pace of life.

Irrespective of your schedule, the Kaplan insurance license course will ensure that you prepare and qualify for the final licensing exam without strain.

Here are the main features of the Kaplan pre-licensing course: 

  • Florida state-approved study guide for insurance license exam with a comprehensive cram sheet that explores all the testable life insurance terms and concepts in the state exam
  • An interactive online study calendar helps you plan your study time better and be more effective
  • 90-day self-paced 100% online course with a variety of online study tools

The Kaplan online course ensures that you prepare for the certification exam conveniently at your own pace from any location.

  • An up-to-date interactive insurancepro Qbank that helps you sharpen your exam execution skills, review previous performance on sample tests, track your time allocation on different questions during the practice exam, and build a portfolio of simulation exams
  • An online performance tracker allows you to track your exam prep and performance on different topics within the exam
  • An online exam that closely resembles the 215 state licensing exam helps you gauge your level of preparedness

The mastery exam will help you highlight weak areas that need urgent attention before the final licensing exam.

  • A pre-study assessment allows you to gauge your health insurance knowledge before starting Kaplan’s pre-licensing course.

Comparing your pre-assessment and mastery course results allow you to track overall progress through the prelicensing course.

  • A series of short, focused, high-quality video and audio clips will help you quickly understand complex topics.

Additionally, you can download and review the videos and audio during your exam revision.

  • Expert assistance from Kaplan’s professional insurance trainers within two working days using the unique instructor link.

The instructor link allows you to get personalized, high-quality assistance from professionals.

  • 12-month access to the Kaplan’s Insurance accelerator course will equip you with the training and skills needed for the successful day-to-day operations of a health and life insurance company
  • Comprehensive checkpoint exams after every unit help gauge your competence and understanding of the course materials

Checkpoint exams feature detailed explanations of the correct answers to the exam questions.

  • One-of-a-kind online review class from a Kaplan insurance expert who gives a detailed and in-depth explanation of the various exam topics

The online review can be recorded and made available on demand.

  • Supplementary state law cram sheet summarizes all the common testable state laws, statutes, and regulations

Combining the state law cram sheet with the license exam manual will give you an upper hand in your licensing exam preparations.


  • Self-paced learning
  • Flexible study calendar
  • A unique time tracking mechanism


  • High price
  • Forced syllabus progression

Kaplan educators have been in the insurance education business for over 80 years and will deliver the highest insurance training for you.

Florida insurance college pre-licensing course

The Florida insurance college offers competitively priced 215 pre-licensing courses approved by the state of Florida.

Here are a few features of the Florida insurance pre-licensing course:

  • 100% self-paced online course
  • 1300 +practise questions in a dynamic life insurance license course mock exam
  • Each module features a self-test which helps test your understanding
  • The Florida insurance college awards and sends an electronic copy of the certificate of completion to the Florida department of financial services
  • Live professional instructors and excellent customer service support
  • Exam prep center that features an exam simulator, flashcards, and exam study cram manual


  • Lifetime course access
  • Excellent refund policy
  • Courses are delivered using a master narrator, making the training videos enjoyable
  • Free course training aids like exam manuals, simulators, flashcards


  • Teaching staff are not freely accessible

The Florida insurance college offers the most dynamic, budget-friendly pre-licensing course in the market today.

Xcel insurance 2-15 pre-licensing course

Xcel solutions is a top-tier insurance school that exclusively deals with continuing education and pre-licensing courses in Florida.

Here are the main features of the Xcel pre-licensing course:

  • High-quality mobile learning platform including HD videos, interactive media content, and interactive learning aids
  • 800+ practice exam questions contained in real-time state exam simulators
  • Prep review course with over 500+ review questions helps you track your course progress 
  • One on one mentoring with expert trainers who  provide you with actionable, real-world life insurance scenarios and answers
  • Comprehensive condensed chapter summaries help you quickly understand and remember chapter contents


  • Customizable training package including in-class, online courses, multimedia support, etc
  • Excellent customer care support
  • A large group of professionals who offer excellent training


  • Non-refundable processing fee

Primerica pre-licensing 2-15 course

Primerica insurance schools offer a variety of pre-licensing courses, including the 2-15 and 2-20 license course

Here are the main features of the Primerica 2/15 course:

  • Interactive demo courses with sample quizzes to test your general insurance knowledge
  • 2-15 flashcards, practice exams, and other essential learning aids that guarantee success
  • Self-paced 100% online courses with telephone and email support from an expert team of trainers
  • Interactive exam prep course that deeply analyzes testable exam topics


  • Flexible learning schedule
  • Highly trained team of expert staff
  • Excellent training program with a conducive online learning environment


  • To pass Primerica training is hectic due to the accelerated training program

In conjunction with Online Learning Training (OLT) center, Primerica will help you professionally prepare for the 2-15 state licensing exam.


The Florida insurance 2-15 exam questions test you on the ethical and technical ability of trading in life and health plans in Florida.

By adequately preparing for the 2-15 licensing exam through attending the pre-licensing course, exam preps, practice questions, and other exam cheat tricks, you can comfortably ace the 2-15 insurance questions.

We hope that our in-depth analysis of the 2/15 exam questions will prove beneficial to you.



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