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If you want to obtain a Texas health and life insurance agent license, the first step is to attend your Texas health and life insurance license online class and pass your Texas health and life insurance license exam.

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How To Study for the Texas Life and Health Insurance license in an online class
Texas Insurance Agent Life and Health Insurance exam
Texas insurance Exam Prep for Insurance agents
Texas Insurance Pre-Licensing Education requirements & online Exam Prep Course
Background check in Texas using fingerprints

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How To Study for the Texas Life and Health Insurance license in an online class

Because the Texas Life and Health Insurance test is an exam worth studying for and is no different from studying for any other test.

So, what is the most effective strategy to prepare for a Texas Life and Health Insurance license exam?

When studying materials and study tools, make sure you either purchase a study book or enroll in a respected Texas insurance pre-licensing education course.

Texas insurance Exam Prep for Insurance agents

Recognizing that the Texas insurance licensure exam is a structured multiple-choice examination will help you study better in your Texas insurance license class.

Furthermore, because the Texas license test is more proctored, somebody else will be there when you take it.

This ensures that no additional support is permitted throughout the evaluation.

Most of your studying skills will help you prepare for a multiple-choice assessment in the Texas life and health insurance license test.

Preparing you for the first attempt at the Texas insurance license course.

Understanding the study materials is required to recognize the correct response in the context of other facts.

All Texas insurance license Adjusters must have a life & health insurance license after completing their life and health insurance course and performing their insurance licensing exam.

The Texas health insurance license online courses and Texas life insurance course can help you develop your career and increase your overall competence.

If you want to start working in the life insurance industry right immediately, you must clear the Texas Life and Health Insurance Licensure Examination for the first time.

Training for the online insurance licensure certification will keep you from wasting time.

Different people employ a unique and realistic approach to in-state insurance training courses for their careers.

Texas Insurance Agent Life and Health Insurance exam

The state of Texas requires that anybody selling, advising, or guiding individuals on the procurement of Life and Health Insurance must be licensed.

A formalized test is used to ensure consistent competence throughout the Texas insurance industry by the TDI.

There are two segments to the Texas life and health exam: generic life & health insurance standards, policies, and operations, and state-specific laws, protocols, and policies.

Texas Insurance online Pre-licensing Exam Prep Course

Before attempting the state insurance licensing test, persons seeking an insurance license in Texas must undergo an online insurance Pre-License course.

Pre-license training courses give individuals the perfect chance of passing and acquiring pass rates.

The Texas Department of Insurance, in association with Pearson VUE, will establish the passing score once you have finished your content outline and performed your final state exam.

Texas Pre-Licensing Education requirements 

The Producer

Unless an individual wants a provisional 3-month insurance license, Texas does not need pre-licensing training.

A provisional 3-month license relating to General Lines—Property & Casualty insurance and General Lines—Life, Accident, and Health can be sought through Sircon, allowing the applicant to be certified prior to passing the test and acquiring the official license.

The Adjuster

Provisional Texas insurance licenses must be sponsored by licensed insurance industry, insurance agency, or insurance agent.

In addition, they must fulfill forty hours of pre-licensing coursework by the fourteenth day following the time of their provisional insurance license registration.

Education Methods for a health insurance course:

  • Classroom
  • Self-study
  • Online class

Texas Life, Accidents, and Health Pre-Licensing Requirements 

The licensing applicant must satisfy the following pre-licensing conditions to be eligible for a Texas insurance license:

• Undertaken a Department-approved pre-licensing training course with a total of at least 40 hours of training for life, accident, and health insurance, or at least 20 hours for either the life alone or accident & health insurance only.

• Pass the licensure exam provided by PSI Services within two years of enrolling for the license.

• Applicants seeking variable life/variable annuities authorization must provide documentation of passing FINRA series 6, 7, or 63.

Online Live Class for Self-Study in Texas

In Texas, to get a certification, the examination must be completed with a score of 70% or above.

To attend the online classes, you should be at eighteen years or older and have a general knowledge of the field.

Ensure to take your assessment no later than five days after the course (test completion is not necessary for those obtaining a provisional insurance license).

Online Class Self-study

Satisfactory achievement of the final insurance test administered and scored on the last day of online class qualifies candidates to register for a state insurance license.

In addition to the online class time, the candidate must perform ten hours of self-study and produce a self-study declaration to the online class teacher stating this.

The candidate should first satisfy all needed education hours, including self-study time, in order to be qualified to take the final assessment course.

The webinar allows individuals to discuss issues they could not handle during their self-study.

Requirements for Texas Online Courses

Forced progression: This forces the user to fulfill each page of the online course correctly before moving on to another.

Protocol: The three-hour scheduled certification test course must be administered by a neutral outside party in order for an insurance completion certificate to be awarded and granted.

Continuing Education 

Individuals might take continuing education classes to improve their abilities in a certain study.

Continuing education is normally required to maintain a professional insurance license.

Insurance practitioners must take Insurance Continuing Education to stay current after acquiring a state license, completing the content outline, and finding a permanent position.

They must also stay current on pertinent insurance concerns, maintain competitiveness, and keep their insurance licenses active.

Continuing education requirements for insurance agents can be met through a variety of continuing education providers that provide certified courses.

 Insurance license continuing education has state-approved standards from the Texas Department of Insurance.

Pass Rates and Learning Time Recommendations

According to our knowledge, health and life insurance exam pass rates vary significantly by state.

However, the qualifying mark for all assessments is 70%, and using examination preparation tools can let you determine whether you’re on track to succeed the first time.

To excel in the Texas life and health insurance license insurance test, the average test applicant may anticipate investing 35 to 40 hours preparing.

Background check in Texas using fingerprints

The majority of persons who seek a Texas life insurance license must first receive a fingerprinting background check from IdentoGO and then submit a fingerprinting receipt indicating that their biometrics were transmitted on business days to the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Some persons can request a waiver from having their biometrics taken.

The fingerprinting is on-demand.

Using IdentoGO makes it easier for you to process your fingerprints.

If you want to work at an insurance company, especially the Houston insurance company, ensure that you meet all the insurance license requirements.

Texas Department of Insurance

Licensing Division MC 107-1A

333 Guadalupe 

Austin, TX 78701

P.O.Box 149104

Austin, TX 78714-9104

Phone: 512-676-6000 or 800-578-4677

Website: https://www.tdi.texas.gov/


When studying, strive to keep your surroundings free of distractions.

It’s critical to minimize multitasking and keep focused on what you’re studying if you want your brain to retain new knowledge.

Creating a study schedule for a few months may enable you to carve out time when you can fully concentrate on exam preparation.

Use practice examinations once you’ve got a decent grip on the topic.

These will allow you to assess how effectively you have assimilated the knowledge in your courses and where you still need to improve.

It is recommended that you take at least a single practice exam under testing settings.

This can help you figure out if your pacing is appropriate for finishing the test in the allowed time.



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