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This article will explain how to get a 215 license in Florida, 215 license continuing education requirements and qualification requirements for a life & health license.

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We will specifically delve into the following essential areas:

What is a 215 license?
Who needs a 215 license?
Certification requirements for the 2-15 license
Best 2-15 courses available

Florida laws require you to own an insurance license to trade in insurance products in Florida.

An insurance license ensures that the insurance agent is competent enough to offer insurance products to clients.

Our comprehensive article will analyze the 215 life, health, and variable annuities agent license in Florida,

Let’s start with the basics!


Only 40% of Florida’s population own a health insurance policy, 9% below the country’s average.

Therefore acquiring a Florida health and life insurance license is a smart career move due to the high demand for insurance products and services.

To acquire an insurance license, you must pass an insurance licensing exam that demonstrates your understanding of insurance products, regulations, and requirements.

The three main Florida insurance licenses are;

What is a 215 license?

The state of Florida requires that all agents selling health and annuities policies posses an insurance license.

The Florida 2-15 license allows you to transact in fixed or variable dollar annuity contracts, life and health insurance from the same insurance company.

Insurance brokers interested in selling variable annuities require an additional Series 6 security or Series 7 stock brokers license.

The Florida 2-15 license issued by the Florida Department of Financial Services aims to maintain high quality and ethical standards in the Florida insurance industry.

Who needs a 2-15 license?

If you’re interested in starting your insurance profession in Florida, acquiring a Florida insurance license will be a good idea.

Having an insurance license means that you meet the statutory obligations of ethics and public safety.

The 2-15 life health and annuity license is for health, life insurance, and annuities (fixed and variable contracts) insurance agents.

You can sell these insurance products with a 2-15 insurance license.

  • Health and life insurance policy
  • Annuities
  • Medicare supplements
  • Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) products
  • Long term care and managed health policies

The 2-15 license is an in-demand insurance license in Florida due to the large client base and varied insurance products you can sell.

Keep reading for all the information on how to get the 2-15 insurance license.

Certification requirements for the 2-15 license

The Florida Department of financial services awards the 2-15 license after satisfying these insurance license requirements.

To qualify for a 2-15 license, you must:

  • Be 18 years of age and above
  • Be an American citizen or legal alien with a work permit
  • Be a Florida resident 

If you’re from another state, check your eligibility with the Florida department of financial services.

An Insurance agent licensed in other states can transfer their insurance licenses to Florida after confirming with the Florida state department.

  • Have your fingerprints taken
  • Pay the licensing application fee
  • Complete a 60-hour pre-licensing course from a Florida state-approved institution

There are some exemptions to the 60-hour pre-licensing course that we will discuss below.

Please note that the pre-licensing course is time-sensitive and must not be four years older than the licensing application date.

  • Have a social security number
  • Not be a funeral director or have any direct link with the funeral business.
  • Not be a veteran affairs department employee or any state office as prescribed in section 626.788 of the Florida laws.
  • Pass the state licensing exam

Check up with the Florida state department of financial services for any additional information as the requirements periodically change.

These are the basic requirements needed to acquire the Florida Life and Health Insurance License.

You are exempt from the 60 hours 215 prelicensing course if:

  • You apply for the Florida 215 insurance license from an accepted state using a legally accepted reciprocity (you still need to pass the state exam)
  • You actively tutored a Florida approved 215 life and health licensing course within the last four years prior to your license application
  • You posses a degree that entailed atleast 9 semester hours inlie, health, varible contracts and annuity training from a state approved college/university (an official transcript is necessary for state licensing exam exemption)
  • You acquire Florida citizenship while holding an equivalent authority line insurance license from a reciprocal state not greater than one year ago(licensing application must be submitted within 90 days of becoming a Florida resident)
  • Have  a valid Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) designation from the American College of Financial Services (this designation exempts you from state examination)

The state of Florida’s 2-15 insurance eligibility criteria requires some minimum insurance education requirements.

The 2-15 licensing exam structure

Before discussing the best pre-licensing courses available, let’s analyze the 2-15 licensing exam structure.

The Florida 2-15 health and life insurance license exam comprises 165 questions, with 15 are pre-test questions that don’t count to your final score randomly scattered in the exam.

The exam pass mark is 70% and above, translating to 105 correct answers.

Your exam pass is valid for one year; if you don’t finish the licensing process within one year, you’ll need to retake the exam.

The 2-15 licensing exam has a time limit of 2 hours and 45 minutes.

You can attempt the 2-15 licensing exam in state-approved exam centers in Fort Myers, Sarasota, and Fort Lauderdale.

Ensure that you carry along the following documents:

  • A current unexpired photo ID in English (driver’s license, military ID, passport) – The ID names should directly match the names on the registration forms
  • Exam confirmation number
  • A translational dictionary is allowed if needed
  • It’s advisable to enrol for a Florida 215 insurance pre license course online to adequately prepare yourself for the state 215 exam
  • The different types of life policies including features – 8%
  • Riders, exclusions, provisions, and life policy options – 12%
  • Underwriting, application, completion, and delivery of life policies- 8%
  • Life insurance concepts including taxes and retirement – 5%
  • Different types of health policies – 9%
  • Riders, provisions, and clauses of health policies- 14%
  • Social insurance policies – 2%
  • General health insurance concepts – 3%
  • Field underwriting procedures – 6%
  • General Florida statutes, provisions, rules and regulations – 13%
  • Life and annuity rules, laws and statutes – 10%
  • Health insurance statutes, rules and regulations -10%

Best 2-15 pre-licensing courses available today

Whether through self-study or an online course, an exam prep course is a great way to prepare yourself for the upcoming final exams.

Furthermore, Florida requires that you accumulate 60 hours of life insurance classes to get a life insurance license.

Enrollment in part-time or full-time insurance agent courses is a simple procedure that will save you a ton of time and money in the long run.

A pre-licensing course will help you perfect your answers to common exam questions through practice exams available in an insurance licensing class.

Before enrolling in a life and health license pre-licensing class, confirm that the training institution’s provider ID is valid in the state of Florida.

Here are some of the best 215 pre-licensing courses that you can use to prepare yourself for the final licensure exam.

1. Central Insurance School

The Central Insurance School offers an interactive in-class and online course with a study manual that covers all the main points of the 215 license Florida exam.

The main features of the central insurance training course are:

  • 60 hours 2-15 In-class and online training course
  • Continuing education classes for 2-15 license renewal
  • 40 hours 2-14 life and variable annuity qualification training course
  • 40 hours 2-40 health license qualification training course

2. Gold coast school

Gold coast schools offer an in-class, live stream, and online courses to adequately prepare you for the 2-15 licensing exam.

Features of the Gold cost certification training course includes:

  • 60 hours in-class, online and virtual 2-15 training course
  • Course study guide book to help familiarize yourself with the exam topics
  • One year access to the training course
  • Intuitive exam-cram workbook 
  • An up to date 2-15 exam cram course
  • Access to one year of online training with no additional retake fees

3. American Safety License Course

The American safety council offers dynamic 215 pre-licensing courses for potential insurance producers in the life and health insurance sector.

The licensing courses by the American safety council are all state-approved and will adequately prepare you for the final insurance licensing exam.

The main features of the American safety license course include:

  • Interactive 1300+ question practice exam
  • 60 hours of the state-approved pre-licensing course
  • The state-approved 2-15 license study manual
  • 100% online self-paced study
  • Unlimited practice exam attempts

All these insurance pre-licensing courses are crucial for getting an insurance license in Florida.

Getting an insurance license largely depends on how well you’ve prepared yourself for your final licensing exam.

What is life insurance continuing education?

A common concern amongst many life insurance professionals is how to renew a 215 license in Florida.

The first step towards renewing your insurance sales licensing is to complete the mandatory continuing education(CE) course.

Continuing education(CE) allows Florida life and health insurance adjusters to operate with high ethical and professional standards.

The total credit hours needed for the Florida life insurance license renewal varies depending on the health license operational period.

Here is a complete breakdown of the continuing education requirement.

1. Operational period of fewer than 6 years

  • 24 hours of state-sanctioned continuing education classes, including 5 hours of law and ethics updated course every two years.

2. Operational period of more than 6 years

  • 20 hours of state-approved continuing education course, including an updated 5-hour session on law and ethics every two years.

Satisfying my life and health insurance continuing education classes will allow me to keep your 215 license current, increasing credibility with clients.


We hope that you’ve enjoyed our in-depth guide on how to get a health insurance license in Florida.

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That’s why we have prepared this detailed life insurance licensed FAQ section to ensure that no part of this important topic is left unanswered.





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