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Regulation of Investment Advisers including state-registered and federal covered advisers

Regulation of Investment Advisers including state-registered and federal covered advisers deck 1

Regulation of Investment Advisers including state-registered and federal covered advisers deck 2

Regulation of Investment Advisers including state-registered and federal covered advisers deck 3

Regulation of Investment Advisers including state-registered and federal covered advisers deck 4

Regulation of Investment Adviser Representatives

Regulation of Investment Adviser Representatives deck 1

Regulations of Broker Dealers

Regulations of Broker Dealers deck 1

Regulations of Agents Broker-Dealers

Regulations of Agents Broker-Dealers deck 1

Regulations of Agents Broker-Dealers deck 2

Regulations of Agents Broker-Dealers deck 3

Regulation of Securities and Issuers

Regulation of Securities and Issuers deck 1

Regulation of Securities and Issuers deck 2

Regulation of Securities and Issuers deck 3

Remedies and Administrative Provisions

Remedies and Administrative Provisions deck 1

Remedies and Administrative Provisions deck 2

Remedies and Administrative Provisions deck 3

Communications with Customer and Prospects

Communications with Customer and Prospects deck 1

Communications with Customer and Prospects deck 2

Communications with Customer and Prospects deck 3

Ethical Practices and Obligations

Ethical Practices and Obligations deck 1

Ethical Practices and Obligations deck 2

Ethical Practices and Obligations deck 3

Ethical Practices and Obligations deck 4

How to Use Our Series 63 Flashcards

The Series 63 exam content outline has eight topics.

So are our Series 63 flashcard decks.

Each deck allows you to review the key concepts in a specific chapter.

You can make the most of these cards if you use them effectively in your exam prep.

There are several functions that can help you navigate and make the most of your flashcards study time.

First, there are two functions on the bottom left side of each deck: switch front and back sides and shuffle.

The shuffle function allows you to mix the cards.

This breaks the monotony and gives your brain a little challenge that will trigger thinking.

The switch front and back side functions are what the name suggests.

You can switch the back side to the front and vice versa.

Each deck has a star at the top right.

Use this function to star cards you want to return to later on.

These may be flashcards you find difficult.

Below each deck, there are two arrows.

These two arrows allow you to return to the previous card or move to the next one.

Strategies to Make the Most Series 63 Flashcards

The Uniform Securities Agent State Law Exam has 65 questions.

On the surface, it may seem like a walk in the park, but it isn’t.

The exam prep for this FINRA exam requires all the study tools you can get to pass the first time.

And now that we have free Series 63 flashcards, it’s in your interest to make the most of these very effective Series 63 study materials.

That said, how do you go about it?

Here is an overview of strategies that can help you.

First, instead of blocking long study hours, use the pomodoro technique.

This technique requires you to break your study time into four or five 25 minutes study sessions with 5-10 minutes breaks.

After four or five cycles, you take a long break and start all over again.

This technique keeps things fresh.

When you are just about to relax or lose interest, you take a break and come back rejuvenated to assimilate more information.

Further, shuffle the cards after every break to enhance your retention capacity.

You’ll be giving your brain a new challenge every time.

With this strategy, there’s no way you’ll zone out.

You’ll be forced to be active through and through.

As you concentrate for 25 minutes, use abbreviations to reduce how much information you need to memorize.

Abbreviations make it easier to understand the flow of information.

Another common strategy is to use the flashcards with other Series 63 materials.

You can leverage Series 63 notes and the Series 63 study guide for a comprehensive overview of the exam content.

You’ll be able to better link concepts and understand the relationship between different ideas.

Further, Series 63 practice exams are an excellent way to test knowledge learned from the flashcards.

After reviewing the flashcards, you can also take practice questions for each chapter.

This is an excellent way to test how much you’ve grasped and find the areas you need to study further.

Finally, most test-takers assume they know the answer since they recognize the question. 

Hence, there’s no need to say it aloud or even note it in their mind.

They turn the flashcard without confirming if their answer is correct.

Learning means you can recall and articulate what you’ve recalled.

And flipping the flashcards without recalling what’s on the back won’t do you any good.

Make sure you have the answer before you flip a card.

Why Series 63 Flashcards Are Excellent Study Tools

Using Series 63 flashcards to learn is an excellent way to retain information.

Flashcards use active recall.

When you check the question on one side, your brain is stimulated to think of the response.

You trigger your brain to recall the answer.

With every review, the information is embedded in your long-term memory, and you can effectively bring it to mind whenever a question arises.

Generally, using cards enhances information retention.

Secondly, Series 63 flashcards will help you remember key concepts that might be difficult to remember.

When using flashcards, you use spaced repetition.

You review the information on the cards after a particular period.

The more you see the same information, the more you’ll remember the information.

Spaced repetition helps you remember complex concepts with ease.

The best way to go about the difficult concepts is to star them and review them a few times a day.

If you are consistent, it’s only a matter of time before your mind masters the content.

Next, flashcards activate different types of memory.

If you are a visual learner, the information on the cards goes to visual memory every time you see them.

The cards are also perfect if you read them loud as an ear-minded individual.

Lastly, flashcards are convenient.

In our case, you can use our Series 63 digital flashcards wherever you are.

You don’t need to be at home or the office to do your Series 63 exam prep.


Series 63 flashcards are among the many study resources we’ve put together to help you ace the final exam.

You can use this tool with our Series 63 cheat sheet and study guide for the best results.

Further, our practice tests will help you make the most of the Series 63 flashcards.

Important to note is that Series 63 flashcards are for review.

They shouldn’t be your primary exam prep material.

We hope you’ll find the cards and the many tips we’ve shared helpful.

Series 63 Exam Prep FAQs

What are Series 63 flashcards?

Series 63 flashcard is a two-sided card with a prompt on one side and information about the prompt on the other. The cards help learners improve and memorize key concepts that would otherwise be difficult to learn in the Series 63 exam. Flashcards use active recall and spaced repetition techniques.

How can flashcards help you to pass your Series 63 exams?

Series 63 is designed to test securities agents on the principles of state securities regulation reflected in the Uniform Securities Act. The exam questions are tricky, so flashcards help learners grasp state securities regulations and rules. Reviewing the cards repeatedly reinforces the lessons learned.

What is the Series 63 pass rate?

The pass rate for FINRA Series 63 exam ranges from 70%-75%. The exam is fairly challenging. But you can pass. You must be proficient in securities laws, federally covered securities, brokerage regulations, etc. Generally, you need to understand the securities market laws in your state.

Is Series 63 a hard exam?

Yes. The Series 63 exam is challenging. The exam has a passing score of 72%. Test-takers must score at least 43 out of the 60 multiple-choice questions to pass. The questions are set to confuse you. Plus, the time is a bit tight.

How many hours should you study for Series 63?

Those who’ve taken the Series 63 exam recommend 40-50 hours. That’s around one to two weeks, depending on how you’ve set your learning schedule. Some exam-takers take up to two months. But generally, you’ll want to register for the exam before you start studying.

What is the best Series 63 study material?

There are several:
– Kaplan Financial Education
– ExamFX
– Pass Perfect
– Securities Training Corporation
– Securities Corporation of America
The exam prep courses come with many materials, including a Series 63 study plan, study guide, cheat sheet, flashcards, and practice exams. The study materials’ costs also vary.

What is the passing score for Series 63?

The passing score is 72%. Learners must score 43 out of 60 questions to pass. To ace this exam, you must cover the content outline. Plus, on the exam day, take your time to read the question and all the choices before you settle for an answer.

When is the next Series 63 exam?

Series 63 is a North American Securities Administrators Association exam, which is administered by FINRA. Contact the nearest Prometric testing center or check their website to find out the next exam dates. Once you enroll, you have 120 waiting days until the exam date.

What are the Series 63 test questions like?

Series 63 is a multiple-choice question exam. The questions are drawn from topics including the regulation of investment adviser representatives, broker-dealers, agents of broker-dealers, securities and issuers, and investment advisers. Test-takers are also tested on remedies and administrative provisions, communication with customers and prospects, and ethical practices and obligations.




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