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Our free series 63 cheat sheet to help reduce your study time

Be sure to check our other articles in this series for more informative guides on preparing for the Series 63 exam.

You’ll also learn about the tips you can use to make the most of the cheat sheet.

Now, without wasting time, let’s jump straight into it.

Tips to Make the Most of the Series 63 Cheat Sheet

The Series 63 cheat sheet is an excellent study tool for test-takers preparing for the Series 63 exam.

The cheat sheet compresses all the key concepts over the four topics covered in the actual exam.

After reviewing the manual provided by the prep course provider, a cheat sheet helps reinforce the information further.

It works as a reference tool.

The best way to make the most of our Series 63 cheat sheet is to use it with our other resources.

For example, after taking our Series 63 practice exam, you can review the questions you found challenging using the cheat sheet instead of flipping over the study manual.

The same goes for when taking the chapters’ practice questions.

Further, apart from using the cheat sheet to review the practice tests, you can add additional information that you came across in the tests on the sheet.

This way, all the important information that can potentially come in the FINRA Series 63 exam is consolidated in one area.

Additionally, you can cross-check information on our Series 63 study guide to gain more comprehensive knowledge of the exam questions.

Thirdly, flashcards and cheat sheets work together.

The content you find difficult to grasp on the cheat sheet can be easily reinforced using a flashcard.

Active recall and spaced repetition techniques used in flashcards allow you to remember information over time.

And since you’ll be reviewing this information repeatedly, you’ll recall the complex information faster.

That said, why is the Series 63 cheat sheet an important study tool that you should consider in your Series 63 test prep?

It’s easier to process the information on a study sheet than in a study manual.

As you plan your study calendar, plan a specific study time to review the cheat sheet.

This way, you can easily concentrate on the critical aspects of the exam content.

Given the concise information on the Series 63 cheat sheet, it’s easier to notice patterns.

A cheat sheet gives you a holistic picture of the exam content.

You can review the key concepts more thoroughly and explore the connection between different topics.

Secondly, a cheat sheet gives you a new approach to learning.

Instead of the traditional learning method where you have to read everything in a book, a cheat sheet is straightforward.

It gives you the motivation to learn.

Further, study sheets promote independent learning.

The condensed notes make learning effective.

Series 63 cheat sheet provides helpful information for the qualification exam.

When you’ve reviewed the exam content thoroughly, you tend to be more confident in your ability to take the actual exam.

In essence, using the Series 63 cheat sheet helps reduce stress and boost your confidence.


Our downloadable Series 63 cheat sheet is one of the study materials in our Series 63 study hub that you wouldn’t want to miss.

The study sheet has all the information you need outlined clearly and concisely.

You can use it with our other study resources for the best results.

In fact, as you slot your study time, set aside some minutes to simply review the sheet.

Remember, a cheat sheet can’t be your primary study tool.

You must use it in conjunction with other study resources for the best results.

Series 63 Exam Prep FAQs

How can a cheat sheet help you ace the Series 63 exam?

The Series 63 exam cheat sheet condenses the four areas of the uniform securities agent state law exam into an easy-to-learn format. The cheat sheet makes exam preparation easier. You can use this study tool together with other Series 63 study materials for the best result.

What to bring to the Series 63 exam?

The Series 63 exam is a closed-book exam. That means you are not allowed to get into the exam room with any study materials. You are required to lock your belongings in a locker before the exam. The proctor provides scratch paper only.

Is the Series 63 exam hard?

Series 63 is challenging. Primarily because of the exam time and the nature of the questions and answer choices. You need adequate preparation to have any chance of passing the first time. Use Series 63 practice questions to familiarize yourself with the Series 63 exam questions.

How do I study for the Series 63 exam?

Start with reviewing the exam content outline on the North American Securities Administrators Association. Develop a Series 63 study plan. You can also download one. Use a study manual to have an overview of the exam content. Review the Series 63 study guide and cheat sheets. Take many practice exams.

What is the best Series 63 study material?

The best study materials that you’ll find with most Series 63 exam prep courses include:
– Series 63 flashcards
– Series 63 study manual
– Series 63 study guide
– Series 63 quick sheet
– Series 63 practice exams and questions
These materials cover the Series 63 content in depth.

What are the different sections of Series 63?

The four sections of the Series 63 exam include the following:
– Securities regulations 45%
– Ethical practices and business obligations 25%
– Customer communication 20%
– Administrative provisions 10%
The four sections are weighted differently. That means your preparation should factor that in.

What is the maximum number of questions on Series 63?

The Series 63 exam has 65 multiple-choice questions. Five questions are pretest and therefore not scored. Thus, only 60 questions will go toward your final score. The passing score is 72%. That means you must score at least 43 questions out of 60 to pass.

Where can I find a Series 63 study guide?

There are many test prep providers for the securities exam, including Series 63. You can find a free Series 63 study guide on our website, Career Employer. Other providers include Pass Perfect, Kaplan, Solomon Exam Prep, and Mometrix Test Preparation. Some of the study guides are free, and others are paid.

What is the difference between Series 63 and Series 65?

Series 65 is a FINRA exam designed for registered representatives registered by broker-dealers who want to register as investment adviser representatives for an investment adviser firm. Series 63 exam is for securities professionals who want to sell securities products to residents of a state. It covers securities industry regulations.

What is the best way to study for the Series 63 exam?

Start your preparation two weeks before the exam. Review the study materials before getting started on the Series 63 sample questions. The question will give you a feel of the actual exam. It will also sharpen your test-taking skills.

What does the Series 63 test cover?

The Series 63 exam covers the principles of state securities regulation reflected in the Uniform Securities Act. The exam tests learners on their knowledge of state law and regulations. It also delves into ethical practices, customer communication, and administrative provision.




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