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Series 63 Study Hub Navigation

In this Series 63 study hub, you’ll find all the necessary exam prep resources.

The top navigation lists all the articles in this study hub.

Click any of the titles, and you’ll be taken straight to the article you need.

The Content Navigation gives you an overview of the headings in this article.

You can jump straight to any section of the article.

The sidebar navigation gives a quick overview of the content outline.

Navigate to the specific section of this article that you want to learn more about.

If you are using a mobile device, the bar is on the bottom right.

Apart from that, our Series 63 study hub has many study materials.

Here is an overview of the articles in this study series, together with the study tools we offer.

Find a downloadable Series 63 study plan PDF for different time frames, including one, three, six, and twelve months.

We’ve also given you a breakdown of how long it takes to study for the Series 63 exam.

Further, you’ll find study habits to help you stick to your Series 63 study calendar.

Here you can check our Series 63 study plan.

Our Series 63 study guide is broken down into the four topics covered in the Series 63 exam.

You’ll find links to the individual chapters so that you can easily navigate the information you need.

We’ve also discussed strategies you can implement to make the most of our study guide, plus how the Series 63 study guide can help you pass the final exam.

Here is a link to our Free Series 63 study guide.

We know practice exams are the best way to study for the Series 63 exam.

Hence, we’ve tailored four full-length Series 63 practice exams to help you familiarize yourself with the exam structure.

You’ll also learn how to make the most of the Series 63 practice exam and why it’s crucial to take as many of them as possible.

Here is a link to our Free Series 63 practice exam and practice quizzes.

Find Series 63 flashcards tailored explicitly for your Series 63 exam preparation.

The decks have different functions to allow you to maximize their usage.

Further, we’ve given you key pointers to ensure you get the best results when using the Series 63 flashcards.

Here is a link to our Free Series 63 Flashcards.

This article covers the best Series 63 study material providers in the securities industry.

We share our top picks and what makes them stand out.

We also tell you the areas these providers need to improve for the best results.

Here is a link that talks about the Best premium Series 63 study materials.

Here we give you a downloadable Series 63 cheat sheet.

We also highlight tips you can use to make the most of the study sheets.

Here is a link to our Series 63 cheat sheet.

Our last article in the Series 63 study hub gives you an overview of the uniform securities agent state law examination.

You’ll learn about the exam structure, pass rate, and passing score.

You’ll also find an FAQ session addressing your concerns about this securities exam.

Here is link to our Series 63 exam frequenntly asked questions page.

Series 63 Exam Preparation Tips

We know exams, more often than not, elicit anxiety.

The same is the case with the Series 63 exam.

Candidates writing Series 63 shouldn’t expect a walk in the park, that’s for sure.

Hence, in this section, we will cover the logical ways you can follow to ensure you ace the exam on your first attempt.

Experts recommend that those preparing for the exam put in at least 30 hours.

That’s not counting extra exam prep time, including the study guide, flashcards, or taking practice exams. 

Thus, we want to help you prepare for this FINRA Series exam and boost your confidence.

We hope you’ll be up for the task after reading these Series 63 test prep tips.

Read Through the Coursework

Ok, so this sounds obvious, right?

But for this exam, this must be your starting point.

And here’s the reason why.

Every candidate who writes the Series 63 exam will notice that the coursework covers information they would never have seen before. 

There’s nothing you will find recognizable, and there’s a lot of legalistic speech to get through and, hopefully, understand. 

So make sure you read through the coursework first, cover to cover.

This is all about giving yourself an overview of what is expected in the final exam.

And if the concepts aren’t clear the first time, read through them again.

There’s no shortcut! 

Take Notes and Highlight Key Concepts

The coursework is text-heavy.

So, once you’ve read through everything, take the time to review the coursework again, but this time look for key concepts.

You can highlight key ideas or take notes and write them in your own words for a better understanding.

You can also leverage video lectures to reinforce the information you’ve learned.

Some Series 63 prep courses provide class notes, making your learning easier.

All of us have different learning styles.

So, apply what works for you.

Come Up With a Study Strategy

Once you’ve gone through the coursework, highlighted key concepts, and taken notes, it’s time to devise a study strategy. 

While some of us can just wing it when it comes to studying, it’s advisable to draw up your study plan to ensure you cover everything.

Even better, you can download our free Series 63 study plan.

In the study calendar, ensure you have time to review all the Series 63 exam materials.

That’s not just the coursework but also extras like study guides, practice exams, and more. 

Make sure you include revision work in your study plan as well. 

Revision is the perfect way to keep concepts you’ve read fresh in your mind. 

Perhaps you can begin each day’s study work by going through the concepts you learned the day before.

There’s no doubt that a proper study strategy can help ensure you are ready for this NASAA Series exam.

Prepare Yourself for Long Questions

Because a lot of what is covered in the coursework is legal speech, Series 63 exam questions are extremely long-winded.

The best way to prepare for that is to take Series 63 practice exams structured the same as the actual exam.

It goes without saying that when approaching long-winded questions, reading them thoroughly goes a long way to understanding them. 

The best strategy is to read the questions twice before you check the answer choices.

Important to note here is that you only have 75 minutes to get through 65 questions.

So, pay special attention to time.

Experts say that looking at the last line of the question will help to determine exactly what it wants as an answer.

So focus on that when taking Series 63 practice tests.

Practice Questions and Exams Are a Must 

Besides understanding the coursework thoroughly, taking as many Series 63 practice questions as possible is necessary.

As mentioned earlier, the 30 exam prep hours are the minimum study time.

It will be better if you commit more time, especially now that you need to take several full-length practice exams.

Series 63 practice tests are good indicators of what you can expect in the actual exam.

You can rest assured that if you aren’t passing practice exams, you have no chance of hitting the passing score when it comes to the actual exam.

Aim to score 80% and above in the practice exams before taking the test.

Series 63 Exam Test-Taking Tips

The Uniform Securities State Law Examination is like no other.

The content covered in the exam revolves around state securities law and regulations

There are high chances that you’ve never come across such information.

So, don’t bank on the previous FINRA securities exam you’ve taken before.

They won’t help you.

It’s better to know beforehand what you are dealing with to make the most of your Series 63 exam prep time.

That said, here are Series 63 exam tips.

There Are No Maths Questions

While most FINRA Series exams have maths questions, the Series 63 exam doesn’t.

The exam comprises lengthy questions that highlight different scenarios.

You’ll experience subjective questions that require you to be conversant with the Series 63 exam content.

To be on the safe side, take many exam simulations to familiarize yourself with the actual exam.

Be Conscious of Time

In the Series 63 exam, time is a crucial factor.

Unlike other FINRA exams, where test-takers have plenty of time to complete the exam questions, the Series 63 exam is known for its limited time.

Don’t get caught up in the long questions.

If a question is proving difficult, you can give your best guess and come to it later.

Learn to pace yourself using Series 63 practice tests early on.

This will help you with the main exam.

Similar Answers

A great way to approach multiple-choice questions is to eliminate the wrong answers first.

The wrong choices aren’t too difficult to notice if you’ve read the question thoroughly. 

In Series 63, however, while eliminating answers is doable, you’ll notice that two of the answers are very similar. 

Chances are, one of the two choices is the correct answer. 

So, to make the elimination process easy, ensure you’ve mastered the coursework like the back of your hands.


The worst mistake you’ll make with the Series 63 exam is underestimating its difficulty level.

The concepts tested in the exam are new, and there are high chances you’ll rarely use the information in your day-to-day professional work.

However, if you want to pass, you must make the most of your Series 63 exam prep time.

The tips we’ve shared will help you organize your learning and use your study tools effectively.

Passing the Series 63 exam is easy if you are well-prepared.

So, get started with your exam preparation now.

Series 63 Exam Prep FAQs

How long does it take to study for the Series 63 exam?

It takes 30-40 hours to study for the Series 63 exam. Most test-takers leverage Series 63 prep courses that come with a wide range of study materials, including Series 63 flashcards, a study guide, a cheat sheet, and practice exams. Balance your study time to include practice test reviews.

Is the Series 63 exam hard?

The Series 63 exam is moderately challenging. The exam tests learners on state securities laws and regulations. The exam questions’ structure is tricky. Hence, learners must be keen when taking the exam. The exam takes 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete, which many test-takers find quite short.

How do I study for the Series 63 exam?

– Find the right course materials. You can resort to live classes, self-study packages, or a combination.
– Go through the exam prep course materials, starting with the study manual.
– Use the Series 63 cheat sheet and study guide
– Take many Series 63 practice questions

What is the best Series 63 study material?

There are many excellent Series 63 study materials providers.
You can find great study materials from:
– ExamFX
– Kaplan Financial Education
– Securities Training Corporation (STC)
– Securities Corporation of America (SCA)
– Pass Perfect
These exam prep course providers have online courses at different price points.

What are the best books for the Series 63 study guide?

The best Series 63 exam study guide includes:
– License Exam Manual by Kaplan
– Series 63 Exam Secrets Study Guide by Mometric Test Preparation
– Series 63 Futures Licensing Exam Review 2021+ Test Bank by the Securities Institute of America

What is the passing rate for the Series 63 exam?

The passing rate for the FINRA Series 63 exam is 70-75%, according to Pass Perfect. That means the failure rate for first-time test-takers is around 30%. The Series 63 licensing exam is challenging. So, take time to cover the four topic areas in detail.



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