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The top picks that we’ll be talking about in this article include:

  • Securities Training Corporation
  • ExamFX
  • Securities Institute of America
  • Pass Perfect
  • Kaplan Financial Education

Keep reading to learn what makes these exam prep providers stand out and what they can do to improve their study packages.

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Securities Training Corporation

Securities Training Corporation, also known as STCUSA, has a long-standing track record in the securities industry since 1969.

STCUSA has the perfect resources for learners who prefer self-guided studies with printed study manuals.

The test prep materials are categorized into three tiers, each with additional study resources than the prior.

Here are the packages and the study materials they come with.

Series 63 Standard Package goes for $88.83.

It gives you access to:

  • Final exams
  • Printed and online study manual
  • Free course updates
  • 24/7 tech support
  • Crunch times facts
  • Access to instructor hotline

This is the basic plan.

As we go along, you’ll notice that STCUSA locks up a pass guarantee in its last two tiers, which is unfortunate for test-takers who settle for the standard plan.

The second plan is the Series 63 Premier, which goes for $130.63.

Apart from the resources that come with the basic plan, you’ll also get access to:

  • STC pass guarantee
  • Flashcards
  • On-demand lectures
  • Green light exams
  • Progress exams

The additional training resources make it easy for learners to grasp complex topics that may otherwise be challenging.

The on-demand lecture videos and flashcards are particularly helpful for visual learners.

The last package, Series 63 Premier Plus, is $182.88.

STCUSA has outdone itself with this package.

Apart from all the study resources you get in the first two packages, you’ll also choose between live virtual or in-person classes.

Suppose you can’t attend either.

You can sign up for a recorded live virtual class.

The package you settle for depends on your learning style and the depth of your pocket.

We can all agree that with the high pass rate of 95%, STCUSA offers excellent Series 63 exam preparation tools.

Its practice tests come with a button you can turn on to get explanations for the questions and answers.

Consequently, you can turn off the button, do the practice questions and then turn it back on when reviewing the test.

Even more impressive are the continuing education resources that those who’ve earned the Series 63 license can leverage to maintain their licenses.

The corporation gives test-takers six months’ access to the study materials.

Let’s now review the advantages and disadvantages of the Securities Training Corporation Series 63 study materials.


  • The prep course packages cater to different needs and learning styles.
  • Learners have access to the instructor hotline through email or call. There’s also instructor support.
  • Test-takers with iOS can access the study materials through a mobile app.
  • STCUSA has webinars that run for a half day at a fraction of the prep course costs. These webinars are ideal for those who don’t want the whole study package.


  • The mobile is an excellent idea, but it’s only accessible to iOS users.
  • The standard package doesn’t have a money-back guarantee.
  • The Premier Plus Package is a little overpriced, given the price range of other test prep course providers.
  • The video lecture is only on the top-tier package.

Bottom line?

The Securities Training Corporation has excellent resources.

Whether you settle for the self-study package or the one with in-person training, you’ll still get value for your money.

Hence, we give it five stars since it has one of the most comprehensive offerings.


ExamFX offers three study packages for the Series 63 exam preparation materials.

Its study resources stand out for their reasonable pricing and excellent instructor support services.

Further, the study materials are quite resourceful.

The first package, the Self Study Package, is $69.95.

This plan gives you access to:

  • Digital textbook with chapter quizzes
  • Online exam simulations
  • Guarantee exam
  • Readiness exam
  • An interactive learning portal
  • Extensive question bank
  • Adaptive learning technology

You might have noticed that, unlike STCUSA, ExamFX offers a guarantee exam in its first plan and all the subsequent offerings, which is a plus.

Learners who score 80% in the guarantee exam three days before the actual exam are eligible for a full refund if they fail it.

What’s more, the extensive Qbank allows test-takers to create unlimited practice questions.

Again, the adaptive learning technology provides feedback to students on their progress as they take the practice tests and the areas they need to improve.

The second package, the Video Study Package, goes for $109.83.

This package comes with everything in the Self Study Package and several other study tools, including:

  • On-demand videos
  • Online flashcards

And finally, the premium package, known as the Live Online Package, costs $153 and comes with live instructions.

The live online training is perfect for students who need extra help to prepare for the Series 63 exam.

During the sessions, students can ask Series 63 tutors questions.

But there’s also an option of emailing on their own time.

ExamFX reports a passing rate of 99%, which is quite impressive if you ask us.

That said, what are the pros and cons of ExamFX?


  • The study packages are reasonably priced compared to other Series 63 study materials.
  • The array of exams, readiness, simulation and guarantee is perfect for determining knowledge and test exam readiness.
  • The money-back guarantee for all three packages shows how much ExamFX trusts in its study materials.


  • Learners only have three months’ access to the study resources
  • ExamFX doesn’t have a print study manual.
  • The mobile app comes at an additional fee of $6.99. It would be best if it’s included in the cost of the study packages.

ExamFX stands out as one of the best Series 63 exam prep courses because of its reasonable prices and comprehensive study packages ideal for different learning styles.

We give it five stars.

Securities Institute of America

The Securities Institute of America offers the best study packages for learners who prefer self-study.

The institute works with John Wiley $ Sons, one of the largest financial information publishers.

Its study resources come with all the study tools you’ll need to prepare for the Series 63 exam.

The prep course’s most comprehensive package, Series 63 Complete Self-Study Solution, is $149.

This plan has many study materials.

You’ll get access to:

  • A 215-page textbook and ebook
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Test bank with 800 questions
  • Checkpoint exams
  • Series 63 cheat sheet
  • Green light exam
  • 4 hours of online video instructions
  • Phone email & chat support

This plan has all the resources you need to pass the actual exam.

Apart from this comprehensive plan, two others cost $124.99 and $99, respectively.

These two study packages are streamlined versions of the most comprehensive package.

One remarkable thing about SIA is that it ships all its print study materials for free.

Further, all the study materials are accessible via mobile devices, although it doesn’t have a mobile app.


  • SIA provides an array of study tools ideal for self-study learners. The materials are both physical and digital.
  • The question bank has 800 questions that test-takers can use to practice for the exam. Since the exam has 65 multiple-choice questions, learners can do over ten full-length practice exams.
  • SIA also offers bundled-up study materials for securities exams at a discounted fee. You can sign up for the Series 7 and Series 63 prep courses.


  • The institution doesn’t have a mobile app
  • Series 63 flashcards will also be an excellent addition to the study resources

With a pass rate of 90%, SIA is doing an excellent job of preparing learners for the Series 63 exam questions.

Its comprehensive self-study package is second to none, making it a great option for self-starters who enjoy learning alone.

The Securities Institute of America gets 4.5 stars for excellent materials, reasonably priced packages, and many practice questions.

Its only downside is the low pass rate compared to other Series 63 exam prep course providers and the lack of a mobile app and digital flashcards.

Pass Perfect

Pass perfect is yet another best choice when it comes to Series 63 test prep courses.

It’s known for its comprehensive Qbank.

It prides itself as the provider with three times more practice questions than the rest.

The question bank has unlimited exam questions.

So, exam-takers can keep generating practice exams until they are confident in their abilities.

Additionally, there’s an unlimited number of quizzes that target the four areas of the exam.

Another excellent study tool in the packages is a glossary that has the definition of all the vocabulary.

Instead of going back to the textbook, you can quickly check a new term in a jiffy.

Its Series 63 materials are categorized into three plans.

The Pass Plus is $99.

This package has:

  • Chapter intro videos
  • Glossary
  • Audio tutorials
  • Dynamic study calendar
  • Interactive dashboard
  • Comprehensive study guide

The second plan, Pass Plus Pro, is $139.

This one has on-demand virtual review and instructor support on top of what is in the first package.

This comprehensive study guide also comes in a print version.

The premium Plan is known as Pass Promise.

Pass Promise is $179.

In this package, you’ll have everything in the first two packages, plus a live virtual review.


  • The live online review is suitable for learners who need additional help.
  • The unlimited simulated practice exams are excellent for testing exam readiness.
  • Those with the first and second packages have access to instructor support.


  • The study packages pricings are a bit on the higher side.
  • Pass Perfect doesn’t have a mobile app
  • The live review class is only for learners with the premium package
  • There’s no money-back guarantee
  • Pass Perfect doesn’t publish its Series 63 exam pass rate.

Pass Perfect has excellent offerings.

Its extensive question bank makes it the go-to provider for students interested in testing their knowledge through practice tests.

Pass Perfect gets four starts.

Kaplan Financial Education

Kaplan Financial Education is known to provide the best FINRA securities exam preparation materials.

It’s been around since 1970.

As one of the oldest players in the industry, Kaplan offers the best value for a self-study package.

Its three study packages have all the materials you’ll need to pass the exam.

The first plan, the Basic Self-Study Package, has several study tools and goes for $59.

  • Exam tips and content updates
  • Series 63 practice test
  • SecuritiesPro Qbank
  • Performance tracker
  • Study calendar
  • Class notes
  • License Exam Manual

Kaplan SecurtiesPro Qbank has many questions that students can generate to zero in on the areas they are weak.

The performance tracker allows learners to track their progress and identify areas they need to improve.

The second package, the Essential Self-Study, has eight tools and costs $99.

Apart from the Series 63 study materials in the first package, you’ll also have access to the checkpoint exam and video library.

The last package comes with either Premium Instruction Live Online Package at $159 or Premium Instruction On-demand Package at $129.

Here is an overview of the pros and cons.


  • Kaplan updates its study materials regularly. You can be sure you’ll be abreast with the exam content.
  • Instead of taking Series 63 alone, you can opt for a bundled course that includes Series 63 and either Series 6 or 7.
  • Kaplan conducts live on-demand training several times a year. If you can’t attend, there’s a recorded version you can watch online.


  • Lack of a mobile app.
  • No money-back guarantee
  • Kaplan doesn’t publish its pass rate for the Series 63 exam

Generally, Kaplan has comprehensive study packages for self-study students.

The drawbacks holding Kaplan back include the delayed response when reaching out to instructors, the lack of a mobile app, and the lack of a money-back guarantee.

For those reasons, we give it four stars.


That’s our list of the best Series 63 study materials.

The many prep course providers have a wide range of resources.

Yours is to understand your learning style and then select one that offers the most comprehensive study materials that match your study needs.

Further, review the price range.

We hope you can now settle for the best option.

All the best in your Series 63 exam prep.

Series 63 Study Materials FAQs

What is the best Series 63 study material?

Here is a list of the best Series 63 exam prep courses you can purchase.
– ExamFX
– Kaplan Financial Education
– Pass Perfect
– Securities Institute of America
– Securities Training Corporation
These providers have several study packages with a wide range of study materials.

How do I study for Series 63?

Get the study materials, such as Series 63 flashcards, cheat sheets, and practice exams. You can get these study materials individually or go for a Series 63 course that comes with all of them. Start with reading the textbook provided, then review the study guide and the flashcards. Take practice exams.

How long should you study for Series 63?

Series 63 exam prep takes 40-50 hours. Most test-takers spread the hours across ten days. A good number study for this qualification exam for a week, while others stretch it to a month or two. Generally, how long you take depends on your commitment level.

Why is Series 63 so hard?

The exam is challenging because the questions are more tricky and obscure than what you read in the materials. You need to have a thorough understanding of the material to have any chance of passing. Take as many Series 63 practice exams as possible to familiarise yourself with the exam structure.

What is the best way to study for Series 63?

The best way to go about it is to review the content outline on the FINRA website. Check the many Series 63 online courses and settle for the one that offers the best value. Start by reviewing their textbook. Reinforce the info using flashcards and the study guide. Take practice questions.

Where to get study materials for the Series 63 exam?

You can get Series 63 study materials online. There are many Series 63 test prep providers. Some offer free Series 63 study materials, while for others, you’ll have to pay. Check out Kaplan, Securities Institute of America, Securities Training Corporation, ExamFX, and Pass Perfect.

What is the pass rate for Series 63?

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority doesn’t publish the pass rate for the Series 63 exam. However, players in the industry, like Pass Perfect, project a pass rate of 70%-75%. That means 30%-25% of first-time test-takers fail. This licensing exam requires thorough preparation for you to pass.

What is the Series 63 exam about?

The Uniform Securities Agent State Law Examination is for the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA). The exam is administered by FINRA. The Series 63 license is a requirement by most state securities regulators for registered representatives. The exam ensures securities agents know their ethical practices and securities regulations.

What textbook do I need to study for Series 63?

Here are Series 63 books:
– Kaplan Series 63 License Exam Manual, 8th Edition
– Series 63 Exam Secrets Study Guide by Mometrix Test Preparation
– Series 63 Exam Study Guide 2021 + Test Bank by Securities Institute of America

What is the difference between Series 63 and Series 65?

The Series 63 license is a requirement for agents who want to sell securities in most states. They must have SIE, Series 6, or Series 7 licenses to take the exam. The Series 65 exam is for investment adviser representatives who want to charge a fee for giving securities advice.

How much does it cost to study for Series 63?

The cost varies widely depending on the exam prep course you’ve settled for. However, you can expect to spend between $60 and $200. The cost will depend on your learning style and how much help you need to prep for the exam.


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